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Best Stainable Wood Filler Review

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Abatron ABT-WE2GKR Wood-glues

Abatron ABT-WE2GKR Wood-glues


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Donald Durhams Water


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Elmer's E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Elmer's E887Q Stainable Wood Filler


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James Kelly
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Are any of your wooden workpieces got scratches, gouges or holes somehow? If your answer is yes for any of the cases or every case, then do not worry. Stainable wood fillers can solve these kinds of problems. Furthermore, it is an excellent option to use a wood filler than to replace them completely. What is your opinion in this case?

Of course, you want to get the best stainable wood filler to re-stain or repair your product. But is this much simple and easy to get the best one from lots of options? Well, I know it is quite a tough job. At the same time, it is not a rocket science also. Sounds funny, right?

Consider some significant factors and your comfort zone to get the best one. To help you in this matter, I have put a list together of the top seven products. After researching a lot and reviewing the market and customers’ opinions, I have made this list.

I suggest you go through this article to figure out the suitable one for you.

Top 7 Best Stainable Wood Filler Review

There are given the top seven products that are best in their own way for their characteristics and features. Let’s find out what is waiting for you.


Abatron EMW7330090 ABT-WE2GKR Wood-glues

Abatron EMW7330090 ABT-WE2GKR Wood-glues

If you want an impressively tough final surface, then this one is highly recommendable. This is a great as well as the strongest and hardest wood filler option also. Furthermore, you will also love the reliable and incredibly durable repair service.

The lovely fact of this wood filler that attracts me most is the working procedure. Not only this works quickly, but also it is easy to use. Even it doesn’t matter at all if you have larger cracks as it is capable of filling that quickly.

Customers also like this easy and quick cure filling fact. It takes less than an hour to fill the crack. So the customer gets enough time to apply it as it does not dry on that application. Moreover, the sculpting and molding process is very easy.

Do you know what you will get with this purchase? This epoxy wood filler comes in a two-part solution. That means you will get two containers of 32 oz epoxy filler and 32 oz hardener, which you need to mix together to apply. And what more? Well, a putty knife, an applicator bottle, a pair of plastic gloves are also part of this kit.

This is a very resistant wood filler. So you can guess it easily that it will work great as an outdoor wood filler. The most interesting part is you can even set it in a place that has direct sunlight too. This will not crack over time as it is capable of working on that. Isn’t that great? But there is a recommendation also. You need to use it on the hardwood like oak as it doesn’t work on softwood.

If you are a beginner and not confident enough about the use of this, don’t worry then. It has a detailed explaining instructions manual that will help you. This will definitely make you understand the use of it in a more advanced style.

Key Features:


Brand                    Abatron

Dimensions        16 X 8 X 8 Inches

Weight                  8.33 pounds


Donald Durhams 4-Pound Rockhard Water Putty

Donald Durhams 4-Pound Rockhard Water Putty

Are you looking for a flexible item for ensuring the appropriate filler? Then I will suggest you this Donald Durhams Rockhard Water Putty. It will make your woodworking experience even more energizing and fun.

Basically, this is a gypsum-based heavy-duty putty. And it can make your filling and bonding of the woodworking movement fabulous. You will be amazed that from wood to concrete, it can fill the gaps of almost all types of materials. In a word, it is flawless in repairing work.

Here, a great advantage is waiting for you with this product. Guess what? It will not shrink over time. That means it is a long-lasting material. So you get the guarantee of withstanding it against a wide range of climate. As a result, you will also get relief from re-filling it after some days. Really, a feature that falls you in love with this product.

Again, this item gives you the freedom to make your particular molds. Therefore you don’t need to buy various types of things for making your project done. You can use it according to your need and create your own outlines and shape. Do you want to know about the outcome? In this way, you are not only rewarding your wooden appliances with a make-over but also perfectly repairing them.

Additionally, it comes as a form of white powder in a tiny container. As it is water-based, so you only require water as a solvent to prepare it. Then after mixing it properly, you will get a solution of a hard and whitish layer. How to use it? Of course, you need to paint this layer on the wood.

A thing needs to be kept in mind that it works best on indoor wood appliances. However, a thick layer of paint and some weather treatment solution can help you outdoor. But it needs to keep away from direct sunlight.

This is undoubtedly an excellent item that is high in quality and toughness. So, what do you think? Is this a worthy product to buy?

Key Features:


Brand                    Donald Durham Co.

Dimensions         5 X 5 X 8.25 Inches

Weight                  4.2 Pounds


Elmer's E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Elmer's E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Wants to know the name of the most popular wood filler of the market? The product that comes very first on my mind is Elmer’s E887Q Stainable Wood Filler. Why? Actually, the amazing and effective features make it a different one from others.

Basically, this is a filler that makes from actual wood fibers. So you don’t need to think about the texture type anymore. Obviously, you will get natural wood texture when using it to repair your wood furniture or others. This particular feature attracts me the most. That is why I add this one to the reviews list.

If you are looking for a wood filler for staining, then this can be an excellent choice. It stains quite easily. We know it is tough to get the exact stain of your required material. Though this is not impossible, you can get that also. What you need to do is, after applying once, wait for drying it. Then paint over it again. It will help you to get almost the same stain. This works well in cracks, filling deadbolt boreholes, reinforce screw holes, and gaps also.

It dries quickly in a very solid state. Moreover, it is a solvent-free formula and resists cracking and shrinking. Therefore you can easily use it both indoors and outdoors. Even you can use it with high-speed sanders also. It provides you superior staining, sanding, and painting.

Since it comes in a small tube of 3.25 ounces, it is excellent for little wood filling work. I recommend it to use for the personal woodworking project. Of course, it performs flawlessly and capable of straining nicely.

Key Features:


Brand                     Elmer’s

Dimensions          1.5 X 2.45 X 7 Inches

Weight                   3.52 Ounces


J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick

J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick

Some of us like the handy product and this one is precisely that. In fact, you get the opportunity of carrying it with you even in your pocket. This one is perfectly designed for all kinds of small wood household repairs.

This stainable wood putty is great for small projects. You will find it well for restoring and filling rotted wood. So it is easy to repair all types of wood material with it. Like, doors, tables, chairs, etc. Also, it works well to make your window or door hinge repair or to repair gouges or cracks in furniture.

J-B Weld KwikWood putty stick comes in two-part as well for repairing and rebuilding wood. The application process is also simple and easy. Just mix the material quickly, and you are set to go.

It doesn’t require much effort to apply it. You just need to use it on the affected areas for restoring it. Then you need to wait for 15 to 25 minutes to set and cure it completely. After waiting for 60 minutes, you are ready to do drill, tap, stain, paint. Also, you are allowed to use a machine on this item.

The solvent-free, crack, shrink, and rot-resistant feature makes it suitable for various applications. You will be glad to know that the wood repair putty stick is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. In addition, the lap shear strength level is 900 PSI. So you easily guess that, no chance of shrink or rot. As a result, it can be molded, tapped, sanded, or shaped as per your choice.

This putty stick is quite capable of delivering superior performance. It can absorb stain coloring. You can find the result by yourself. However, the high-density of the item is more suitable for hardwood more than softwood.

Key Features:


Brand                    J-B Weld

Dimensions          4 X 2 X 8 Inches

Weight                  1.6 Ounces


3M Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler

3M Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler

Here, introducing sustainable wood filler that can work well both on hardwood and softwood. 3M Bondo is a reliable fixing solution for repairing small to big projects. It makes your wood repairing task easier than before.

The name “Bondo” itself says how strong and sturdy it is. Like the name, it also works well. So you can expect a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting wood filler.

Since it comes in a quart-sized container, you can use it more. Whenever you need a quick repair job with wood filler, then pick it up and start your job. You will be fully satisfied by seeing the result of it.

It is a versatile product. You have the freedom to use it for multiple applications. From furniture repair to rotten wood, replacing it works really great. Furthermore, if you want to fill your doors, windows, or even hardwood floors, it won’t disappoint you.

Additionally, the efficiency of the wood filler brings back the genuine strength of the wood. Therefore, when you paint, stain, or sand, it provides you the fantastic result. It won’t compromise with accuracy.

Another effective feature is the smooth finish. Actually, it can hold its shape well and does not shrink over time. Moreover, it does not crack too. You can easily clean up the left formula. Therefore it is able to provide you a smooth finish.

Do you know how much time it needs to cure? Well, it works incredibly fast as it dries up quickly. You just need to wait only for 15 to 30 minutes. Then you can sand or paint whatever you want.

Are you confused about the application process? Don’t be as it is easy to use. You will get a filler emulsion and cream hardener with the purchase. After mixing these two perfectly, you will be ready to apply it.

Key Features:


Brand                   Bondo

Dimensions        4.4 X 4.4 X 6.5 Inches

Weight                 1 Pounds


FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

Famowood’s wood filler is a reliable name to repair or fill small nail holes to more substantial scratches. Furthermore, it is a latex unit that can provide high performance as well.

You can repair any major or minor defects of the wood that you are working with. It spreads smoothly into cracks and holes. Therefore, you get a smooth and flexible finish. If you want to get maximum versatility, you can use it both indoor and outdoor.

Since it is a latex unit, it does not require much time to set. Furthermore, as it doesn’t contain that much chemical, so it has a little odor. Therefore it is eco-friendly and also safe for pets and children.

Do you know what the true beauty of the product is? Undoubtedly, the absorbing quality. In fact, you can call it the real wood filler for staining. It can stain to almost any color to deliver you the maximum perfection. Isn’t it a worthy product? What do you think?

In addition, quick curing time is also an effective feature. It takes less than 15 minutes to set. So fast, right? After this, you can even sand, drill, or plane whatever you want. Furthermore, You can clean it up easily with the help of soap and water.

You can use this item both for staining and painting. Moreover, it is solvent-free and doesn’t make any cracks or scratches. It doesn’t shrink quickly also.

Key Features:


Brand                 Famowood

Dimensions      4.06 X 4.06 X 4.13 Inches

Weight               1.6 Pounds


Miller SF1203 Wood Stain Scratch Fix Pen

Miller SF1203 Wood Stain Scratch Fix Pen

If you want a small filling application, then this one is the best. It is designed in a way that looks like a corrector pen. Isn’t it quite an impressive feature? What’s your thinking about this matter?

Basically, it can repair scratches or blemishes on near black or dark-brown-wood. Moreover, the uses of waterproof wood stain make the polish or smudge simple and easy.

Additionally, instant drying nature helps to make your job quicker. You are also allowed to choose your color blend as it offers you that option. Therefore you get the chance to match your wood color with the original one.

Despite the small size, it performs quite well. It can make over 1000coats per pen. Want to know about the applicable area? You can apply it on any type of wood surface. From furniture to floors, the result will definitely shock you.

Key Features:


Brand                 Miller

Dimensions      1 X 2.25 X 8.75 Inches

Weight               0.96 Ounces

Things to Consider Before Buying Stainable Wood Filler

All the available stainable wood fillers are not the same. One is different from others, and the performance is different as well. If you want to get the best wood filler, then some factors need to be considered carefully.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best one.


First of all, you must know which type of wood filler is perfect for you. For this, it is crucial to know how many types of wood fillers exist. Also, you should know the working procedure of these types.

You will find several types of stainable wood filler on the market. The major four types are-

Cellulose-Based Wood Fillers– This is the most common type of wood filler on the market. So it will be pretty much easy to find it in any hardware store.

Again, it comes in dry powder form, which needs solvent to mix with. You need to choose solvents according to your brand’s requirements. Indeed, it has a long shelf life and does an excellent job of staining.

Gypsum-Based Wood Fillers- Gypsum-based wood fillers mainly consist of mineral powders. What you need to do is, mix that powder form with water to get a solid substance. It gets so hard when dry, and you will find it hard to break then.

Furthermore, it blends well with most of the surfaces. Besides, they are transparent and ideal for painting than staining. It is also recommended you use this on indoor-only as they are not waterproof.

Vinyl-Based Wood Fillers – This wood filler is best for outdoor use because they are waterproof. The main advantage of this type is the user-friendly behavior. You can easily apply and spreads it. Furthermore, it also takes less time to dry than other available options.

However, this plastic-based wood filler is recommended to apply in a layer of paint. This will help you to get the best result.

Epoxy-Based Wood Fillers– This is becoming the most popular wood filler on the market over the years. Basically, this is a petroleum-based putty filler that can dry up quickly. Moreover, you are allowed to use it as an adhesive glue. Here, the weather-resistant and durable feature also make it an excellent choice for outdoor use.


This feature is very important for a wood filler. You may buy a well-made product, but if the application process is difficult. What will you do then? So try to choose the easily applicable product.


Of course, you want a product that can serve you with multiple purposes. It will save not only your money but also your hassles in the job too. So, make sure that your excellent wood filler can do a wide range of jobs. Try to choose a suitable wood filler for both indoor and outdoor use.


Your wood filler should be chosen according to your work type. If you want to fill pores, then the stainable formula is perfect for you. Obviously, you need to pick one that is specially designed for particularly this type.

On the other hand, if you intend to do a project with holes, prefer a wood filler that is made especially for this purpose.

Clean Up

You also need to keep this feature into consideration. Try to choose a product that can clean-up quickly after use. Water-based products are really well as they can be cleaned up quickly with soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly

Several products have low-odors and non-toxic also. Well, undoubtedly, they are environment-friendly. Besides, they are also safe for pets and children.


If you want the best result, then the brand item is a must. Well-recognized and older brands can provide you a better formula. Therefore, try to prefer well-known brands for getting maximum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need wood filler?

Answer: Of course, your home requires some repairs after a few years. It doesn’t make a big difference if it is made by any well-known experts or not. Because your home needs a few repairs, and that is the ultimate truth.

As you know, to repair or upkeep your furniture is expensive, so you may want to do it by yourself. For this reason, you need wood filler.

You can use it in filling holes, pores, smoothing off rougher wood surfaces, or repairing your wood appliances as well. Furthermore, they are easy to use and deliver you an excellent result also.

How to reuse wood filler that has gone hard?

Answer: You don’t need to be worried if your filler gets hard. In this case, try to apply some acetone to soften the substance. This will work more if your formula is oil-based. But if your filler is water-based, then simply use warm water. It will help you to soften the filler.
You can also add a couple of drops of wood glue if you find the consistency becomes too thin.

How to shorten the drying time of your wood filler?

Answer: If you really want to shorten the drying time, then use a harder formula than usual. Also, try to choose a warmer place. It will make your process quicker than before.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you now have a clear concept about the wood fillers. The article tries to give you the right directions for choosing the best stainable wood filler. Here, some quality products are enlisted in this article. So, if you select a product from the lists mentioned above, I can assure you about the best result.

Therefore I wish you will go through the entire article to make yourself clear if you have any doubts regarding the products.

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