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Best Spokeshave Review & Buying Guide in 2021

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Adjustable SpokeShave

Astitchin Spokeshave


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Robert Larson Spokeshave

Robert Larson Spokeshave


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Best Spokeshave Review & Buying Guide in 2021 1

Swpeet 10'' SpokeShave


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In any woodwork project, carpenters desire to achieve a silky and smooth finish. This can only be achieved by getting the best Spokeshave out there in the market. The market has a lot of options buyers can have a selection of their favorite. Due to technological advancement, we have seen Spokeshaves evolve from traditional to modern.

Like technology, spokeshaves have arrived a long way. If you are a novice or a skilled woodworker, you need a spokeshave that can fulfill your desire and passion. You need a tool that is efficient, cheap and durable.

In this Spokeshave guide, we’re going to show the features of the most excellent spokeshaves that make the difference:

Top 5 Best Spokeshave Review


Astitchin Adjustable Spokeshave

Astitchin Adjustable Spokeshave

This is an adjustable Spokeshave with a flat Base and Metal Blade dedicated to the woodcraft. It is a premium hand tool that is suitable for wood carver, woodcraft, and wood working.

Multipurpose Spokeshave…

It is designed with a substantial cast iron body, and its double handles are constructed with high carbon heat. This gives the user efficient control of the Spoke shave tool on the woodwork project.

Sounds good, right?

It features sturdy 44mm blades made of carbon steel. The hand tool is constructed for curved work and adjustable cutters suitable in shaping chair legs, seats, and any curved detail.

Key Features:


Brand                       ASTITCHIN

Dimensions            10.7 X 5.1 X 1.9 Inches

Weight                     14.4 Ounces


Robert Larson Flat Spokeshave

Robert Larson Flat Spokeshave

In this Spokeshave review, Robert Larson 580-1000is, the best flat Spokeshave, is designed for versatility. You can quickly achieve fine blade adjustment through the two adjusting screws. This is important when you want to have a controlled depth of desired cuts on the surface.

All-round Tool…

This tool has a versatile flat blade and is ideal on both convex and flat surfaces. The body is made of iron, making it highly durable than any other tool. Its size is perfect for any carpenter, and the blade finely polished; hence no adjustments needed.

Key Features:


Brand                     Robert Larson

Dimensions           3 X 12.75 X 1.5 Inches

Weight                   12.8 Ounces


Swpeet 10” Adjustable Spokeshave

Swpeet 10” Adjustable Spokeshave

High performance…

If you are looking for a woodriver Spokeshave with Flat Base, then Swpeet 10″ is an ideal tool for your job. This is a metal Blade woodworking hand tool ideal for Wood Craver, Woodworking and Wood Craft. It is a versatile Spokeshave designed with sturdy 46mm carbon Steel blades.

Wait … there’s more…

It has a blade hardness of 58-60HRC, and its handles are contoured and feel very comfortable. It uses the double screw adjustment to acquire desired planning thickness lock stable planning smooth. It has very sharp blades that don’t require sharpening. However, you are advised not to touch them with bare hands.

Key Features:


Brand                     Swpeet

Dimensions          10 X 4 X 1.3 Inches

Weight                   15.2 ounces


Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave

Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave

If you want a tool that offers quality and comfort in equal measures, the Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave would be a good pick. It is a versatile tool that can work on both hard and softwood surfaces without any complications. Moreover, it delivers excellent results despite being offered at a lower cost when compared to other SpokeShave in the market.

Durable and adjustable…

One great thing about this SpokeShave is that it has cast iron body and durable coating for long-lasting protection. Moreover, it has double handles that are ergonomically designed for better control and efficiency. This woodworking tool is perfect for curved work.

Easy to use…

This Spokeshave tool is straightforward to use, and you do not need to apply a lot of pressure when working with it. Furthermore, the blades are easy to sharpen, and you can replace them if there need be.

Key Features:


Brand                    Stanley

Dimensions         10.3 X 2.5 X 1.2 Inches

Weight                 13.6 Ounces


Anndason SpokeShave Craft Hand Tool- 2 Pcs

Anndason SpokeShave Craft Hand Tool- 2 Pcs

It is a widely known pair of spokeshaves. It consists of soles and flat blades, which you can adjust using adjustment screws. In many cases, this woodriver spokeshave is ideally used for carpentry purposes. Its blades are made using carbon steel and have a length of 44mm.


The aligning and adjusting process is as well more practical. The blades are fitted in a way that you may position it at an angle. It helps in the creation of accuracy while in the shaving process. Besides, the frame is rigid, and thus there is a need for sharpening the product more regularly.

Highly Durable…

Additionally, the product is highly durable. It is made using brass, steel, and high-grade metal. More also, it is attractive as a result of its primary colors, which are red and black.

Key Features:


Brand                  Anndason

Dimensions       8.7 X 3.5 X 1.7 Inches

Weight                5.3 Ounces

Things to Consider Before Buying Spokeshave

Type of Spokeshave

Different types of Spokeshaves perform different wood woodworking. You need to familiarize yourself with each one of them for you to have an easy time knowing the one that will suit your needs. Here is a list of the commonly used types of spokeshaves.

Chamfer spokeshave

you can use this type of Spokeshave to create symmetrical sloping edges that have a 90° angle. It is attained by using two fences that are positioned at 45° to the angle, which meets the wood at a 90° angle.

Flat Spokeshave

It consists of a single and flat blade. It is mostly used on flat surfaces and broader curves.

Convex Spokeshave

you will find that this tool curves outwards and has a curved shape.

Round-shaped Spokeshave

it has a rounded sole and a flat blade. This Spokeshave is commonly used on inward curves.

Concave Spokeshave

it has around the sole and a round blade; you can use it on corners.

Double Spokeshave

consists of a concave-shaped sole and a flat blade.

Cylindrical Spokeshave

consists of a circular shape, and you can use it for cutting into gentle curves. The only negativity with this tool is that it is difficult to hold the device and sharpen the blade.

Single adjustable thumbscrew

it entails an adjustable screw that enables you to relocate the blade up or down.

Blade Materials

It is essential to look for a spokeshave that is made of high-quality materials for it to serve you for a long time. Spokeshave that is made of hardened steel or iron blades are the best as they are durable and remain sharp for a long time. In addition to that, iron blades are more comfortable to sharpen and do not rust or corrode easily.

Sharpening and Maintenance

Spokeshave may be sharpened using diamond stones, oilstones, Waterstones, or by use of the grinding machine. Always remember to sharpen the Spokeshave first before use. This will allow you to work smoothly without applying too much pressure. Also, look for a Spokeshave that is very easy to maintain. Choose the one that has a durable coating on the blades for long-lasting protection.


During shavings, you may require to have small, more excellent cuts or rough and deep cuts. With that, you need to choose a Spokeshave that has an adjustable blade. This will help you to have an accurate shaving.


Look for a spokeshave that comes with ergonomically designed grips. It will enable you to use the tool for a long time comfortably with less fatigue on your hands. Besides, Spokeshave, with comfortable handles, allows users to deliver professional results. Choose the one that you find convenient for you.


The cost of an item is one of the essential factors that each buyer considers when purchasing any product. The amount of the Spokeshave usually varies depending on the different model you want to buy. The highly-priced model does not mean that they are of high quality. Some Spokeshaves are offered at low cost but still delivers the intended purpose. Therefore, choose the one that comes at an affordable price and will meet all your needs. Choose the one that comes at an affordable price and will meet all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Spokeshaves used for?

Answer: Perhaps if you are not familiar, you would ask yourself, what is a Spokeshave? A spokeshave in a layman’s language refers to a tool carpenters use to shape as well as smoothen wood projects. This can include shaping chair seats and legs, making paddles, wheel cartwheel spokes, and many more. They tend to make small and more exceptional cuts on the surface of your job. They are operated by pushing and pulling in the desired direction.

How do you use a Spokeshave with a flat base?

Answer: A Spokeshave with a flat base is usually used on surfaces which curve outward. In other circumstances, you can use it on flat surfaces. This is because this is a Spokeshave that has a flat sole, and when it is in use, it operates parallel on the wood’s surface.

How do you make a Spokeshave?

Answer: A Spokeshave is a simple tool that anyone can make as long as you have the required tools. A traditional Spokeshave consists of only two parts, which include the body and iron. You need a hand saw, chisel, mallet, and file and rasp set. Make the body out of hardwood and then mark moles for iron with a blank. You will have to mark locations where tangs have to pass through the body.

Next is to drill iron tangs via the blank with the same diameter as that of the tang then align iron in drilled holes. Fit the Iron onto the body and shape the handle to the desired comfort.

How is the Spokeshave maintained?

Answer: The Spokeshave has to be maintained for it to work effectively. All the machined parts have to be cleaned. Use mineral spirits to clear any rusty and store in a dry place with enough ventilation.

Final Verdict

With modern technology, carpenters have now found the most comfortable and most convenient ways of transforming woodwork. With the best Spokeshave in place, you can now fine-tune table and seat surfaces. Through the reviews we have mentioned here, we find Robert Larson 580-1000 Kunz Flat Spokeshave the best overall.

However, others are far better in terms of affordability. Every person has different preferences when it comes to the choice of a Spokeshave. Before deciding what to buy for your woodwork, it is crucial to go through a buyer’s guide. This will be helpful so that you purchase a tool that suitable for the job.

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