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Best Splitting Wedge Complete Review

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Inertia gear Manual Log Splitter

Inertia gear Manual Log Splitter


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Recommended Best Product
Estwing Sure Split Wedge Tool

Estwing Sure Split Wedge Tool


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Recommended Best Product
Logosol Smart Log Splitter

Logosol Smart Log


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If you’re searching for a splitting wood edge and can’t quite figure out which one is the best, we are here to help. Our informative review presents the best splitting wedge tools available in the market. The splitting wedge is a type of hatchet that splits wood for kindling in a swift, natural motion.

The log splitting wedges in our guide are safe, comfortable, and easy to handle. They are ideal for splitting wood to use in bonfires, camp firewood, fireplace logs, and much more. Let’s explore them together.

Top 7 Best Splitting Wedge Review


Inertia Wood Splitter

Inertia Wood Splitter

One thing you’ll enjoy about the Inertia wedge is the free and easy use of the splitter. There are no shrill edges, and you don’t need to use an axe to split the logs.

It is fast, safe, accurate, and highly protective of your hands, legs, and fingers. The top ring converts to a carry handle for ease of use. There are mounting inserts to help set it up on a piece of board or another solid surface.

No heavyweights

With the Inertia, you need minimal force while chopping. Further, there’s no need for heavy equipment like sledgehammers, axes, knives, or other sharp objects to cut wood. You can safely and confidently use the wood splitter, knowing there are no sharp edges to injure you.

As easy as pie

Unlike some other wood splitters, the Inertia wood splitter chops wood flawlessly. When you set the wood inside the splitter, you follow through with a small hammer to press it down. There’s no bending over or cutting the floor as you work. You can also shave the pieces down to your liking.

Key Features:


Brand:                   Inertia Gear

Weight:                9.93 Pounds

Dimensions:        7 x 7 x 12 Inches


Estwing Sure Split Wedge

Estwing Sure Split Wedge

The innovative design of the product provides a comfortable, hassle-free, wood chopping experience. It is lightweight, portable, and versatile for chopping a wide range of woods for almost every occasion. You can also use it while hiking, camping, or hunting, or for wrecking concrete forms or tearing frames apart.

Stays put

The wood splitter features a tapering head that stays in place while chopping. The dual-fin sides also help the wood fit snugly without too many adjustments. The sure split fins allow continuous cutting action deep into the wedge line for precise splitting.

Heavy roller

The highly durable, sturdy, heavy-duty splitter works on all types of wood. You can use it to chop more massive logs like Douglas fir and a range of oak woods and at various diameters. The 1-7/8-inch wedge is super durable with a protective forged blue tint UV finish.

Key Features:


Brand:                   Estwing

Weight:                 5 Pounds

Dimensions          8.88 x 2.5 x 1.75 Inches


Logosol Smart-Splitter

Logosol Smart-Splitter

The Logosol wedge splitter is one of the safest units in our splitting wedge reviews. It is safe and easy to handle by almost any member of your family. The ergonomic design of the splitter also helps relieve the pressure on your back and shoulders when splitting wood.

No sprain; much gain

The ergonomic design of the splitter helps relieve the pressure on your back and shoulders when working. It means you can work comfortably, with little force, while achieving maximum results. You can use it to help reduce any metal shards from flying that may cause harm or injury.

Clever Clogs

The smart design of the splitter works efficiently to split wood every time you strike. It utilizes around 14 tons of force at the edge for fast, smooth, accurate splits. It requires minimal space, and any member of the family can operate it.

Key Features:


Brand:                       Logosol

Weight:                     21 Pounds

Dimensions:            47.24 x 6.3 x 45.28 Inches


Halder Forged steel Splitting Wedge

Halder Forged steel Splitting Wedge

Halder presents a well-crafted, forged steel 6.75 pounds splitting wedge. The material is highly durable and rust-resistant for long-lasting use. It works with an axe or splitting maul for the best cuts ever. It slices through logs easily and swiftly with minimal force.

Silky smooth

The forged grooves on the splitting wedge help prevent friction. It also allows the wedge to continue moving freely to help minimize any jams during splitting. It requires only a few strikes to snap the wood apart. It works smoothly and effectively and rarely gets stuck.

Timely twister

The design of the splitter highlights the ability to twist around 20 degrees. As you strike the wood, the splitter turns on its own to help split the wood. It makes it easy to strike with more accuracy and precision. Besides, the twisting action also helps reduce any jamming in the wedge.

Key Features:


Brand:                   Halder, Inc.

Weight:                 6.64 Pounds

Dimensions:        10.25 x 2 x 2 Inches


Collins Wood Splitting Wedge

Collins Wood Splitting Wedge

The product is a multi-surface splitting wedge that’s ideal for splitting massive logs. The unique design utilizes razor-sharp edges for clean, smooth cuts. It is extra-wide to help slice through the wood without getting buried.

The splitter is also compact and works well with a sledgehammer to complete splits. You also experience fewer muscle aches or strain as you work. It’s the perfect splitting wedge for getting a head start on a fresh log of wood.

Gem of the woods

The diamond shape wedge splits woods on a range of surfaces while spreading the logs over several directions. It’s highly effective with unique shapes and angles to cut through various types of wood effortlessly. It works quickly on wood as much as 2 feet in diameter.

Comfy Collins

The brand is compact, easy to store, and transport. It helps save space on your vehicle and can go with you in the woods, and on camping and hiking trips. It is lightweight and comfortable to use by the entire family. It works efficiently with or without the use of a sledgehammer or large awl.

Key Features:


Brand:                       Truper Graden Tool

Weight:                     10.4 Ounces

Dimensions:            7 x 3 x 3 Inches


Swisher 18840 Log Splitter Wedge

Swisher 18840 Log Splitter Wedge

It is finally time to reduce the splitting time of your wedge with this splitting wedge. We love how this wood splitting wedge makes the whole job so easy and so convenient. Think about all those wedges which only make the job harder. Then think of this wedge and just how easy it will make your life.

4 Way Wedge Design

The 4-way wedge design of this wedge efficiently cuts out a single wedge into four pieces as it projects the four on four different sizes. All you must do is hit that hammer on top as you place this machine over the wedge, and that’s all.

Perfect For People of All Types

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner who does not know how to split wedges or an expert who knows how to do his job. This amazing splitting wedge will equally make the lives of both people easy with its cutting edge technology and class design.

Key Features:


Brand:                Swisher

Dimensions:     8 x 9 x 8 Inches

Weight:             19 Pounds


Ames True Temper Torpedo Wedge

Ames True Temper Torpedo Wedge

Want to have the perfect piece of wood? Now you’ve got it. This is a fantastic splitting wedge with a grand design that makes it super handy. We love the design of this wedge and how convenient it makes things happen.

Easy To Use

This top quality splitting wedge is quite easy to use. All you have to do is put it over the log to be split, and it will do its job of giving you 4-way multidirectional cuts.


Another thing which is so exciting about this torpedo wedge is its durability. This wedge is made of high-quality materials, which will ensure its smooth performance for many years. It has a perfect size, which makes it not only a convenient tool to have, but the size gives it its durability.

Key Features:


Brand:                    Ames True Temper

Weight:                  4 Pounds

Dimensions:          7.25 x 3 x 3 Inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Splitting Wedge

When buying a splitting wedge, you have to be extremely careful about all the things to make sure that what you’re buying is authentic and useful. There are many splitting wedges in the market that claim to deliver the best performance and give you an out of this result. But in reality, they fail to provide those demands. For this reason, selection based on a few parameters is the best option.

So what are the subjects you should be considering when it comes to spitting wedges?

Well, here are some recommendations from experts that you should consider when buying a splitting wedge. These parameters will help you buy a splitting wedge of your dreams.

Wedge Sharpness

The sharpness of the wedge matters a lot. It is very important thing that you must consider before buying a wedge. So how is sharpness related to all this? Well. Wedges need to be quite sharp. Sharp enough that they can make the job of splitting two logs quite easy. The whole concept is that of convenience.

For this reason, whenever you choose to buy a splitting wedge, you must always make sure that its sharp enough to do the job efficiently. Sharp wedges do the job with ease, but they also last longer because of their sharp quality.

Wedge Material

So the material with which the wedge is made matters a lot too. It plays a more significant role in the durability of that wedge. The wedge material needs to be so strong that it can withstand any harshness from the log. It needs to be so strong that despite cutting all the logs, it remains durable.

There are many materials for splitting wedges in the market. But remember that there are only two types of material which will provide you with guaranteed results.

Those materials are:

  • High-quality carbon steel
  • The railway iron

Make sure you get a wedge-shaped with these materials to get good quality and equally long-lasting splitting wedge for yourself.

Size of the Wedge

When you select the size of the wedge, again, you need to be quite careful. A wedge of more significant size may be an issue. A splitting wedge too small, and you can create a lot of problems for yourself in terms of cutting.

So an optimum size level is needed. Make sure you get the proper size of the splitting wedge to ensure it lasts you long. But pay attention to the length of the wedge when buying a splitting wedge.

Weight of the Wedge

Now the weight of the splitting wedge needs to be ideal too. If it’s too heavy, there will be a problem of carrying it along and doing the job. The whole splitting process will be problematic for you.

If the wedge is lightweight, then it will not be able to do its job fine. It may also deteriorate or chip or even break when you use it. You need to decide the wedge’s weight depending upon the type of wedges you’ll be splitting.


Before considering to buy a wedge, make sure it is durable enough and worth the purchase. Sustainability is a significant factor in purchasing a splitting wedge because if it is not long-lasting, it will stop working or break after several uses. You will have to buy a new one.


Consider your budget. Once you’ve decided on the budget, do your research and look for the best options in that pricing range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do I need a wedge splitter?

Answer: A wedge splitter is useful for making your firewood in simple steps and with little physical effort. They help split wood for campfires, furnaces, felling trees, and other types of yard work. The wedge splitter can also help save you time and money by not renting a commercial splitter. Additionally, your wedge splitter is ideal for use in family camping or hiking trips.

2. How durable are these wedge splitters?

Answer: Our wedge splitters are highly durable and reliable. The material is stable and can withstand lots of pressure on impact. They are sturdy, and work in all types of weather conditions, and can resist rust and other types of corrosion.

Most of our wedge splitters comprise forged high carbon steel or cast iron. They last long and requires minimal sharpening. Further, the wedges can also split wood up to two feet in diameter or more.

3. What about jamming in the wedge splitters?

Answer: The sedge splitters’ design features some uniquely angled tips to help maintain a smooth, accurate cutting action. Some wedges also have extra-sharp points that reach directly to the bottom of the wood without any bouncing, flying, or jamming. Further, you also get a consistently high splitting action from start to finish.

4. What is the average weight of the wedge splitters?

Answer: Most wedge splitters can range in weight from around five pounds to twenty pounds or more. Many are also compact and lightweight enough to make it convenient to store and transport. They also help save on storage space and fit in well with your gear when hiking or camping trips.

5. What types of wood are perfect for use in a wedge splitter?

Answer: The wedge splitters in our review can effectively handle a range of wood logs. They work on both wet and dry logs and are super sharp and accurate.

Some types of wood include white, red, and post oak, Douglas Firs, and other types of solid wood. Further, the design elements of each wedge splitter make light work of most tough logs.

Final Verdict

In our best splitting wedge review, are units that will work well as advertised. They come with a range of design elements that will help make your work light and comfortable. Moreover, they are sturdy, rust-resistant, and long-lasting. Further, our splitting wedges are accurate and will cut through many grades of wood in short order.

Based on our research, we recommend the Inertia Wood Splitter for its high degree of safety and security. There are no sharp edges, and they work with almost any type of wood. Moreover, the Inertia brand is reliable, durable, portable, and easy to use.

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