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Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower Reviews

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Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower Review in 2021 1

Autolite HT15 Spark Plug


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Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug

Motorcraft 515 Spark Plug


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Bosch FGR7DQP Spark Plug

Bosch Spark Plug


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Good quality spark plugs are valuable items for you when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your car engine. If you are not getting enough mileage or using more fuels, you may need to change your spark plug to get back the lost horsepower. But, when it comes to choosing the best spark plugs for horsepower, it becomes severe, and you may need some product knowledge to select the best option for you.

Therefore, to help you out in your buying decision, we are here with our exclusive spark plug-review and buying guide. Our expert team conducted thorough research and analyzed the consumer’s opinion to make this unique buying guide.

We believe this comprehensive guide will help you out and provide you with an optimal solution when choosing the best option for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower Review


Autolite HT15 Platinum High Thread Spark Plug

Autolite HT15 Platinum High Thread Spark Plug

If you want a quality spark plug for improving the horsepower, you have landed to the right place. Autolite platinum high thread spark plug has everything to meet your expectations. The platinum fine wire tip of this product will ensure that fuel efficiency will be improved, and emissions will be lower enough to improve the horsepower.

The amazing part of using this excellent gap tool is it ensures that there will be no gap erosion. It has a patented OE design, which provides the consistent optimal performance of this tool. With this superb tool in your hand, you will get more focused ignition power and improved heat transfer with a maximum durability level.

With years of experience and industry expertise, Autolite always provides us with all superb and excellent products. Especially when it comes to automotive aftermarket and ignition products, one thing for sure Autolite will never let you down in terms of product quality and performance.

Without any doubt, Autolite HT15 is one of their best products that will always be ready at our service. It comes with a fantastic ground shield strap to make the heat transfer process more efficient.

Besides, when it comes to replacement, the high strength steel technology with unique socket tool makes it easier than ever. With all these fantastic features, it could be one of the best options for you.

Key Features:


Brand                  Fram

Dimensions       4.78 X 1.5 X 1.6 Inches

Weight                1.76 Ounces


Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug

Wouldn’t this be awesome if your spark plug can improve efficiency, horsepower, and heat transmission at the same time, which comes at a reasonable price? Of course, it would be awesome. The Motorcraft SP-515 spark plug has everything to meet all of your expectations.

One of the exciting features of this tool is they come in a pre-gapped condition, and you don’t need to gap these plugs again. If you are worried as your engine is running rough with lots of misfire going on in the engine, please don’t worry anymore. This excellent product has got you covered.

The Motorcraft spark plug will be there to fix your engine correctly, and the horsepower will also be improved to a great extent. Once you get the old spark plug out, it will quickly fit perfectly to give you a fantastic experience. Another superb feature of this product is it is weighing 3 pounds only to provide you with maximum flexibility when working with it.

If you need good quality OEM plugs at a reasonable price to save the right amount of money in the auto parts stores, this superb tool could be one of the best options for you. This excellent tool will provide you with consistent optimal performance to get the job done.

Key Features:


Brand                  Motorcraft

Dimensions      6 X 3 X 3 Inches

Weight                3 Pounds


Bosch FGR7DQP Platinum Spark Plug

If you need a spark plug that can provide a longer service life than those of standard copper plugs, this is the right place for you. Bosch platinum spark plug comes with so many superb features to provide you with excellent user experience.

The platinum firing pin and yttrium will enhance the ground electrode to make this tool extremely durable. It has the ultra-fine wire design, which ensures exclusive ignitability and performance of the tool. But, it has the copper core to provide it when it comes to eliminating pre-ignition and fouling.

Another fantastic feature of this tool is you don’t require voltage because it comes with a unique, beautiful wire firing pin. The copper core ground comes handy to bring efficiency in the heat transfer process. It has a nickel-plated shell that comes with rolled threads that eliminate the requirement of anti-seize.

It also makes this tool corrosion-resistant. On top of that, it has a ribbed insulator design to prevent flashovers. The fantastic feature of this tool that we love most is it eliminates any kind of gapping requirement.

It has a wide range of applications on many types of vehicles. You can consider this tool as one of the best spark plugs for high mileage cars.

Key Features:


Brand                  Bosch

Dimensions        0.34 X 0.4 X 1.33 Inches

Weight                1.41 Ounces


Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso (4504) platinum TT spark plug comes with twin-tip technology and so many excellent features to provide you with the maximum benefit for improving the efficiency of the engine. This superb tool comes with an 11 mm platinum center electrode and also 11 mm titanium enhanced ground electrode to provide you with maximum flexibility when working with this tool.

On top of that, fuel efficiency will be improved to a great extent. It provides better acceleration and faster starts than a traditional single platinum plug. The fantastic feature of this product is the twin-tip design, which can enable speedier flame propagation so that the combustion will be more effective.

We love Denso as it is one of the pioneer organizations that introduces the use of platinum in the spark plug industry. As the platinum is applied to both center and ground side electrodes, this tool has extreme durability. The platinum makes this excellent tool corrosion resistant.

Besides, the purified alumina powder insulator of this excellent tool provides high dielectric strength. The thermal conductivity that this tool will offer will bring efficiency in your engine for sure. With all these attractive and unique features, Denso platinum TT spark plug has everything to get an entry in your buying list.

Key Features:


Brand                  Denso

Dimensions        1.1 X 3.4 X 1.2 Inches

Weight                1.44 Ounces


NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

This is the right place for you if you are a brand-specific guy and love to use products from a good brand. Because NGK is one of the popular brands in the entire spark plug industry. With years of experience and industry expertise, NGK always provides us with so many excellent and superb products to solve our problems.

No exception here as well. This time NGK comes with a 3403 G-power platinum alloy spark plug to upgrade our entire experience. Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, street racer, or professional, you will love this excellent tool for its exclusive features.

This spark plug is so useful to maximize the engine power and operating performance so that your gas mileage will be improved to a great extent. So many consumers already review this product as one of the best spark plugs for gas mileage. It enhances the fuel efficiency of the engine and increases the thermal conductivity to give you better performance.

As it ensures better heat transfer, the engine will work smoothly. It has a user-friendly design, and most importantly, it is easy to install. Therefore, you can quickly fix it, and needless to say, the replacement of this spark plug is also easy. With all these superb features, NGK G-power platinum alloy spark plug is one of the best products in our list on which you can certainly put your trust.

Key Features:


Brand                NGK

Dimensions      4.1 X 3.2 X 2 Inches

Weight              12.2 Ounces

Things to Consider Before Buying Spark Plugs for Horsepower

If you own a car or know the basics of a car engine, you already know the benefits of using spark plugs to increase the engine’s efficiency. And when it comes to getting the total horsepower from the engine, you should use the right spark plug. You’ll find so many spark plugs that are readily available in the market.

Your nearest auto parts stores can provide you with many types of spark plugs. But, when it comes to choosing the best one, you require industry expertise or product-related knowledge.

That is why we are here to provide you with all the necessary information about the factors you should consider before buying a spark plug. You should look for the following vital things before purchasing a spark plug for horsepower.


It is common sense that there are many types of vehicles that come in different sizes. So, different individuals may have different cars with a variety of sizes. Therefore, when it comes to buying a spark plug, you should check your vehicle size to find the most compatible spark plug.

You can read the owner’s manual for checking the compatibility issues and find the right sized spark plug for your vehicle type.


The next thing you should consider is the material of the spark plugs. You must go for a spark plug that can fulfill your needs. If you are using an older model vehicle, we recommend a copper spark plug for you.

Because the ignition will be done in those vehicles within a low voltage range, on the contrary, if you have a modern car, you should go for platinum or iridium spark plugs as they are so suitable for engines without distributors.

In a general sense, platinum spark plugs are best for delivering excellent performance. Iridium is also a good material, but it is a little bit expensive. Another rule of thumb is you should follow the recommendations of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Heat Range:

The heat range of the spark plug is also an essential factor which you should consider with utmost care. If the spark plug can insulate heat, it can be specified as hot. On the other hand, some spark plugs are good at conducting heat out of the tip to lower the temperature. You should always check the heat range carefully to buy the right product for your vehicle.

Gap Style:

The next factor you should check carefully is the gap style of the tool. In a general sense, spark plugs are specifically designed to have a gap between the electrodes. In most of the cases, it can be done by using a gapper.

Now, some spark plugs come in a pre-gapped condition that doesn’t require any further gapping. You should try to choose this type of spark plug so that you don’t have to take any extra stress for gaping the tool.


The last but not the least essential considerable factor is the price of the spark plug tool. You already know that the right quality products may cost you some extra penny. But, you should also consider your budget when buying the device. However, you should never sacrifice the product quality for some extra bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best spark plugs for horsepower?

Answer: Some spark plugs can bring back more horsepower in the engine. Without any doubt, iridium tipped spark plugs can give you the optimum performance when it comes to gaining the horsepower.

However, you should keep one thing in mind that spark plugs are not a standalone item that can increase the horsepower. It’s the engine that does the most of the part. But, a new iridium spark plug can certainly bring back some strength, which is lost over time due to the old spark plugs.

Can spark plugs affect engine performance?

Answer: Yes, of course. The engine performance of your vehicle somewhat depends on the type of spark plug you are using right now. If you are using a fouled spark plug or it has a lot of carbon build-up, they will be unable to completely burn the fuels which are injected in the engine cylinders.

It is one of the biggest reasons why some engines are using more fuels. That is why you should go for a good quality spark plug to get the maximum engine and fuel efficiency.

Can spark plugs make your car faster?

Answer: In a general sense, no, spark plugs will not make your car faster. If you want to increase the car speed, you may need to modify the car engine or gear ratios to handle extra speed. However, when it comes to a spark plug, it can create a stable spark which will help the engine to burn the fuel efficiently.

Final Verdict

If you are a car owner or a professional mechanic, you need the best spark plug to improve the efficiency and regain the horsepower of your car engine. Now that you already know all the essential factors that you should consider before buying a spark plug for your engine, you can easily choose the best product.

In this exclusive buying guide, we tried to gather all the necessary information in one place. We believe this article helped you to get everything you need to know to make your ultimate buying decision effectively.

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