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Best Pulaski Axe Review

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5 Best Pulaski Axe Review & Buying Guide 1

GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet


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Recommended Best Product
5 Best Pulaski Axe Review & Buying Guide 2

Truper 30529 3-1/2-Pound Pulaski Axe


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Recommended Best Product
Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski Axe

Nupla PA375-36
Pulaski Axe


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Pulaski axes are commonly in use by ordinary people and not just the professionals! Think about it, when the standard axe fails to show excellent performance, what do you turn to? A Pulaski axe is the right answer. Buying the best Pulaski axe is what everyone wishes, but with the different varieties in the market, one loses track of what they want. Many axes promise a lot but fail to deliver results.

Whether you want to wish to remove some extra twigs or branches, this axe will be very much supportive for you. The variety of uses that the Pulaski axes provide is almost exceptional. These axes are also very handy and lightweight. For this reason, they are becoming everyone’s cup of tea.

After tons of research, we have come up with this guide article to help you select the paramount Pulaski axe. Below is a researched and comprehensive list of the top rated Pulaski axes in the market. Experts recommend these high selling products, so they are safe to buy.

Top 5 Best Pulaski Axe Review


GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet 800 g

GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet 800 g

The GEDORE OX 235 axe is indispensable in gardening and wood working. The fantastic build of this axe has led it to be a favorite among many people. We love just how convenient this axe is for a large number of people. It looks great and the hatchet is well finished and very sharp.

Pleasing Design

This Pulaski axe has the most promising design, which is perfect for all types of applications. The design looks attractive at first glance and is something that would attract anyone who has got a taste for axes. It is also appealing for garden owners. The handle provides a perfect grip while the blade is ruthlessly sharp to cut anything that you aim for.

Enhanced Performance

This axe provides for premium level performance with its beautifully designed handle, which is comfortable to hold, its lightweight design, and a sharp blade. This makes it a great axe to have.

Key Features:


Brand                   GEDORE

Model Number    OX235E-0802

Weight                  2.16 pounds


Truper 30529 3-1/2-Pound 35-Inch Pulaski Axe

Truper 30529 3-1/2-Pound 35-Inch Pulaski Axe

Truper has one of the best axes in the market. These axes are known to be one of the paramount Pulaski axes found in the market.

Multiple Uses

This axe has multiple uses, which makes it one of the best ones to have. You can use this Pulaski axe for all your needs related to gardening, leveling up the ground, cutting twigs, or even cutting off heavy branches, you can do everything with this.

Easy to Clean

This axe is very easy to clean. All you need to do is use it and then wipe a simple cloth over the blade to get it cleaned. This makes it appealing to carry around.

Key Features:


Brand                Truper

Dimensions      3 X 11.41 X 34.64 Inches

Weight              5.2 Pounds


Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski Axe

Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski Axe

In this Pulaski axe review of the Nupla Axe, we would like to add this axe to our list of the preeminent Pulaski axes because it has some serious buyers out there that swear on its performance.

Ergonomic Handle

This knife has a fiberglass ergonomic handle, which provides ease of use, which gives you the best performance ever. You can easily cut or dig anything with it.

Perfect Grip

This Pulaski axe provides the ideal grip for almost everyone, no matter what the hand size. It is easy to hold and do both light and strenuous work with. Perfect for emergencies.

Key Features:


Brand                         Nupla

Item Weight              3.50 pounds

Model Number         PA375-36


Weaver Arborist Pulaski Axe Guard

Weaver Arborist Pulaski Axe Guard

The durability that this axe provides is exceptional. We love just how this Pulaski axe is best for use by professionals because of the adjustability and diverse use it provides. This axe also comes with an attractive and striking design made especially to give the hunters vibe.

Adjustable Length Strap

This amazing axe has an adjustable length strap, which lets you adjust it according to your grip and hand size for a finer performance. The adjustment that this axe provides has enabled it for use among all professionals as well as homeowners.

Professional Design

It has a premium design specially made for professionals. It is designed to pierce through even the toughest of materials, but it also used to take shoveling to another experience. So cut the barks as you like and level up the grounds to sow your favorite items.

Key Features:


Brand                          Weaver Length

Model Number         08-02044

Country of Origin      United States


Collins HP-3 1/2FD-C Pulaski Axe

Collins HP-3 1/2FD-C Pulaski Axe

When it comes to Collins, they are the producers of the greatest Pulaski axes. They have a double injected fiberglass handle incorporated in this axe, which provides maximum grip and comfort. The specialty of this axe is the grip and the durable handle. It can handle even the most pressurizing conditions with a breeze.


This axe is very lightweight. The lighter weight of this axe makes it easy to hold and use for longer durations. It doesn’t matter what you do with it; the lightweight of this Pulaski axe makes it easy to maneuver.

Made Especially For Hunters

Because of its lightweight, it is a suitable and sound option for all hunters, making it easy to carry around while camping or cutting meat, barks, branches, digging, etc. You can even climb with it if needed. It also is of use in emergencies.

Key Features:


Brand                          Collins

Weight                        4.84 pounds

Model Number         HP- 3 1/2FD-C

Things to Consider Before Buying Pulaski Axe

One of the greatest and versatile tools that man has ever created, no doubt, is the axe. While a Pulaski axe is a must-have and we think almost everyone should have one. There are a few things that one should consider when buying this axe. Keep reading to find out more!

The Head

So when it comes to the head of the Pulaski axe, it has to be exclusive. The head has both the axe and the hoe, and both of them are needed to outrun one another. The head needs to be sharp and thick to do anything within seconds.

Yet, at the same time, it does not have to be so thin that it starts chipping at even the slightest of hits. So, overall, you need to have an axe with both a sharp and a thick enough head that does not easily chip.

The Material of the Axe

When we talk about the material of the axe, there is only one great material. It’s steel. Not stainless steel. High carbon original steel, which ensures the best performance at all levels.

These days many Pulaski axes claim to be made with stainless steel or pure steel when it’s just the cans melted and forged into an axe. Such axes, after some time deteriorate and become dull. You want to avoid that. For this reason, always select these axes that are recommended by users or experts in reviews.

Weight of the Axe

The weight of the axe, again, needs to be moderate and well balanced. We mean that the axe should not be so heavy that it makes the work hard. It also does not have to be so lightweight that it gets damaged while working your way at it.

The axe needs to be just on point. It needs to be moderately balanced in weight. This will make it suitable for use during extended hours. It will also be something you’d want to carry along.

Length of the Handle

Before you buy an axe, do consider the length of its handle. The length of an axe’s handle needs to be just on point. This means that the handle needs to be following your hand level for convenient use. Long axes are more energy efficient.

Handle Material

Again, just as the material of the axe matters, you also need a durable handle material. The material of the handle needs to be durable enough to withstand any pressure at all.

When looking for a buying a Pulaski axe, always consider its handle. See what material the handle is. The material of the handle performs a very significant role in the overall durability of the Pulaski axe. Usually, wooden handles are preferred for this axe.

Handle Shape

The shape of your handle needs to be in such a way that it becomes easy to carry. It also needs to be ergonomic for the maximum grip. The better the shape of the handle, the better grip you have on the Pulaski axe. It is always recommended to look for an axe with a suitable handle shape.

Some handles are a little curved, and others are plain straight. You need to look for the one which best suits your needs.


Last but not least is the budget. The budget is one of the most significant factors in buying a high-quality axe. Before purchasing a Pulaski axe, set a budget for yourself. Then based on that budget range, look for the best axes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Pulaski Axe Lightweight Then Normal Axe?

Answer: Pulaski axes may somewhat be of a lighter weight than the standard axe. The importance of most Pulaski axes is so ideal that you can carry them almost anywhere you wish to carry them with you. Be it at a campsite, in the garden, or case of an emergency. Their weight not only makes them convenient but also a perfect tool to work for long hours, as compared to ordinary axes.

2. What Are The Uses of Pulaski Axe?

Answer: Pulaski axe has a variety of uses. Unlike the standard axe, Pulaski axes share a wide range of uses, making them so appealing. For instance, Pulaski axes are best for.

● All emergency services
● Firefighting
● Digging
● Leveling up the ground
● Cutting of extra branches of the trees and much more.

Some people may also use Pulaski axes while camping out, both for protection and logging.


3. Why Is It Called Pulaski Axe?

Answer: Pulaski Axe is a term that came into being after the famous firefighter, Edward Crockett Pulaski. He helped a great in The Great Fire of 1910. He is considered the hero of this great fire. Edward uses to use an axe and hoe together in the form of a tool that got recognized as the Pulaski axe after The Great Fire. The axe took the name after him as a reminder of his great efforts.

4. What Is The Best Material for Pulaski Axe?

Answer: When it comes to the best material for the Pulaski axe, one needs to be extra careful. For this axe, you need to look for high carbon steel or iron steel. Not only is this steel the best but also very durable. Because you need to do heavy tasks with this axe, you will need an axe with durable material, which does not chip easily.

There are plenty of materials in the market today that claim that they provide original steel for this axe, but that is true. That’s why you need to check our expert list mentioned above.

5. Does Pulaski Axe Have Two Portions?

Answer: Yes. A Pulaski axe is double-sided. This means that you have an on one side and a hoe at the other. This allows for convenience, especially in firefighting. You can dig, cut, aim, and break free at the same time.

Final Verdict

This wraps up our review article on the best Pulaski axe. We hope you found it informative and worth the read. Hopefully, by now, you know exactly what to select when it comes to buying these axes.

We would recommend you buy GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet 800 g Pulaski Axe because this axe includes the features that an ideal Pulaski axe should have. In short, it is perfect. Not only does it offer durability. It is also lightweight that makes it easy to hold during the long hours of work. It is a perfect axe not only for beginners but also for professionals. You can utilize it for many other things in daily life.

Let us know what you think if you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments bar below. We would be happy to help.

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