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Best Plate Compactors Reviews

Recommended Best Product
Stark plate compactor

Stark 2.0HP Plate Compactor


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Recommended Best Product
TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor

TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor


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Recommended Best Product
Dirty Hand 104950 Vibratory Plate Compactor

Dirty Hand 104950 Vibratory Plate Compactor


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Oh, working and dealing with uneven dirt patches!

Just a nightmare……..

If you are a construction worker, you know exactly what am I talking about.

In the pavement project, a strong, durable, and smooth finishing sub-base is obligatory to the foundation of setting up a new floor.

This removes the air, makes the pavement exceptionally strong, and reduces the chance of potholes, breaks, or anything falling afterwards.

If you crave maximum compaction force on the field compaction test, choosing the best plate compactor seems to be the most effective way to soils for the base road. But with loads of plate compactors, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your roads and construction project.

This guide probably records the best plate compactors available to help you pick which one you need for your ultimate plan. Let’s see our 10 best plate compactors review guide 2021.

Quick Pick: What is The Best Plate Compactor?

1. Best plate compactor for pavers: Stark plate compactor

“The ultimate choice to rock the pavers”

2. Best plate compactor for asphalt: Tomahawk Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor

“A great yet small compactor with a modest price range”

3. Best plate compactor for patios: Dirty Hand 104950 Vibratory Plate Compactor

“Most beloved heavy duty plate compactor by woodworkers for patios”

4. Best plate compactor for sand: WEN Compaction Force Plate Compactor

“A beast performer in the sand”

5. Best plate compactor for the money: Yardmax plate compactor

“A professional plate compactor with plate vibrator at a reasonable price”

What is a Plate Compactor?

A compactor is simply a machine used to compact soil, garbage, sand, etc. to enlarge their density. The biggest construction site cannot ignore its contribution to making everything solid and flat.

So what usually they do?

To pave the garden’s soil, deck, parking lots, and a plate compact is an absolute driver. Generally, all plate compactors get run by hydraulics, which is operated with electric or gas power.

Here is the kicker:

In this modern world, the best quality plate compactors come in different types and sizes. However, you need to pick the right one according to your needs and budget.

People used bulky rollers for flatting and compacting soil, and the horses or other domestic animals drew the rollers in ancient times.

In the lapse of time, people get another way of compacting soil, sands, etc., and the course is steamrollering; however, a plate compactor supplanted steamrollers.

10 Best Plate Compactors Review to Stand Out From the Crowd

If you have poor quality compactors, then you have nothing to do other than blaming yourself.

To seal the best deal, you can have detailed information from our 10 best plate compactors review guide. Have a look:


Stark 2.0HP Gas Vibration Plate Compactor

Stark 2.0HP Gas Vibration Plate Compactor

Are you looking for the best vibratory plate compactors?

Here is the best tool that provides you with many awesome services. One thing is pretty sure; Stark manufactured Gas plate compactor is a fantastic piece.

You will find this vibratory plate compactor is ideal for the craftsman and contractors, which need to work with landscaping, asphalt projects, patios, paver, walkways, and other similar tasks.

And guess what?

The 2000 pounds compressing force makes it handy to do massive duty works. Its 2 HP engine is perfect and gives much power to work.

You will find a 79cc vibratory plate compactor model as a powerful blower that makes it ideal for residential and professional projects.

As if that’s not enough……

Its wheels are excellent; while we look at their wheels features, they come with the fold-up feature. With this feature, you can transport it with ease and use it anytime at any job site.

There is a broad base area for better placement of the machine, making it possible to place it balanced on the floor or ground.

Key Features:


Manufacturer                Stark USA

Item Weight                  132 Pounds

Dimensions                  40 x 15.5 x 34.25 Inches


TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor

TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper for Dirt, Asphalt, Gravel, Soil Compaction with Kohler Engine

The smartest tool that ensures smooth working at any job site!

Think I’m exaggerating?

Heck no!

You will work with sub-base, clay silt, clay, or mixed soils when you have this item. It works well in your professional projects such as road repair, hardscapes, and landscapes, etc.

Manufactured by Tomahawk, the best manufacturer that understands how to keep your job running smoothly with proper equipment. You will find its parts faster and can repair anywhere in the world.

While you have this item at your hand, you have a high compound of force up to 3000 lbs/ ft². Its powerful engine offers you 6400 blows per minute, a suitable blows rate for professional standard projects.

Get it?

You will complete your tasks so fast with its 79 ft per minute smooth running capacity. With its adjustable assembling system, you can work in narrow and cramped places efficiently.

There you will find a large gallon of fuel that lasts for long hours, and you can work without any disturbance. It is assembled in that way; you will get the previlige to enjoy on a dust-free environment.

Its pure copper wiring makes its users able to work for long hours without heating its machinery. If there is any problem, you can get repair it quickly.

Key Features:


Manufacturer                Tomahawk Power

Item Weight                   176 Pounds

Dimensions                    21 x 37 x 17 Inches


Dirty Hand 104950 Vibratory Plate Compactor

Dirty Hand 104950 Vibratory Plate Compactor

Our first preference is to show our visitors’ authentic products that provide the best results in working. The Dirty hand plate compactor is a great piece that gives excellent performance at any site.

If you have this with you, you can complete your professional projects such as sidewalks, pavements, patios, and roads smoothly.

What about range?

Its high range of 3000 lbs force gives much power to finish your hard jobs. When combining with 5500 VPM, then ensures a fully compacted item.

It is not just suitable for professional contractors, but it also works well with home users. You will find a mighty 79cc engine for 50 states, and its engine fuel capacity of 0.6 liter makes it able to work with 3600 RPM operating speed.

Can this really be true?

You can complete your tasks too fast with its 25 m/min travelling speed. Its fast movable wheels make it simple to transport anywhere. You can fold its wheels when needed.

Its adjustment features make it easy to use ay narrow and rough spaces. You can use this machine on any of the hard surfaces smoothly.

Key Features:


Manufacturer              Dirty Hand Tools

Item Weight                107.8 Pounds

Dimensions                 48 x 21.25 x 42.5 Inches


Yardmax Plate Compactor

Yardmax Plate Compactor

Yardmax plate compactor is the kind of tool that makes it possible for you to do heavy-duty tasks with ease.

I am not kidding; it’s true.

Manufactured by an international brand YARDMAX, this stuff is equally handy for both professional and home users.

This tool has 79cc supported machinery that delivers 5900 blows per minute. A potent engine with 2.5 Horsepower makes our challenging tasks possible in simple ways.

Worried about comfort?

You will find it comfortable during work due to its adjustable assembling. Its 1850lb force works fast on hard places such as pavement, home floors, and professional job sites.

Another great thing, it is durable due to its single, stamped plate with no weld binding, so there are no chances of leakage or rusting in the future.

You can carry it with you because its foldable wheels make its transport easy to anywhere. Its mounted, three-point handle with a rubber bushing support makes it possible to absorb vibration.

What does this mean to you?

This means you will get better control on the machine due to its centrifugal flyweight for engine control feature.

It is compatible with storage anywhere due to its fold-down handle. This product meets your requirement at professional and home sites.

Key Features:


Force                           1850 lbs

Item Weight                112.4 Pound

Dimensions                26 x 19 x 15 Inches


WEN Compaction Force Plate Compactor

WEN Compaction Force Plate Compactor

With a professional standard 7 HP powerful engines, this power monster delivers a force of 4496 lbs at a breakneck blowing speed of 5500/min.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

You can crush high-density things such as gravel, crushed aggregate, granular sand, and level foundation with ease. It comes with a swing-over handle that makes it simple to manoeuvre around the work area at little places.

Good for you!

During heavy-duty work to control the vibration level, there is a vibratory isolator between the engine and the welded steel plate.

There is also density foam in the handles that help reduce the user’s hands’ vibration force.

You can work for more time with its 1-gallon fuel tank more expansive capacity. Its harsh powder coat makes it durable and protects it from rust.

The tool provides you with excellent performance to quickly complete your work by its fast travel speed of 82ft/min. With its lift handle feature, you can easily transport it anywhere.

Key Features:


Material                          Steel

Item Weight                  207 Pounds

Dimensions                  25 x 18.5 x 45.5 Inches


Tomahawk Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor

Tomahawk Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor

No matter whether you aim for professional or home use, this tool is designed as that you find it compatible with small and large projects.

You will find it compatible with granular soils up to 12 inches and cohesive materials. It is an ideal choice for compacting asphalt, roadways, hardscapes, and landscapes.

This vibratory plate compactor helps you compress soil quickly with its incredible force of 3400lbs/ft and blowing speed of 5400 VPM.

If you want to work for more hours, then its air-cooled engine will keep you tension free. With its 3.5 gallons fuel tank capacity, you can make your extended hour’s job possible.

And guess what?

You can adjust this compactor at any place with its swing-over handle. You can work at rough, challenging, and narrow surfaces with ease.

If you want a lightweight tool that completes your work fast, it is the best choice. With its 78 ft/min speed, you can complete your job quickly.

One of its unique features that make you happy is that it comes with a 6-years warranty cover and 3-years engine guarantee cover. It is proof of its quality.

Key Features:


Manufacturer            Tomahawk Power

Item Weight              240 Pounds

Dimensions              23 x 41 x 30 Inche


Xtremepowerus Plate Compactor

Xtremepowerus plate compactor

This is an ideal item for a compact of asphalt, sloped narrow surfaces, and sand. This construction plate compactor is manufactured by a well-known firm XtremepowerUS.

You can now landscape yourself without any problems. Its powerful engine will provide professional standard performance.

Sound’s great, isn’t it?

It comes with a gasoline engine with 2.5 HP that makes it possible for you to work on hard surfaces by yourself.

That’s not all; this tool is perfect for working on patios, paver installations, walkways, and asphalting projects. You will find it easy to transport with its cushioned handle-bars.

There are many compact supporting features such as adjustable control throttle, engine oil drain tube, and the heavy-duty frame for lifting the compactor.

The compactor’s air-cooled 8-inch compaction depth engine provides you with the opportunity to work for extended hours. With built-in foldable wheels, it allows you to transport it anywhere.

Too good!

The compactor gives a breakneck speed of 4280ft/2hr. You can work with ease due to its more comprehensive base plate. It is compatible with all job sites.

Key Features:


Manufacturer         XtremepowerUS

Item Weight            115 Pounds

Dimensions            36 x 16 x 39 Inche


Multiquip Plate Compactor MVC82VHW

Multiquip plate compactor MVC82VHW

Let us say this straight:

You will anti-vibratory system in it that helps you to reduce its vibration up to 50%- works pretty well for compacting the asphalt and granular soils.

This item comes with a reasonable price tag, which is perfect for every type of professional job. Its smooth performance is made of a steel base plate with a curve at edges to move on hot asphalt with ease.

The Vibratory compactor works with a fast travelling up to 72 ft/min. It needs 31 gallons of fuel per hour.

The bottom line?

If you are working in a tight and confined area, its adjustable handle-bars help you work with ease. Its exciter speed is 5600 VPM, which makes you able to crush hard surfaces.

The compactor is a durable material with the best quality steel material. You can work for long hours without worrying about the engine’s heating because it includes pure copper wiring with excellent resistance against high temperatures.

Key Features:


Engine HP                             4.8 

Blowing Speed                     5600 VPM

Fuel Consumption                0.31 gallons/hr


Stark Industry Plate Compactor

Stark Industry Plate Compactor

We have chosen an ideal vibratory compactor that is manufactured by Stark. Their 6.5 HP vibratory compactor is a perfect piece for small and professional projects.

We find this item a good performer while working on asphalt finishing, sloped surfaces, and sand. You can also adjust it and make a better room to stand and work at little sloppy places.

Here is what we like most about this product:

It gives you incredible performance at multiple projects such as patios, walkways, asphalt projects, and paver installations.

When we need to work with smaller projects such as retaining walls, trenches, and other challenging areas that do not need much compaction, its single-direction plate compactor works well.

To make compactor transportation easy, there includes cushioned handle-bars, engine oil drain tubes, adjustable control throttles, and wheel kits.

So what?

Its vibratory control system makes you able to work smoothly on harsh surfaces. Its 6.5 HP engine has an air-cooled feature that extends its performance.

You will find it better on a hard surface with support of its 4000lbs/ft force and 3600 RPM. The compactor has a right base area that makes you correctly place the vibrator and work with ease.

Key Features:


Manufacturer            Stark USA

Item Weight              218 Pounds

Dimensions              32.5 x 25 x 21 Inches


Jumping Jack Soil Compactor

Jumping jack soil compactor

Do you need the best vibratory plate compactor?

Then Jumping Jack 4.5 HP Kohler is the best one for you. It is compatible to work with sidewalks, patios, rough asphalt, and much more.

The compactor is equipped with a 4.5 HP Kohler engine with a great capacity to work with tough jobs.


You can quickly complete your task with its breakneck 5900 blows/min speed. You can compact granular and cohesive soils up to 8 inches.

It is an excellent vibratory plate compactor for small jobs but provides you with professional standard performance. You can crush the hard surfaces quickly with 1950 lbs/ft.

You can decrease vibration frequency up to 100 Hz with its vibratory insulator feature. Its fast traveling speed makes you able to finish your assignments with 79ft/min.

Oh, we missed the coolest part……

With its just 110 pounds, you will it comfortable and smooth working at little places. You can easily fold its handle-bars and can make room to work with ease.

There are varieties of compaction ranges. You can set 8 inches for cohesive soils and 12 inches for granular soil.

This compactor comes with a one-year compactor warranty cover and a 3-years engine warranty cover feature.

Key Features:


Manufacturer         Tomahawk Power

Item Weight            99.8 Pounds

Dimensions            25 x 23 x 17.34 Inches

What Should I Look For in a Plate Compactor?

If you buy the quality, of course, it charges higher. Compromising with price can bring a lot of changes to the products.

The only price is not only the determiners of whether the product is good or bad; rather, you have to take other factors into your considerations before buying a good plate compactor.

Many fancy products can allure your buying intentions but be careful about the fact that you are only buying a compactor that serves your purpose with great outputs.

So here is the list of the factors that you should consider before buying the best plate compactor.

1. Engine Power

A powerful engine can solve many problems in compacting your garden or construction area’s soil and sands.

The majority of the plate compactors are a gas-powered unit. There are two types of ratings in gas-powered tools like 5HP and 7HP. You need to prefer 7HP for better performance in compacting or compressing soil and sand.

2. Centrifugal Force

Generally, the majority of plate compactors can pressurize itself with the force of 3000 to 4000 pounds. Putting the force on itself produces the real power that accelerates the operating speed.

3. Plate Material

Before buying a plate compactor, make sure that you choose the right plate made either of iron or steel. A heavy-duty plate has a long life span that will serve you for a long period.

So, get what works well to compress and compact the soil and sand of your garden, decks, or parking lots.

4. Forward Speed Per Minute

Before getting a plate compactor in your home, be sure how much forward speed per minute the compactor has. When your machine comes with a higher speed, the chances are higher to get your job done faster.

5. Warranty

Warranty of a product can ensure the peacefulness of the buyer’s mind. Users can use it quietly if the product comes with a warranty of 2-years or 3-years.

Once you buy a compactor, but it doesn’t serve you for a long time, you will lose your mind. Be sure you get a compactor with a warranty to replace the product or repair it by the manufacturers when it gets damaged through rough uses.

Generally, good quality compactor features 2 or 3 years of warranty support.

How Deep Will a Plate Compactor Work?

Its answer varies from surface to surface and from compactor to compactor. How deep will a plate compactor work depend on the quality of the compactor?

Well, it depends on vibrating force; the compactors with more blows per minute and a powerful engine can work deeply than others.

But research revealed that an average is between 8 to 12 inches deep on different surfaces. If you work with a cohesive soil that is hard to compact, then your plate compactor can handle a maximum of 8 inches deep.

For granular soil, its compaction range is 12 inches deep.A plate compactor gives more blows per minute and a high force of lbs/ft for more deep range work.

What is a Vibrating Plate Compactor?

A vibratory plate compactor comes with walk-behind equipment and powerful engines that create robust vibratory compaction efforts to compact hard and rough surfaces.

A technique used in its working is driving on a flat metal plate on the ground repeatedly. While you move the metal plate over the floor, it helps to smoothen and compress the unequal harder surfaces.

Sound’s complicated?

This vibratory compactor widely uses for the compaction of various soils, such as cohesive and granular soils. These vibratory compactors are suitable for working in narrow and restricted areas.

You can work with plate compactor on cohesive and granular soils from 8 to 12 inches deep. It makes your toughest jobs easy with its vibration and impact force.

Do You Need a Plate Compactor for Pavers?

For larger patio driveway to medium landscaping projects, having the best plate compactor is an indispensable device. With an anti-vibration handle and superior manoeuvrability, it could be the best choice when it comes to getting nice, smooth, and durable paving work.

You cannot leave your plate compactors behind when you work to make a long garden or construct a multi-storied building. Even the plate compactors are the must-have instruments to make sidewalks, parking spaces, decks, etc.

The plate compactor comes with its three types of products. These are, respectively mono-plate compactor, reversible-plate compactor, and heavy-loaded compactor. Out of three, which one you choose totally depends on the job type, you will do.

But remember one thing very carefully:

All plate compactors cannot produce the same results. A plate compactor works excellent for settling the base for laying pavers on sidewalks, patios.

Can You Use a Plate Compactor on Dirt?

Yes, you can use a plate compactor for dirt.

A plate compactor is perfect for the confined areas; you can use it to compact the gravel soils and sand. But if you need to compress the cohesive soils, then the trench plate compactor is suitable for the larger and adjacent areas.

Plate compactor on dirt can use only when you use water in the mixture; then, you can compact the soil when it is in wet form. If dirt and water mixture becomes dry, then it becomes tough to shrink due to its hardness.

And you know the best part?

Until you do not use water for compacting dirt, you cannot pack soil even with excellent tools to compact the dirt. You’ll need well-compacted soil to prevent other materials from shifting. It is only possible when you have water aid.

While compacting dirt, you need a force such as pressure or impact and compact while it contains an adequate amount of moisture.

Finally, you can use a plate compactor for dirt but only in a moist condition.

Rammer Vs Compactor: Why Will You Choose Plate Compactors?

Rammer and compactors are both using compacting jobs, but we recommend plate compactor for the challenging task over rammer. By some facts, we recommend a plate compactor.

Final Verdict

Gardener or constructor, whatever you are, it doesn’t matter. A plate compactor is the best companion for all of them.

If you ask us to let you know which one is perfect for you when you are a professional person, I would recommend choosing TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor.

If you are tight on budget, then our recommendation supports Multiquip MVC82VHW Honda GX160 Plate Compactor.

Finally, we have listed all the best quality products with their features and other necessary details to narrow-down your confusion.

I hope our article best plate compactor review will bring a lot of sense to pick the right product either for your home or office.

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