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Best Parallel Clamps Reviews

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Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp

Jorgensen Parallel Clamp


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Recommended Best Product
Bessey KR3.550 50-Inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel

Bessey Parallel Clamp


Best Value

Recommended Best Product

BESSEY Parallel Clamp


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We all know the frustration with regards to working with parallel clamps. Sometimes it can be tricky to work with all that good for nothing, handles, nuts, and bolts. Often they break or bend with little pressure. In some cases, they fail to deliver what is required, keeping wood pieces/things safe and secure. That doesn’t mean that all the parallel clamps are terrible. Here are some best parallel clamps for you, in case you are thinking about your next buy.

If you are a professional woodworker, a good parallel clamp is all you want for your charismas. On the other hand, your woodworking exposure may be somewhat limited, or you get by with tools at hand. It still can save you a lot of your invaluable time and energy in completing your projects.

When it comes to buying a fancy power tool, you know research is obvious. But often we neglect to research for smaller tools, for instance parallel clamps. Maybe it’s because it takes an immense amount of your time and patience. Some of you guys have not that luxury to do in-depth research.

Lucky for you, we have the time. Our team spent more than 60 hours of research on 30 products to find clamps that are cheap, durable and feature-packed. Later, we made a list of all our top picks after interviewing 6 experts on the field and rate them accordingly. Furthermore, we made a comprehensive review of each product in terms of over 130 user’s feedback. Finally, a buyer guide to help u down the road.

Since you landed here, we hope you get the most out of this extensive parallel clamp review. Which will help you to buy your next parallel clamps

Without any more delay, let’s start.

Top 5 Best Parallel Clamps Review


Jorgensen Cabinet Master

Jorgensen Cabinet Master

The Jorgensen clamp set is perfect for clamping cabinet frame, flat-panel box. as well as doors assemblies or any other projects that require evenly applied pressure.

The large steel-reinforced jaws promise the delivery of clamping pressure over a large surface. The parallel jaws prevent workpieces from bending or deforming.

The built-in clamp stand lets clamps to stand vertical for easier and one-handed sliding adjustment. You can also reverse the sliding head and use the clamps as a spreader.

These well-designed wood working parallel clamps come with a secure locking system to prevent jaws from accidentally slipping. Also, it comes with a double molded soft handle for a secure grip.

With that being said, this is a good parallel clamp for your woodworking. From a price and features perspective, it will serve you well.

Key Features:


Brand Name                Jorgensen

Weight                          15.43 pounds

Dimensions                  33.1 x 9.2 x 2.4 inches


Bessey Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

Bessey Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

The Bessey KR3.550 k body clamps bar is a well-conceived, user-friendly product. It’s ideal for your clamping of woods, plastics, metals, and other materials.

This product offers a 30-percent more clamping force than any other similar product on the market. This allows you to work with a variety of materials with ease.

Its 3-3/4 inches clamp depth and 3 detachable jaw pads ensure protection to your panel surface. So, you can work with delicate wood pieces without much to worry about.

The rail of this clamp is made from a cold-pressed steel alloy. The multi-angled edges of rail are anti-slip proof and come with their own protector pads. This guarantees no to retain any damage or contact from the rail to your materials.

These powerful parallel clamps bars can draw up to 1500lbs of clamping pressure. More than enough to hold-down any materials your work requires.

The perfectly designed jaws and rail combination allows you to move the jaw quickly. The clamp can also be used in reverse for spreading.

Without a doubt, this is an amazing product in the current market as far as the quality and features go. If you are concerned about your budget, it may come as a bit price heavy product. But don’t worry, we have other good clamps on the list.

Key Features:


Brand                     Name Bessey

Weight                   17 pounds.

Dimensions           4 x 5.9 x 56.8 inches.


BESSEY KRE3531 PAIR 31" K Body REVO Parallel Bar Clamp


The BESSEY KRE3531 31″ K Body Parallel Clamp is another awesome product from BESSEY. The difference from the previous product is its more clamping power and improved operating system. Yet much cheaper than the previous product.

The rail is made from cold-pressed steel alloy. They made the rail multi-angled with rough edges to be slip proof. It also comes with protection pads to provide guarantee from any contact damage from the rail.

It also has 3-3/4 inches clamp depth, 31 inches clamping capacity and up to 36 inches of spreading capacity and 3 removable jaw pads for contact protection for your project.

This product offers a 13-percent more clamping force than its previous model. This provides you with the flexibility to work in a more challenging situation with comfort.

Improved jaw design ensures clamps stay in the intended place nicely and securely. Besides, a rapid clamp sliding mechanism saves a lot of your time.

The most impressive feature of this parallel jaw clamp is, it can pull up to 1700lbs of clamping force.

Lastly, this is an improved product with a lesser price tag. This could be a reliable option for you.

Key Features:


Brand Name                 Bessey

Item weight                 10 pounds.

Dimensions                  4 x 5.9 x 56.8 inches.


Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp 2 Pack

Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp 2 Pack

The Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp is a unique product with a ton of practical features. This wonderful product can be a nice addition to your woodshop.
You can use these clamps through all of your projects as these are built to last. Made of durable aluminum materials, rigid backbone construction and composite resin pads. Each feature makes the product sturdier and prevents wear and tear.

This product offers deep Throat clamps and a quick locking system for the Jaws for ease of use. Wide claps ensure even distributed pressure and help to prevent an unintended slip or warping of the pieces.

The innovative rail design makes tough jobs look easy for any woodworker. The precise rule measurement system on the rail gives the user the exact reading on opening and closing. So, you can always remember the best sittings for your work. This is the most practical feature by far and that’s also the reason it found a way to our best parallel clamps list.

In the end, a lot of parallel clamps are available on the market. But few of them properly address the problem, a woodworker might have to face in their daily work. I believe this does it perfectly but with a higher price tag than usual.

Key Features:


Brand Name                   Jet

Weight                             15. 3 pounds

Dimensions                     39 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches


Jorgensen 12-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set

Jorgensen 12-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set

The Jorgensen 12-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set is an amazing tool for your woodshop. No matter whether you are a hobbyist, professional carpenter, or just a DIY enthusiast, you will love this product because of its simple construction, heavy load capacity, and attractive price tag.

This clamp set is built with steel material to ensure long service time for you. And the handle is also made from solid maple and soft grip.

The large reinforced jaw supports pressure over the large surface area and prevents any deformation. Ideal for your delicate woodwork.

These clamps support multifunction such as you can use the parallel bar for clamping as well as spreading. This gives you options to work with the way you see fit.

Another most important feature of this clamp is its load limit. Despite its small size, it can pull 1500lbs. of enormous force to keep things in one place.

Finally, this is an ideal product for your workshop, home or any DIY projects in general. Don’t be fooled by its size. It can do more than any other similar product on the market. There are a lot of cheap parallel clamps on the market. We strongly believe this might be the best one so far.

Key Features:


Brand Name                   Jorgensen

Weight                             13.6 pounds

Dimensions                     22 x 8 x 4 inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Parallel Clamps

You can find a variety of parallel clamps in the market. But if you don’t know how to put-off the good from the bad. Unless you have solid pointers, you are very likely to make a costly mistake.

The following pointer could help you find the best parallel clamps from the market.


Clamps jaw and rail bar are the most vital parts of the parallel clamps. Generally, these parts are made of steel or aluminum alloy. Stronger the materials sturdier the construction.


The Size refers to how much area it can cover while clamping. The different models come in different sizes. There are 12”, 24”, 31”, 40” that perform depending on the workload.

Handle and Locking Mechanism:

Handle is another vital part of parallel clamps. Which makes sure claps bars are locked and secure. If your locking mechanism is not reliable enough you are very likely to see bends and distortion on your workpieces, which is never a good thing.

Other Features:

These are the features that are not that vital to clamping but can make your work much easier. Such as precise measurement marks on the rail can help you recall your exact adjustment sittings. Various clamp pads can allow you to work with your delicate wood pieces with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How do parallel clamps work?

Answer: Parallel clamps are used to hold down multiple wood panels in one place. It has two clamp bars. One clamp bar is fixed and the other clamp bar is adjustable to your needs. There is a handle on the moveable clamp so you can lock it to your desired place. For example, let’s say you have two 2 by 3 wood panels, and you want to place those two panels side by side and make it a single 4 by 3 panels. For that, place your panels side by side, then place your parallel clamps in a way that you want to jam those panels together. And finally, lock your clamps position by screwing the handle in a secure position. There you have it.

Question: How do you use Bessey parallel clamps?

Answer: Bessey parallel clamps work like any other parallel clamps out there. But the manufacturer not only ensures durability they also provide some important features. Such as adjustable clamps so you can use it vertically or horizontally depending on your work. Also, they offer various safety pads for your delicate woodwork. The rail is very unique. Its strong edges are not slippery. Some improved models offer a hex key receiver on the handle to minimize manual efforts.

Question: Are parallel clamps worth the money?

Answer: The answer always depends on how you look at it. If you are a professional carpenter or you do regular woodwork, you know how important it is to your work. The degree of precision and convenience it offers undoubtedly, it’s great. But if you are among the people who don’t need accuracy and don’t do time-sensitive work. You can always use other means necessary to complete the task and save some bucks along the way.

Question: How do you make parallel clamps?

Answer: Parallel clamps that are on the market are built for precise work and ease of use in mind. However, if your work doesn’t need that kind of accuracy, you can still make a decent clamp-like tool with your household items like ropes, weights, heavy bars, etc. the idea is to hold your workpieces together by any way you like. Besides, there are tons of DIY videos on the internet, teaching you how to make parallel clamps on your own.

Final Verdict

All the products on the list are great from their perspective point of view. Each one of those stands out in its own way. Our research team did a great job of finding and examining each of the products in terms of the user’s response. For your easy reference, we narrowed it down to only 5 recommendations.

As a buyer, this entirely depends on your choice. You know very well what type of tools you need to do your desired work. Our well-researched product list will help you save a ton of precious time

However, if you are still not sure which one to buy. We have got you covered. With our detailed buying guide, you can still develop a knowledge base and come to a decent verdict.

Hope this comprehensive review will make your decision making very easy.

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