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10 Best Oil Filter For Your Car | Complete Review in 2021 1

Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter


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Recommended Best Product
10 Best Oil Filter For Your Car | Complete Review in 2021 2

Bosch 3330 FILTECH Oil Filter


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Recommended Best Product
10 Best Oil Filter For Your Car | Complete Review in 2021 3

Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X Oil Filter


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Why is the best oil filter crucial to how your vehicle performs? Small particles and specks of contaminants, as little as they are, can cause a lot of harm to your car engine. Imagine having abrasive contaminants in the engine oil without a filter; the best case would be a frequent visitor to the mechanics.

In the worst case, it could decrease your vehicle’s mileage and increase the noise. Hence, it is not only unwise to use your car without an oil filter; you need the best products in the market.

So let’s assume you want to avoid any of the scenarios above, the best line of action would be to buy the best filter. Our oil filter comparison is designed to help you buy the best filters in the market for your vehicles.

Not this, we will give a buying guide to help you make your buy worthwhile. Moreover, answer some questions to expand your knowledge. Let us help you discover the best products to get value on your buy.

Top 10 Best Oil Filter Review


Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

The Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter prevents dry starts and other factors that cause engine wear. The high-quality filter features metal end caps and a bend of fibers for the filter media for excellent filtration.

More than an aftermarket brand

The silicone and anti-drain valve keeps some oil in the engine when you turn the motor off. Made in the USA, the filter provides stable pressure and catches everything. The seals are of top quality and are better than most aftermarket brands as this type leaks back into the pan.

Durable with sturdy walls

Unlike other types of filters, the Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter has a silicon flap, another crucial feature that prevents dry starts. The sturdy design of the product lets it withstand rugged use without breaking apart.

Its durability is thanks to its sturdy walls that are not easily crushed like tinfoil or get punctured by road debris. The holes and threads on the filter are lined perfectly to discourage leaks. As a plus, the product is recommended by Ford as one of the best oil filter for synthetic oil.

Key Features:


Brand                  MotoCraft

Dimensions        3.9 X 4 X 4 Inches

Weight                12.8 Ounces


Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

The Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter works for a wide range of cars and is designed for specific engine applications. The filter keeps out dirt and harmful particles and is designed to meet all EOM requirements.

Wide use for more cars

By implication, it is one of the best solutions to prevent engine failure and wear. More than creating an OE filter fit, the product combines a blend of synthetic and natural material for superior engine protection and oil filtration. The filter media holds up to Fourteen grams of particles and dirt. For optimum protection, the product traps small and large particles from gaining access to your car engine.

Reinforced internal strength

Among its many arsenals for engine protection, the filter features a metal spiral-wound center tube. It reinforced its internal strength for durable performance. The end caps on the filter also traps contaminants, and a silicone anti-drain back valve prevents drying out or dry starts. It also internally lubricated the gasket for a longer life without drying out. More than this, a relief valve ensures proper flow by preventing oil flow restrictions.

Key Features:


Brand                  Bosch

Model                3330

Weight                8 Ounces


Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X

Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X

Ensure optimum protection for your engine with the Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X Oil Filter. The product prevents combustion residues and dirt particles from penetrating the engine oil to prevent engine damage.

Consistent performance with less wear

Not just this, since replacing filters at intervals increase oil consumption and reduces performance, the product supports long-term use. For consistent use, the filter creates an oil circuit of contaminants and prevents access to the engine. This feature is thanks to its modern filter media and dirt holding capacity. Although it won’t work for all vehicle models, the product prevents frequent replacements.

Quality and technical specification compliant

The Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X Metal-Free Oil Filter is nothing short of a fantastic product from a brand that has been around for more than 65 years. The product comes with a washer for the drain plug, a filter housing gasket, and an O-ring for the cap. It also feels denser, and the end caps are plastic, unlike paper on most off-the-shelf brands. Since it is designed to fit snugly, we recommend that you push it down the housing before you place the caps.

Key Features:


Brand                   Mann-Filter

Dimensions        3.54 X 3.54 X 4.41 Inches

Weight                 0.004 Ounces


FRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter

FRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter

For everyday use

Among its many features, the sure-grip coating of the ultra-synthetic filter provides a non-slip feature. This feature comes in handy as it enables easier removal and installation. Besides, it comes with an internally lubricated sealing gaskets to make replacement easy. It also features a precision coil spring with glass fibers and is reinforced with a nylon poppet relief valve.

Strong filter technology

A high-dirt holding capacity provides an ideal balance of dirt-trapping efficiency. This function is thanks to its proprietary filter media that delivers engine protection for up to 5000 miles oil change interval. While ordinary filters use only cellulose, the design of this filter adds microscopic synthetic fibers.

As a result, it creates a small window that traps particles and tiny dirt without affecting oil flow. There are also compounds and proprietary detergents that reduce corrosive wear, maintain viscosity, and neutralize acids for cleaner engine performance.

Key Features:


Brand                  Fram

Dimensions        3.01 X 3.01 X 3.63 Inches

Weight                8.6 Ounces


Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

Boxed for greatness…

The OEM filter punches well above its class with better endcaps, more filter material, and an efficient flow. The product comes in a beautiful Toyota packaging and is pre-lubricated. What this means is that you do not need to lubricate the rubber seal.

It also does not have any extra coating on the exterior. As a result, it does not get gummy during removal. The filter is carefully boxed with plastics around the bottom to protect it from contaminants.

Pre-oiled and pre-sealed

Another impressive feature of the filter is its pre-oiled and sealed gasket. This way, you don’t have to stick your finger in the oil and rub the gasket before you install the filter. 99% filtration rate means it effectively removes contaminants.

The manufacturer recommends that you use the product with Toyota motor oil products. Unlike many other filters, this product is packaged in a sealed box to let you install it immediately. With over 7000 microns on the filter, it promises lasting performance. Combine all of the above features, and you have one of the greatest oil filters in the market.

Key Features:


Brand                Toyota

Model                90915-YZZF2

Weight              6.4 Ounces


Mobil 1 M1-110/M1-110A Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-110/M1-110A Oil Filter

Mobil 1M1-110 is the best engine oil filter for vehicles because of its excellent features. People love using this oil filter for their vehicles. Mobil 1 M1-110A can efficiently remove debris, contaminants, or any metal particles from the oil.

Why Should You Choose It?

This M1-110A extended performance oil filter is the best among the top rated oil filters. This oil filter provides a long-life performance for the cars. This oil filter can effectively remove contaminants, dust particles, or metals. The efficiency rating of this product is 99.6%.

Is It Safe to Use?

This oil filter is extremely safe for using in car’s engine. People have reported that Mobil 1 M1-110/M1-110A is one of the safest oil filters for their vehicles. This filter can stand with nine times system operating pressure. This model is one of the safest filters to use.

Key Features:


Brand                Mobil 1

Dimensions    4 X 3 X 2.75 Inches

Weight             4 Ounces


Royal Purple 10-2835 Oil Filter

Royal Purple 10-2835 Oil Filter

Royal Purple 10-2835 oil filter is another high-quality engine oil filter. People love their superior capacity of maximizing the car’s performance. It is one of the superior quality oil filters in the market nowadays. The lubricity of this filter can reduce torque in the installation process.

Superior capacity

Royal Purple oil filters have a superior capacity of eliminating dust particles and contaminants. This oil filter can enhance vehicle performance. Besides, the filter has a longer life and is very durable. It has the efficacy of filtering 99% of debris materials with 25 microns pore size. In addition to this, the thicker shell provides extra strength.

What’s the next?

If you are wondering which oil filter do I need, then this can be a great choice. In this filter, there is a by-pass valve, which protects excessive oil flow. Users find this filter extremely helpful. They haven’t experienced any dry starts because of the high-performance silicone anti-drain valve.

Key Features:


Brand                Royal Purple

Dimensions     3.15 X 3.15 X 3.62 Inches

Weight             12.8 Ounces


K&N Premium Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil Filter

This oil filter provides a greater and steady flow rate of the oil. It has a better lubricant. Lots of people have used this oil filter and have found extremely beneficial for their vehicles. If you are among the people who often ask which oil filter I need, then this product can surely help you.

Fantastic lubricant

This oil filter is another excellent oil filter. It can maintain oil flow consistency because of its fantastic lubricant. It has flexible compatibility. The manufacturers have designed this filter in a way so that the filter can operate with all motor oils. It can operate with conventional, blended, and synthetic motor oils perfectly.

Heavy Duty

The pleated synthetic-blend filtration media can effectively eliminate harmful metal particles or contaminants. The canister of the K&N oil filter is heavy-duty. This will provide you excellent durability. The capacity of this product is comparatively higher. Users have reported that this is one of the finest oil filters.

Key Features:


Brand                 K&N Engineering

Dimensions      3.5 X 3.5 X 3.3 Inches

Weight              4.8 Ounces


Subaru 15208AA15A Oil Filter

Subaru 15208AA15A Oil Filter

This is one of the top quality oil filters to maintain a healthy engine. This oil filter is very durable and best in quality. This oil filter is easy to install. Lots of customers are very happy with this model due to its excellent capacity.

Efficient for you

This oil filter can prevent oil leakage effectively and eliminate harmful contaminants. This OEM filter has a higher media density. Also, the bypass valve pressure has made it more efficient. This oil filter keeps the internal component clean. Thus, your vehicle can have maximum engine life.

Know the best part

Lots of people have used this product for their vehicles. Some of the users consider this model as the greatest engine oil filter. They have reported that the oil filter maintains the fuel economy at the optimal level. The lubricants in the filter protect the internal parts from friction and heat. This filter protects the oil from getting oxidized. If you are wondering which oil filter I need, then you can try this one.

Key Features:


Brand                     Subaru

Dimensions          6 X 3.1 X 3 Inches

Weight                   6.4 Ounces


ACDelco TP3018 Professional

ACDelco TP3018 Professional

This is also one of the paramount oil filters that you can have for your cars. This oil filter model is another good quality engine oil filter for the vehicles. The most impressive side of the product is – you can use the model for any vehicle model.

Prevents dust problems

ACDelco’s professional fuel filter will protect the fuel system of your car from dust or harmful contaminants. This filter also prevents rust problems in the engines. It can effectively trap and absorb the contaminants before they enter the engine. This oil filter improves engine performance by maintaining the fuel delivery system.

Pretty Impressive

People, who have used this oil filter, report that this model is one of the excellent oil filters. The filtration media has an efficiency of 98% at 25-30 microns. A lot of customers have found it pretty impressive. The durability of this filter will allow you to get a minimum of 12,000 miles. ACDelco TP3018 professional oil filter can be a safe filter for your vehicle.

Key Features:


Brand                    ACDelco

Weight                 0.01 Ounces

Dimensions         6.8 X 4.7 X 4.7 Inches

So, if you are still asking – “which oil filter do I need,” then, choose any of the above. We are suggesting you choose any of these best five oil filters for your vehicle.

What is an Oil Filter?

The role of the oil filter is to remove particles and dirt from lubricating oil, engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil. As the name implies, the components screens contaminants and small particles from the oil used for vehicles and other automobiles. When you mention an oil filter, one thing that comes to mind is the kidney. Just like the kidney filters waste, the oil filter removes impurity for better engine performance.

Take a chip of stone that lodges in a part of the engine. It could stop the valve from closing or the piston from moving. This situation can affect the overall performance of the engine. The oil filter is designed to prevent this type of occurrence as it cleans the oil by removing impurities.

The dirty oil passes through the filter material through a central hole back into the engine. The primary media plus the secondary media prevents the particles from 25-30 microns and 5-10 microns from going into the engine together with the oil. Simply put, an oil filter helps to maintain the quality of the oil, protect the engine, and improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

Things to Consider When Buying the Top Quality Oil Filters

1. The Material

The material that the filter is made of is an essential factor to consider as it plays an integral part in its performance. It could either be synthetic, cellulose, or micro-glass. The synthetic filters are products of polyester, glass, and nylon. As a result, they remove small impurities and have a shelf life of up to 6000 miles without the need for replacement. Cellulose filters trap dirt and particles within Eight to ten microns range.

Since the range is not too big, the filter cleans about 40% of the oil. This type of filter is disposable as dirt clogs the upper surface. Unlike the synthetic filters, the cellulose filters should be replaced after every 3500 miles. The micro-glass filter lasts up to 10,000 miles and is better than the cellulose filters.

2. Filtration Media

The filtration media refers to what the filter uses to remove contaminants. The common ones are mechanical media, sedimentation media, magnetic media, and centrifugal media. The mechanical media is like a sieve that collects dirt when oil passes. Build-up overtime often necessitates frequent replacement. The magnetic media, on the other hand, attracts the pollutants.

One thing though, is that the particles often clog the magnet’s surface. Sedimentation media rely on gravity to trap debris. However, since oil pressure is fast, it might not catch contaminants fast enough. Centrifugal media traps dirt by rotating the housing at high speed. It then traps the dirt stuck to the walls when the oil is released from the house.

3. Filter Construction

Sturdy oil filters feature metal end caps, a bypass valve, center tube, anti-drain back valve, and a wire backing for the media. The bypass valve is a part of the filter that is activated when the filter exceeds its capacity. It then works to allow unfiltered oil to enter the engine. For lasting performance, the bypass valve should be made from metal spring or stamped steel as they are more durable than cardboard or plastic.

The anti-drain back valve is active when the engine is off to prevent oil from going back into the filter. This feature is essential as it prevents dry starts. It is best to look for an anti-drain back valve made of silicone as it is more reliable in high and low temperatures. A media wire backing lets you hold the media in place.

4. Filter Capacity

Filter capacity refers to the number of contaminants the filter prevents from passing through. It is determined by the type and build of the media. Filters with a large capacity allow longer mileage without frequent change. When the filter reaches its capacity, the bypass valve then allows unfiltered oil into the engine. Most filters in the market offer at least 10-grams capacity. Not to worry, though, the ones we have listed are arguably the best that the market has to offer.

5. Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Background knowledge of the different types of oil filters lets you distinguish the kind that your car requires. With each filter having different characteristics, knowing their peculiar differences will bring you closer to making a better choice. Filters look the same. However, they have a different design, construction, sizes, and parts. Plus, they are custom-made for specific models and year of a vehicle.

Although we have filters that work for multiple models and years of vehicle, you still need to pick the right one for your car. Besides the components and parts, you need to specify your type of car engine, model, and year. The best way to do this is to use an oil filter finder provided on online shops to perform an oil filter comparison for a convenient purchase.

6. Ease of use

More than the technical descriptions, these oil filters should be easy to use. It means that it should be easy to install and replace without messy applications. The Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter, for example, is pre-lubricated and pre-greased.

This way, you don’t need to dip your finger in oil before installing it. Some of the filters in our oil filters review support DIY installation. Regardless of your level of knowledge, the oil filter should be easy to install, provided it comes with installation instruction.

Benefits of Oil Filters

Before discussing the benefits of oil filters, let us first know the function of oil filters. It converts the fuel into energy, and this energy helps your car to move. The lubricant of the motor oil handles all the moving processes. If the lubrication process doesn’t function properly, your car may not get sufficient energy to move. To maintain this lubrication process, the engine requires a good oil filter.

Most of the time, car owners don’t understand why they need oil filters. The benefits of oil filter are as follows:

1. Oil Filters Maximize the Life-span of the Engine

Oil filters have important functions in maintaining the life-span of the engine. The heat and friction can easily reduce the capability of the engine. Without high-quality oil filters, your engine and other parts may fail. This is a small component, which can help the entire lubrication process. If the lubrication process goes well, then it can protect the engine from any premature wear. This engine oil filter can solve all the problems of the engine oil.

2. Oil Filters Prevent Engine Erosion

Oil filters effectively trap and absorb harmful contaminants, metal, and dust particles from the oil. If a tiny metal particle enters the recirculation process, it can accelerate engine erosion. As a result, you have to change your engine a lot. Using an oil filter can prevent this problem. The oil filter cleans the oil so that the recirculation process doesn’t damage the engine parts. To get rid of engine erosion, it is better to use high-quality oil filters.

3. Oil Filters Can Reduce Early Engine Wear

Impurities and contaminants can slow down the circulation process of the oil in the engine. So, to maintain good circulation and flow, you need to use an oil filter. To stay safe from premature engine wear, you have to use the paramount engine oil filter. The presence of impurities can lead to premature engine wear. Sometimes, it may also cause engine failure.

4. Oil Filters Can Reduce Wasting New Oil

Top rated oil filters are necessary to reduce overconsumption of oil. During the recirculation and circulation process, the motor can use up more oil if you don’t use the good quality engine oil filter. In the recirculation process, if premature engine wear takes place, it can result in a serious problem.

5. Oil Filters Can Optimize Your Economy

The best engine oil filter can optimize the economy by reducing the expenses. This is why people love using good quality oil filters. Oil filters prevent engine erosion and reduce oil wasting. Thus, you don’t need to spend too much cash on getting new motors.

These are the most important benefits of using oil filters in your cars. Oil filters not only will maximize your engine’s life-span but also you will experience a better trip. These filters can keep your oil clean. If you don’t use an oil filter, you will have to spend a lot of money on buying new oil. An oil filter keeps the expenses of oil at an optimal level.

Types of Oil Filters

There are several types of oil filters available on the market. But all of them have an important role in maintaining the car’s engine. During the circulation and recirculation process, the car’s oil absorbs the harmful contaminants. Oil filters trap these contaminants and purify the oil. Thus, the car’s engine remains healthy.
Let us take a glimpse of some common types of oil fitters –

1. Full-flow Oil Filter

Most of the oil filters are the full-flow filter. A full-flow filter is useful in lower temperatures. Frigid weather can thicken the oil. If the filter is restrictive, then the engine may not receive the oil properly. A full-flow allows the oil to move without any restrictions throughout the engine. The full-flow oil filter allows the engine to function at maximum capacity.

2. Secondary Oil Filter

There are a few automakers who install this oil filter to provide support to the full-flow filter. This type of oil filter cleans less than 10% of the engine oil. Also, it removes contaminants, which the full-flow filter misses to trap. These filters can extend the life-span of the engine’s oil. In addition to this, a secondary oil filter provides extra protection to the car’s engine.

3. Cartridge Oil Filter

This oil filter is similar to the full-flow oil filter, which is the paramount engine oil filter. You can use this oil filter easily because it is easy to install. In addition to this, you can inspect your oil filter condition without removing it. In several cases, cartridge oil filters don’t contain any metal parts. This is why cartridge oil filters are easy to recycle compared to the other filters on the market.

4. Spin-on Oil Filter

This another filter that is a type of full-flow oil filter. You will see a steel canister, and the manufacturers have paired it with a simple paper element. This steel canister is the special feature of this type of oil filter. These oil filters are extremely easy for installation, and the process requires a few tools.

5. Spinner Oil Filter

It is a type of secondary oil filter. This type of filter uses a strong centrifugal force to trap the harmful and unnecessary contaminants. Some of these filters can generate a force that is 2000 times greater than the gravity force.

6. Magnetic Oil Filter

This one is similar to the spinner oil filter. This oil filter will provide secondary support to the full-flow oil filter. It can efficiently clean the oil from metallic particles but is less effective at cleaning dust. Impressively, you don’t need to replace the magnetic oil filter.

Reasons Why Oil Filter Fail

Filter plugging:

This occurs when dirty oil is left in circulation for a long time without a change. As a result, the filter gets covered with dirt and doesn’t do an excellent job of keeping out particles from the engine. A routine oil change is a unique way to avoid this failure.

Media pore erosion:

This occurs when the filter weave is over-exposed to high-speed particles like wear metal or sand. These abrasive particles then erode the filter or lodge in the pores and force their way through, thereby, expanding the pores.

Media matrix deformation:

Media matrix deformation or fatigue cracking is caused by violent shifts of flow and pressure. It then restricts the flow of oil through the oil filter and results in a forceful bypass.

Media matrix rupture:

Media migration occurs when high-pressure flow or pressure partially ruptures the material out of the filter structure or destroys the filter. It then increases the number of contaminants in the oil.

When Should Oil Filter Need to Be Replaced

There is no universal answer to when you should replace your filter oil. Every vehicle is built differently. Most manufacturers suggest replacing the oil filter every three months or after every 3,000. However, we have spotted discrepancies in this rule as it could be an attempt by the manufacturer for potential gain. You can replace your oil filter if any of the condition below is satisfied:

Oil change

Although it is possible to change your oil and leave the old filter, the dirty filter will process the clean oil. As a result, the engine becomes dirty, just like the oil you just drained. To take care of this, we recommend that you change your oil filter when you change the oil. This way, your clean oil is filtered by a fresh oil filter.

When you drive in harsh or extreme conditions

If you drive your cars through extreme temperatures, for example, you might need to replace your oil filter and oil more frequently. Severe conditions cause the engine to work harder, and as such, requires frequent maintenance.

When the service engine light is illuminated

Hold on; the engine light can come on for a couple of reasons. However, among the many reasons, a straightforward explanation is that something is wrong with the engine. This problem could be a result of dirt accumulation. Before you head out to pay for expensive diagnostics, we recommend that you rule out the oil filter as it is much cheaper. Plus, some new vehicles come with an oil pressure warning or oil change indicator light.

When the light comes on, it could mean that you need to replace your oil filter. For a more personalized opinion, we recommend that you go through your vehicle’s manual and manufacturer’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What oil filter is best for synthetic oil?

Answer: The best oil filter for synthetic oil is a filter with a synthetic blend media. This type of filter offers up to a 99% efficiency rate. As a result of its high-density media, the filter has a slow oil flow rate. As such, it is not recommended for high-performance vehicles like a race car.

It should also have a metal end cap and pleats for collecting contaminants. The bypass valve should be made of metal as it is more durable than plastic. Plus, the gasket seal should feature a flexible rubber. The products that we have listed above work well for synthetic oil.

2. What makes a good oil filter?

Answer: The amount of oil contaminants a filter can hold before it is replaced determines its performance. The best filters have a high degree of filtration capacities, unlike the normal ones. Other key components that make a good oil filter include surface area, bypass valve rating, contaminant capacity, and filtration efficiency. More than this, since filters are specific to vehicles, the best type is the one that works with your vehicle.

3. Are cheap oil filters OK?

Answer: When it comes to buying oil filters, like other things in the market, you need a balance between the price-quality ratio. Cheap oil filters make use of plastic, cardboards, and materials that wear a bit too fast. Let us put it to you this way, overly-cheap filters are bad. Reasonably priced filters are OK.

You don’t need an overly expensive filter to get the best result, as some of the best filters we have reviewed are not the most expensive in the market. However, you shouldn’t cut down on the quality of your filter in a bid to save cash.

4. Do oil filter brands matter?

Answer: Yes, of course, oil brands matter. More often than not, the most reputable brands offer quality products. Plus, filters are brand specific. Little wonder why a filter by Toyota might not work for a Ford. We recommend that you buy from a trusted manufacturer and ensure that the brand is recommended for your vehicle.

5. Does a better oil filter make a difference?

Answer: The better quality a filter is, the more efficient it will be at filtering particles and contaminants.

6. How long does a Mobil 1 oil filter last?

Answer: The Mobile 1 oil filter lasts up to 1 year or 20,000 miles.

Final Verdict

Small changes, they say, are often too small to notice. However, they go a long way. Likewise, change to the best oil filter goes a long way to protect your engine and increase its efficiency. To get the best out of your vehicle in the months and years to come, you should use only the best products that the market has to offer.

Our oil filter reviews, for all good reasons, brings you the best to eliminate the need to try out every product in the market. More than this, it cuts down on the time you need to buy the best products.

We hope we have brought you closer to choosing the highest-rated oil filters at a reasonable price. Rather than spend fortunes on overly expensive products, take a cue from our review and make your purchase worth it.

Since you cannot buy all the products we have listed at once, we recommend the first two products as the best of the best. The Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil and the Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter are our top pick products for 2021. Commit to investing in your vehicle, and you will be surprised at how the little things could improve your engine’s performance.

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