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Best Multimeter for Electronics Technician - Reviews

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744 Clamp Meter

IDEAL Clamp Meter


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Best Multimeter for Electronics Technician - Reviews & Experts Guide 2021 1

Milwaukee Clamp Meter


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Best Multimeter for Electronics Technician - Reviews & Experts Guide 2021 2

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If you are an electronics engineer, a multimeter is handy in a workshop where you have to measure current, voltage, or resistance so often. We know, you might have struggled when it comes to choosing the best multimeter for electronics because the market is saturated with all those cheap products available out there.

Whether you are an electrician or an electronics engineer, you already have some industry knowledge about the multimeter for your use. However, to make your decision-making process more comfortable, we are here today with our exclusive multimeter reviews and buying guide for you.

After conducting thorough research on the available products and analyzing the user’s opinion, we created this buying guide. We believe this exclusive reviews and comprehensive guide will help you to choose the best option for you.

So, without delaying anymore, let’s begin.

Top 7 Best Multimeter for Electronics Review

You know that you can’t get what you expect from every piece of product. That is why we are to help you out to select the best product for you.

Our firm belief is this comprehensive product review of the top 10 products will assist you in your decision making.

So, without delaying anymore, let’s begin the reviews.


IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744 Clamp Meter

IDEAL INDUSTRIES 61-744 Clamp Meter

If you are looking for the best multimeter for DIY electronics to get your job done, you’re in the right place. This excellent product from Ideal Industries has all unique features so that you can complete your electronics task correctly.

This 61-744 clamp meter can measure up to 600 AAC, which is good enough to repair any kind of electronics. We know, you always want to continue your work until the completion of the whole task. Thanks to this clamp meter as it got a low battery indicator to show you when exactly you should think for a replacement.

Besides, the auto power shut down the system of this tool will save energy by shutting it down when you forget to do that. The data hold and tapered jaws of the product will give you extra flexibility in the workplace. This excellent product always gives preference to your choice.

Therefore, you can easily switch to auto-ranging from manual whenever you want. We know, managing stress of the fieldwork is pretty much challenging, especially when it comes to recording lots of data. Now, with this excellent multimeter, you don’t have to worry anymore.

You can easily record the data of your previous work by using the excellent data hold feature of this product. If you want to use this product for some extended use, you can easily do it as it has the non-contact voltage indicator.

Moreover, the product comes in a lightweight, so you can efficiently work with it without taking any extra hassle. With all these excellent features, 61-744 clamp meter could be an excellent choice for any electrical technician.

Key Features:


Brand:                   Ideal Industries

Weight:                1.05 pounds

Dimensions:        8 x 6.2 x 2.5 inches


Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp Meter

Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp Meter

Milwaukee 2235-20 Amp clamp meter is our next pick. Not every multimeter available in the market is durable and provides you with flexibility in your electronics work. This product has a voltage range of 600V AC/DC so that you can use this product in a wide range of areas.

Milwaukee always thinks about your safety while producing their tools. No exception here is as well. This product is CAIII 600V rated for ensuring you maximum security. You’ll find a lot of excellent features of this tool that will help you in the workplace.

This product is truly a heavy-duty current tester that will provide you True RMS ratings. Whether you are a professional or a pure DIY enthusiast, this product will make your day shiner. The jaw size of this product is 1.0 inch which is capable of measuring cable up to 350 MCM.

Also, you can measure 400 amps AC with this clamp meter and 600 volt AC/DC voltage is easily measurable by this tool to give you extra flexibility in your work. Another exciting feature of this product is the LED work light so that you can comfortably do your job.

Besides, it is rugged over-molding which made this product extremely durable. We know, when using a multimeter, having the perfect grip is the primary key to get the job done successfully. This product will give you an excellent grip so that you can feel comfortable in your work.

Key Features:


Brand:                   Milwaukee

Weight:                1.1 pounds

Thickness:           7 inches


AstroAI Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

If you want something which beyond the standard, undoubtedly AstroAI Digital Multimeter could be one of the best options for your electronics project. This multipurpose tool will let you run a wide range of tests for voltage, current, resistance, and some other unique parameters.

Honestly speaking, you can measure both of the AC and voltage with this excellent tool. Besides, the auto-ranging capability of this multimeter will give you extra flexibility to your professional work. The large LCD backlight screen of this multimeter will allow you to read the measurements.

Then again, the data hold feature of the product will provide you with the flexibility to record previous data more accurately. Also, it has the auto shut off feature to save power. The hanging magnet and kickstand feature of this tool makes the use of this tool even easier and user friendly.

Now, if you are a professional engineer who wants to set up this tool for commercial use, you have landed to the right place. Because this tool is highly capable of running continuously and it can handle a heavy workload as well.

Also, it has built-in F400mA/600V and F10A/600V ceramic tubes which are explosion-proof and will provide you with the maximum safety and security in the workplace. With all these excellent features, this product will make your day even shiner in the workshop.

Key Features:


Brand:                  AstroAI

Weight:               1.3 pounds

Dimensions:      8.66 x 2.28 x 6.69 inches


Fluke 287 True-RMS Multimeter

Fluke 287 True-RMS Multimeter

If you are so desperate to bring accuracy and convenience to your engineering project, we think you should go for this excellent multimeter for electronics. Fluke 287 True RMS Multimeter comes with all excellent features to make your day in the workshop even shiner. This tool has both auto and manual ranging function to make your work more flexible.

Besides, this data logging digital multimeter quickly measures voltage, resistance, and current as per your preference. Thanks to this excellent tool as it is right RMS meter which provides you with a maximum accurate reading.

With the exclusive data logging feature of this tool now you can track your data and calculation of minimum, maximum, average, or even graphical display will be done very conveniently.

You can also export valuable data to external computers. This product comes with a backlit LCD so that you can take your readings more conveniently. However, if you get stacked in the middle of the road, onboard help screens will be there to help you out for any kind of measurement functions. You will also get a multilingual interface that comes with this product to provide you with extra flexibility in your work.

This tool is built for providing you with maximum safety. You can take the required measurements from a safe distance. With all these excellent features, this remarkable product can be considered as the top multimeter for electronics engineer.

Key Features:


Brand:                     Fluke

Weight:                  2 pounds

Dimensions:         10.2 x 7.8 x 3.5 inches


Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM Volt Tester

Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM Volt Tester

Let me introduce another excellent digital multimeter to you. Amprove 30XR-A Volt Tester could be one of the best options for you. It will be extremely perfect especially if you are an electronics engineer or technician. This amazing product comes with a non-contact voltage tester which can be applied to 600V AC.

From the year of experience and industry expertise, Amprobe always serves us with all excellent and fabulous products. No exception here as well. Thanks to this product as it has many cool features, that is why it is now widely used by residential or commercial electricians.

Another exciting feature of this product is it comes with a magnetic hanging strap which will give you extra flexibility during the work. You can attach the tool with this magnetic strap to any magnetic surface. This tool is weighing only 1.61 pounds.

Therefore, you can easily carry and move it to get the job done more conveniently. This tool has an auto-ranging feature which is also amazing. Besides, the low battery indicator is perfectly useful when you need to do a primary replacement.

The auto battery shutdown option is as excellent as it saves your power. Whether you are a professional electrician or love to do work yourself, Amprobe DMM Volt Tester will surely make you happier in your electronics work.

Key Features:


Brand:                    Amprove

Weight:                 1.61 pounds

Dimensions:         11.6 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches


Amprobe AMP-220 True-RMS 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

Amprobe AMP-220 True-RMS 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

Wouldn’t this be awesome if your clamp meter provides maximum accuracy in your electronics project, which is reliable to use at a reasonable price? This Amprobe clamp meter brings efficiency and safety to your workplace.

Whether you need to measure current, voltage, or frequency, this excellent tool always shows an accurate result. This tool maintains the right RMS function and a low-pass filter to provide you with the maximum accuracy in your workplace.

We know, sometimes you have to do some kind of awkward troubleshooting with some small diameter wires. Therefore, to help you out this tool has Amp-Tip function, which is extremely useful for measuring any type of low current. Besides, you will find an excellent feature in this tool which is a low pass filter.

It will allow you to measure current or even voltage on different drives of the frequency. Thanks to this feature, because it will save your day by removing the error from your work. Whether you are a professional electrician or an HVAC technician, this excellent product will make your day shiner in your workplace.

It has data hold feature to record the valuable data so that you can use those in the future. Besides, the large LCD will help you to read the measurements. As an electronics technician, you always want a multimeter that can easily get your job done in your project.

However, you can consider this product as the best multimeter for electronics technician. Because in most of the cases, you’ll find everything you want from a multimeter from this outstanding product.

This product is also CAT III 600 V rated. So you don’t have to feel any extra stress regarding safety while using this tool.

Key Features:


Brand:                       Amprove

Weight:                    0.16 ounces

Dimensions:           12.4 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches


Fluke T5-1000 1000-Volt Electric Tester

Fluke T5-1000 1000-Volt Electric Tester

This Fluke electric tester is the last product on our list. This product has some incredibly amazing features for you so that you can feel more comfortable in your electronics projects. This tool can automatically measure AC and DC volts precisely.

You can measure current or voltage more efficiently and conveniently. You just have to select volts, ohms, or current; rest will be assured by this excellent tester. If you want to measure open-jaw current measurement naturally, this tester could be a great option for you.

Besides, this product comes with an excellent continuity beeper option to provide you with extra flexibility in your work. The design of the tool is also compact, and you’ll have a neat probe storage facility from this product so that you can store it more conveniently.

Then again, this excellent tool is rugged enough, and it can withstand a 10 ft drop. You may find some solenoid type tester in the market. Unlike the solenoid type tester, this product can remain connected for a more extended period.

To cope up with the national electrical standard, the detachable slim reach probe is customized correctly. You can save battery life when using this tool as it has the auto-off mode feature. If you are looking for the best multimeter for your electronics engineering work, this could be one of the best options for you.

Key Features:


Brand:                Fluke

Weight:              12 ounces

Dimensions:      1.2 x 2 x 8 inches

Things to Consider Before Buying Multimeter for Electronics

We know the importance of a good quality multimeter for measuring different parameters of your electronics project. However, as an engineer or electronics technician, you should always consider some factors before buying a multimeter. For instance, you should always try to consider these things before making your ultimate buying decision.

1. Display:

If you think that you are ready now to buy a multimeter for electronics, you should consider the presentation of the tool in the first place. Most of the multimeter available in the market comes with a handy backlight display.

The backlight on display will help you to take your readings more efficiently. Therefore, you should consider this feature carefully.

2. Build Quality:

The next important thing to consider here is the build quality of your tool. A multimeter has to deal with lots of rough and tough electronic project works. Therefore, a poor quality tool can’t sustain rough work. You should always go for a product which is built with premium quality material.

3. Safety:

They say safety comes first. Especially if you are doing your electrical engineering work, you should think about safety in the first place. You should go to a multimeter which can prevent explosions or overheat.

4. Accuracy:

The math is simple here. You need a multimeter for getting accurate readings in your project, right? So, you should check whether the device is giving accurate readings or not. You can also check the DMM accuracy rating of the tool. However, you just can’t rely on these ratings always.

5. Data Upload:

It is needless to say that a multimeter has to deal with lots of data every day, especially during your engineering work. But, when it comes to documenting data, not every tool will give you enough flexibility to export them. That is why you should always go for a multimeter which will allow you to export data to a computer easily for future access.

6. Compatibility:

Now, compatibility is another thing which you should carefully look for when buying a new multimeter. If you need the tool for professional work, you should always go for a device which has higher compatibility and can measure higher current or voltage so that you can remain stress-free in the workshop.

7. Brand:

We know, you don’t need to use the branded product every time. But, when it comes to using a premium quality product, only a good and reputed brand can provide you with a good multimeter that doesn’t compromise with the quality. Therefore we recommend you to go for a good brand when you need a new multimeter.

8. Price:

It is also an essential factor. Yes, you heard it right. You should also consider the cost. But, the wise decision is making a budget for the tool. You have to be careful that the price should match the budget multimeter. However, never compromise the quality of a product for some extra bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a true RMS multimeter?

Answer: A true RMS multimeter is needed in your workplace for some specific reasons. Specifically, when it comes to measuring both of the sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal ac waveforms, a true RMS multimeter has no alternative.

What is the difference between a voltmeter and a multimeter?

Answer: If you need to measure the potential difference between two points in a circuit, you are going to need a voltmeter. A voltmeter is only used to measure the voltage. But, on the other hand, a multimeter is handy for measuring not only the voltage but also current, resistance, frequency, etc. As it is used for multipurpose, it is called a multimeter.

What do counts mean on a multimeter?

Answer: The count in a multimeter will tell you that before the tool changes to the immediate next range what it can display. For instance, if a multimeter has 20000 counts, it will change the field once it hits 20000 displays on the device.

Final Verdict

As an electronics technician, you need a multimeter for your electronic works. Besides, as you already know what you should consider before buying a multimeter, we believe you can select the best option for you now.

We tried our best to gather all the valuable information for you so that you can choose the best option for you. We believe this exclusive reviews and comprehensive buying guide helped you out in your decision making process.

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