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Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Review

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Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Review in 2021 1

Airhawk R-REVB Seat


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Air Motorcycle Seat

Air Motorcycle Seat


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MadDog Ride Seat

MadDog Ride Seat


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Taking a long ride on a bike can be rewarding to many individuals. Especially when you are stressed due to work-life imbalance, or it could be a long trip to get away from the city crowd with your friends. Either way, you are up for an exhilarating experience that will clear all the blues from your mind.

Speaking of long-distance riding, it’s no brainer to have a comfortable seat on your bike. Since most of your riding time will be sitting on that, it’s imperative to get a proper seat before a long ride. But in reality, finding the best motorcycle seat for long distance is no easy task as there are tons of options to choose from.

Lucky for you, we have done the research and put together a list of 10 best aftermarket motorcycle seats from dozens of similar products. Our experts spend hours analyzing each product in terms of features, specifications, and real-life user reviews for your ready reference.

Without further ado let’s dive in….

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Review


Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Airhawk is an American company famous for its Air cushioning system in the seating industry. The system is so versatile and practical that they patented their air cell technology. The Airhawk – R-REVB comes with the same technology inside to give you ultimate comfort and enjoyable long riding experience.

A motorcycle seat needs to be comfortable, but aside from that, it also needs to be long-lasting. That’s where building materials come into play. The cushion’s airbag is made of durable polyurethane suitable for heat resistance and also lasts a lot longer than any similar content in the market. The cover is also made of spacer poly mesh.

The innovative design allows users to set this aftermarket cushion on the stock seat perfectly. Thanks to its rear and front center cut out. Those cutouts help in seamless fittings. Also, it comes with straps and an anti-slip bottom pad that will bring coziness and confidence in your long ride.

The air cushion system comes with an adjustable valve. That’s pretty convenient to fill, adjust pressure and height by releasing pressure through the valve. This is very important in relieving any discomfort in your tailbone or your back.

With that being said, Airhawk – R-REVB is a solid choice with all those great features and user convenience. If you are looking for the best aftermarket motorcycle seat cushion for your next long ride, this could be it.

Key Features:


Brand                  Airhawk

Dimensions      16.3 x 8 x 4 inches

Weight                1 pounds


Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Air Seat Innovation makes the same airbag system cushioning. You can expect to have all the features of the airbag seat pad and some more. Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion certainly delivers that with its ergonomic design and excellent build materials.

For a long and comfortable ride, you cannot compromise any inconsistency in coziness. Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion understands that and made a wide design cushion to cover as much as possible for an easy trip.

The cushion is made from high-quality neoprene durable rubber material. That’s not only durable also shaped uniquely to enhance the riding experience and reduce any discomfort.

If you are not confident enough that your seat can give you proper support, it will be difficult to ride. In the worst case, it can be very dangerous. That’s why the cushion cover is made of mesh fabric and included straps for better grip support.

It is so well designed and implemented in a way that it can help reduce numb leg issues when riding for a long time. The custom shape design allows proper blood flow to your legs, so you can be assured and hit the miles on the road nicely.

Therefore, with this excellent easy to install seat cushion, your touring can move to the next level. If you are looking for the most comfortable motorcycle seat at an affordable price, it could be the best pick for you.

Key Features:


Brand                  Air Seat Innovations

Dimensions      15 x 13.5 x 2.4 inches

Weight                1.72 pounds


MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

This well-designed seat cover can almost fit on any bikes with little adjustment. So you can expect to ride smoothly with MadDog seat protector weather on a rough road or a long trip with friends.

The seat protector is full black color. That’s eye-pleasing to most riders and looks great on not only bikes also on ATVs. Its long design and uniquely molded foam give any bike an overall stylish look.

The seat protector is made from soft molded foam strong enough to last your long ride session efficiently. So don’t worry when you are on the MadDog seat. It will only get better.

The installation of the seat protector is pretty much self-explanatory. It comes with straps and clips to secure seat position. With this low price point, you can’t expect fancy stuff, but what it offers is more than enough.

One great feature of this seat cover is, you can use it to cover your old stock seat. If you have an old stock seat having rips and tears, it sure looks ugly in the open. This seat cover comes to rescue whether it’s an ATV or a sports bike.

Whether you are a hard sports person or a casual street glider, you can’t go wrong with the MadDog. This inexpensive protector can be considered as the best memory foam for motorcycle seat.

Key Features:


Brand                  Coleman

Dimensions        16 x 9.7 x 2.7 inches

Weight                11.4 pounds


AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser

AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser

If you want the best harley seat for long rides, you have landed at the right place. This is another Airhawk product that bike riders seem to like so much. Thanks to all the exceptional features it comes with. If you intend to ride long and don’t want to compromise much flexibility, Airhawk is your go-to option.

We have discussed earlier that Airhawk uses an exclusive patented air cell system in their cruiser cushion. What it does is these inflatable pads play a vital role in weight distribution and air circulation. That ultimately makes your long ride more enjoyable.

If you are a person of good taste, you may be on the lookout for a stylish seat to match your bike. And black is the most subtle color profile that can go with the most cruiser bike.
The cushion comes with a lot of accessories from straps to basic repair kit. You don’t see that in other similar products. Even if you face some minor leaking issues with the air pads, you are equipped with the tool to fix it right away.

Another feature it comes with is its ability to reduce hot spots. The uniquely shaped air pads allow adequate airflow. Even if it’s left in the sun or you are sitting on it for a long session, it will disperse the heat pretty quickly.

With that being said, that’s one of the best Harley seats for long rides along with other cruiser type bikes.

Key Features:


Brand                  Airhawk

Dimensions        16 x 7 x 3 inches

Weight                2.4 pounds


ASI - Motorcycle Air Seat Cushion

ASI - Motorcycle Air Seat Cushion

This is our second ASI seat cushion well-packed with features. It’s always nice to have a comfortable rider seat when you are hitting long miles. But what about passengers? That’s why ASI manufactured a cushion, especially for passengers.

While most bike riders like to ride alone, some riders want to share the amazing riding experience with their partner. The large rectangular cushion design fits onto any motorcycle. So you can concentrate on riding and have fun.

Although riding with a passenger is fun, it’s also important to make sure it’s pleasant for the passenger too. With its multi air pad, coziness is assured, and nylon straps make it fixed securely while on rough terrain.

Another great feature of this ASI Cushion is, it’s made of Neoprene rubber. That’s not only durable in rough usage; it’s also highly resistant to weather. If you are planning a trip in unpredictable weather, rest assured it won’t get damaged.

Motorcycle seats are bound to get dirty over time. Fortunately, the thing with the Neoprene rubber is it’s washable. Even the mesh cover can also be washed.

It’s no surprise that ASI cushion targeted riders who wanted pain free and pleasant riding experience. If you are one of them, you can also get all the advantages from the ASI cushion.

Key Features:


Brand                Air Seat Innovations

Dimensions      12.6 x 9.6 x 2.1 inches

Weight              1.1 pounds


Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion

Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion

If you are a person who doesn’t compromise on good riding experience on the highway, it’s likely that you have heard the brand AirHawk, they have manufactured some good products over the years. And their Dual sports Cushion pad is no exception.

The differentiating form factor in this seat cushion is its narrow front side. If you own a bike that doesn’t support a wide seat cushion and you are frustrated in looking for the right fit. Well, you can try this for a change.

All the usual features of air hawks can also be found here, like multiple air pads with a valve. You can manually adjust the air pressure to make sitting position comfortable and absorb some of the vibrations.

The mesh cover supports a better grip over the cushion and non skid material to prevent slipping over the OEM seat. Furthermore, you can expect to have less heat-related issues while riding for a long period.

The cushion’s air pad is built with strong Polyurethane materials. The air pads altogether provide support to proper weight distribution that results in inadequate blood flow and less numbness in legs.

For proper comfort, it’s important to have the right cushion for your bike. Whether it’s a cruiser bike or a sports bike, for smooth ride experience, an Airhawk dual-sport cushion can be a good choice if you have the right bike.

Key Features:


Brand              AirHawk

Dimensions    16 x 8 x 4 inches

Weight            1 pound


ButtyBuddy OS2018 Black over the Seat Mount

ButtyBuddy OS2018 Black over the Seat Mount

Among all the long riding motorcycle seats, ButtyButty is different. A unique feature of this seat mount is it’s portable. That means you can easily place it on the existing, and if you feel like you can take it out and put it in your bag for later use.

This beautiful product supports a wide variety of bikes, thanks to its ergonomic design. So even if you are planning to change your bike in the future, you don’t have to worry about seat compatibility.

The ButtbBuddy seat mount is durable foam materials with an advanced cushion system that are all closed. Meaning you don’t need to change it in the future and no chance of being collapsed under heavy use.

The ergonomically designed cushion cells are perfectly placed so they can upkeep proper ventilation throughout the seat. That way riders cannot feel any discomfort due to a long sitting session on the road.

This portable seat is easy to install on the top of the existing position. It’s so easy to set up that it won’t exceed 11 inches width. Also, it comes with suction cups that can easily fit on any bare fenders or any monster choppers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a capable seat cushion for your next long bike ride, take a look at the ButtyBuddy portable motorcycle seat cushion.

Key Features:


Brand              Butty Buddy

Dimensions    9.7 x 7.2 x 8 inches

Weight             3.8 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance

When you go to a store to buy a motorcycle seat, usually there will be many different sizes and shapes. These two parameters alone cannot help you to choose a proper seat. You also need to consider the overall quality, build materials and all the features it comes with.

Let’s look at the factors you should keep an eye on when buying a motorcycle seat.

Materials preference

The first thing you should consider carefully is the material of the product. Because it is highly important and directly associated with the durability of the product. Motorcycle seats can be made from a lot of key materials like memory foam, gel pad or airbag.

Each kind has its own pros and cons. It also depends a lot on the rider’s preference. Some get a great advantage out of a memory foam seat. Others may get the same from an airbag enabled seat. Therefore, you must consider this factor with utmost care.

Comfort Features

The Comfort level of a rider varies from person to person. Meaning when you are buying a seat, make sure it has the necessary features to minimize your discomfort. Like back pain, numbness and other prostate-related issues.

So, when it comes to buying a motorcycle seat especially for long distance journeys, you should always check for the comfort features which the product can offer.

Passenger Seat Support

If you normally ride alone, it’s important to check your all seat requirement. But if you intend to bring a passenger, you should invest in a good passenger seat. Try to get the seat with optimal lumbar support that will serve your passenger well. That is why, you must consider the passenger seat support feature of the product carefully.


Aftermarket motorcycle seats are a separate component of the bike. It involves a fair amount of strapping, tying, clipping to place it securely on the existing seat. Keep on the lookout for seats that have a quick lock and release option to make your life easy.


The next thing you should consider carefully is the brand. Yes, you heard it right. Beyond all the controversy, you should check the brand of the motorcycle seat. You should always keep it in mind that premium quality products always come from a good and reputed brand.

Therefore, you should consider the brand value of a product before making the ultimate buying decision. In this exclusive buying guide we only reviewed motorcycle seat which comes from well reputed manufacturers. So, without any doubt, you can go for any product from our review.


Price is always important for buying any kind of product. No one wants to waste his hard-earned money. Therefore, you should check the reliability of the asking price of the products. The best decision that you can take is you should make a budget for the respective product.

Then, when it comes to finally buying the product you should compare the price with the budget. You should always try to control the price limit under the budget. However, under no circumstances, you should not sacrifice the product quality for a couple of extra bucks.

Official Warranty

Motorcycles’ seats are not cheap. When buying an expensive product, it’s always a good idea to take full advantage of the official warranty. Products with warranty give assurance against any manufacturing fault.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are jeans good for motorcycle riding?

Answer: Riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. The rule of thumb is always to wear protective gear when riding. Technically you can ride a bike wearing jeans. As they are made from thick cotton fabrics, they might help in reducing damages depending on the speed and other variables.

How many hours a day can you ride a motorcycle?

Answer: For an expert rider who frequently rides, on average, 1000 miles can be covered in one day or 24 hours. Also, some bikers can go even more on a single day. But if you are an intermediate rider, your tolerance would be around half of 1000 miles a day.

How do you stay comfortable on a long motorcycle ride?

Answer: Staying comfortable on a long ride takes practice. But you can easily improve your tolerance by doing these.

    1. Get a good stretch before getting on the bike.
    2. Drink adequate water and Snacks before a long ride.
    3. Wear comfortable clothes.
    4. Take a break when you are tired.

Are Gel motorcycle seats comfortable?

Answer: Gel seats are made of a gel-like substance that is great at adapting according to your body shape. This feature allows gel seats to manage weight distribution efficiently and effectively. Also, it eliminates several discomforts while riding.

Final Verdict

It cannot be stretched enough that those who like to ride long miles need a proper seat solution for a smooth ride.

Needless to say, the appropriate seating arrangement can depend on a lot of factors like OEM seat dimension, width, building materials, and user preference. It’s easy to lose tack behind all those cheap seats available in the market.

Fortunately, our research team did all the hard work for you to find the best motorcycle seat for long distances and put it in this single post. So you can easily find what is best for your taste.

With that being said, we hope our review comes in handy in buying your next motorcycle seat in the future.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Review in 2021 2