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Best Mini ITX NAS Cases Review

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5 Best Mini ITX NAS Cases Ultimate Review in 2021 1

Thermaltake Core V1Snow Mini ITX


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darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case

darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case


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5 Best Mini ITX NAS Cases Ultimate Review in 2021 2

Cooler Master N400 NSE-400-KKN2 Mid-Tower


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The best mini ITX nas cases are ideal for designing and creating ultimate power machines. These cases are obtainable in different sizes and designs. Whether you are an IT professional or a gaming enthusiast, nas case is the best option to develop your PC.

To find a good PC case that has high-end functionality, you need to perform in research. Check for air ventilation and cooling system. We have reviewed the high quality mini ITX nas cases for our valuable readers. Moreover, you can study our in-depth reviews to select the best one.

Top 5 Best Mini ITX NAS Cases Review


Thermaltake Core V1Snow Mini ITX

Thermaltake Core V1Snow Mini ITX

Ideal performance

The Thermaltake Core V1 snow edition is based on dual modular rack design. As it is made for ultimate efficiency and cooling performance, the lower chamber is best for adding additional power supply and cables. The advanced ventilation system introduced in Thermaltake Core V1 supports multiple cooling systems, including DIY/AIO liquid and air-cooling systems. Users can get support from interchangeable side panels, which features a removable PSU dust filter as well.

Enhanced cooling and reliability

Apart from fantastic technical support facilities, this casing is designed with keeping convenience and cleanliness in mind. You can now save your time and efforts needed for installation. The Core V1 brings a lot of latest features and support for today’s cooling demands. Tool-free drive bay design is now combined with optimized airflow for better performance and configuration.

Key Features:


Manufacturer:            Thermaltake

Model number:           CA-1B8-00S6WN-01

Weight:                        7.04 Pounds


DarkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case

DarkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case

Elegant design

The darkFLash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case with Magnetic Design wide-open door Nas case is best for gamers and professionals. This small nas case is based on door opening design, making it easier for users to disassemble.

Excellent lighting effect, along with the black side glass, shows light effects decently. As it is best recommended for gaming enthusiasts and professional users, the high-quality structure is painted to give an impressive look.

Ultimate efficiency

Coming over to the specifications and design, this case is 240 MM water cooler friendly, and it could install 120mm air cooler plus 240mm water cooler as well. This provides extra modification and support facilities to the users. The DLM 21 black case supports Micro-ATX and Mini ITX motherboards.

Remember that there are no fans included because the product now comes with built-in radiator support. The side panel is constructed by tempered glass, and the case has a maximum GPU/PCI card length of 330 mm. This nas case is one of the best options to be considered for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Key Features:


Manufacturer:               DarkFlash

Weight:                           13.16 Pounds

Model number:              DLM21


Cooler Master N400 NSE-400-KKN2 Mid-Tower

Cooler Master N400 NSE-400-KKN2 Mid-Tower

Durable and long-lasting

The next outstanding nas case on our list is the Cooler Master N400 NSE-400-KKN2. This is a mid-tower completely meshed front piece computer case that is made for superior airflow. Moreover, it supports up to three SSDS along with a 240 mm water cooling radiator.

People who are in search of an ultimate performance and reliability Nas case should select the Cooler Master NSE-400-KKN2. You can now add a 120 mm water cooling radiator and two 120 mm fans on the top or right side of the case.

Best for gamers

This cheap nas case is made for maximum expandability and cooling. The front panel and I/O area feature the best mesh and 2 pre-installed XtraFlo perfect fans for better airflow. Furthermore, N400 provides extended expansion as users can install up to 3 SSDs and high-end graphic cards. Their dust filters are installed for easy maintenance. Being a fully embracing and water cooling Nas case, you can build a high-performance CPU to avail ultimate performance and efficiency.

Key Features:


Brand:                     Cooler Master

Model number:      NSE-400-KKN2

Weight:                   12.4 Pounds


CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 Mirco-ATX and Mini-ITX Case

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 Mirco-ATX and Mini-ITX Case

Optimal features and compatibility

This is a stunning and elegant PC case with superior cooling performance. The cleaner layout makes this case one of the best options for professional or regular users. Carbide AIR 240 provides complete support for a full-length graphics card and a cleaner design for a cooling tube.

Moreover, you can install, configure, and manage your PC hardware without the need for professional tools. USB ports are placed at the front for better convenience.

Easy to manage

Apart from technical advancements, this nas case uses two 240 mm radiators with Mini-ITX or one 240mm radiator with a dual GPU MicroATX setup. Although this product is of the same size as many Mini-ITX cases, you can now avail of dual MicroATX motherboard installation support.

Moreover, you can also customize the orientation of the case as a standard tower, as a desktop or as an inverted tower. The panoramic window gives an appealing view of hardware installed in this PC casing.

Key Features:


Brand:                      Corsair

Model number:      CC-9011069-WW

Weight:                   12.4 Pounds


Supermicro Superchassis CSE-721TQ-250B Mini Tower

Supermicro Superchassis CSE-721TQ-250B Mini Tower

High-quality Nas case

The last optimum best DIY nas case on our list is the Supermicro Superchassis CSE-721TQ-250B Mini-Tower. This PC case comes with a pre-installed 250W power supply, which means you can create and design the CPU of your choice without any hassle.

Mini-Tower chassis designed for motherboards supports super micro size Mini-ITX having overall dimensions of 6.75-inch x 6.75-inch. Along with a broad range of Mini-ITX motherboard support, the casing is best feasible for both single Intel plus AMD processors.

Durable and efficient

This casing requires professional assistance and tools for hardware installation. Storage chassis includes 4 x 3.5-inch hot-swap SAS/SATE, and 2x 2.5-inch fixed drive bay. Moreover, we recommend that you use enterprise SATA HDD to avail of ultimate performance, reliability, and efficiency. Whether you need a PC case for professional or home use, the Supermicro Superchassis CSE-721TQ-250B Mini tower is undoubtedly one best choice.

Key Features:


Manufacturer:          Supermicro

Model number:        CSE-721TQ-250B

Weight:                      11 Pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Mini ITX NAS Cases


Before selecting a nas server case, an overview of the significant factors like performance and efficiency. This will help you get long-term support because NAS units are designed to deliver better file access and data storage features.

Moreover, check for the speed if you are having more people connected to your PC or network. Same as conventional computers, theses PC cases vary in terms of processor models and hardware compatibility. Additionally, you can select your NAS case depending upon the expected number of connections as well.


Capacity is another major factor that needs to be focused on when purchasing a NAS case. You must check for the number of drives it can hold and overview the slot capacity as well. Learning about the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is also a good indicator of the supported storage capacity.

It will, in return, save you from unwanted data loss or any kind of other technical failures in the future. Ideally, a 3-drive NAS case offers better redundancy and capacity.

Connectivity and installation

Mostly, a NAS case can be configured on your own. The model with complex system requirements needs to be set up and configured by a dedicated IT professional. Some models now come with a built-in Wi-Fi functionality that makes installation easier and simple.

On the other hand, you need to set up and manage the Ethernet cables properly to ensure uninterrupted network access. For enterprise solutions, the cost of installation and configuration might be higher.


NAS cases come with pre-installed airflow and cooling systems. Ensure that the mini ITX NAS case you choose has proper ventilation and cooling system so that your PC hardware does not get compromised in any case.

Although you can install extra fans, but select the product that includes built-in radiators or cooling systems. Fan speed can also be adjusted manually. High-end components and graphics cards require proper cooling for optimal performance and efficiency.


A sound CPU system must deliver better safety, efficiency, and performance. Ensure that the NAS case you chose is easy to handle and maintain in the event of a sudden malfunction. You must also consider aspects like error recovery options and fault tolerance.

It will create it easy for you to handle any technical problems in the future. Most of the advanced NAS cases come with pre-installed power supplies, cooling systems, and radiators.


Besides basic dimensions and looks, features are the essential aspect to be focused on when purchasing a Mini ITX NAS case. Check for SSD mounting points and drive bays. A PC case with 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays is ideal to set your storage devices.

Try to select a cheap nas case which can be configured and managed without tools or professional support. This will surely make it convenient for you to make future upgradations and management of drives on your own. Furthermore, search for a case with cut-outs in the motherboard tray.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What size of mini ITX NAS case do I need?

Answer: Mini ITX NAS cases are available in different sizes. Generally, you can select from three categories named as small, medium, and significant cases. Depending on your components and hardware, you can check for the NAS case’s dimensions and weight. Make the setup of your hard disks, cables, and motherboard correctly to ensure thorough air ventilation.

2. Which cooling system is best?

Answer: Generally, each NAS case is designed with optimal cooling and ventilation system. Either if you are preparing a personal computer or a NAS server, you will need multiple fans and a water-cooling radiator. Air circulation is the main feature to review when buying a NAS case. For better cooling, you can select a NAS case with a liquid cooling respirator or water-cooling respirator.

3. Which mini ITX NAS case is more durable?

Answer: Mini ITX NAS cases are made of aluminum are strong and durable. If you are planning to purchase a PC case for long term usage, make sure that the product you select is of high quality.

4. How can I manage and upgrade my NAS case?

Answer: Most of the NAS cases can be configured without the need for a tool. As they are built in a modular design approach, you can set the hard drives, motherboards, and cables without any professional assistance. NAS cases make it convenient for gamers and professionals to set up high-end hardware components with simple management.

5. What is the ideal number of HDD cages in a NAS case?

Answer: If you are building the best DIY nas case computer or a professional NAS server, you will have to update the number of HDD cases. It is mandatory for the installation of HDD and SSD into your system. Depending upon your requirements, you can connect several NAS for which you must select the case with extra HDD cage support.

Final Verdict

Building high performance and reliable computers are now possible with the support of the best mini ITX cases. These cases are manageable and deliver optimal cooling facilities for your PC hardware.

After reviewing a few of the best mini ITX nas cases, we advise gamers and professionals to purchase the Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition SPCC Mini ITX Cube. This NAS case has dual modular rack design and yields ultimate cooling performance and efficiency. After reviewing the performance, network, and storage requirements, you must choose a NAS case that is easy to upgrade and manage.

5 Best Mini ITX NAS Cases Ultimate Review in 2021 3