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Coolest & Best Hog Ring Pliers Review in 2021

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ION TOOL Hog Ring Pliers

ION TOOL Hog Ring Pliers


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Recommended Best Product
Coolest & Best Hog Ring Pliers Review in 2021 1

Straight Hog Ring Pliers


Best Value

Recommended Best Product
Coolest & Best Hog Ring Pliers Review in 2021 2

DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers


Premium Pick

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Does shopping the best hog ring pliers stressful for you? We know the fact how it is. We’ve been through the entire journey on the hog ring pliers available in the marketplace these days. Hog ring pliers are the basic tools required to do upholstery work. Innovative design of these tools is now even quicker and easy to use.

But do you know how to choose the right pliers for your project? Sorting through the endless list of pliers is time-consuming and a bit unnecessary. You should do exclusive research for these tools before purchasing it for yourself.

We offer you a buying guide for the superior quality hog ring pliers, and provide genuine plus unbiased information. So read on to find out from our review of the best pliers for hog rings.

Top 5 Best Hog Ring Pliers Review


ION TOOL Hog Ring Pliers

ION TOOL Hog Ring Pliers

Spring-loaded comfort…

The ION TOOL Ring Pliers works for cages, netting, bungee, or shock cords. It also works for fencing, upholstery, meat bags, and traps. Spring-loaded to grip your rings in the jaws, the plier has a cushioned non-slip grip. This helps you to keep a secured grip even in wet conditions.

What about materials?….

Premium material sets the product apart from many in its category. This includes straight steel design and tension springs. It works for hog rings that measure ¾, 3/8, and ½-inch.

Key Features:


Brand                        Ion Tool

Dimensions             9.5 X 3.1 X 0.4 Inches

Weight                      7 Ounces


Straight Hog Ring Pliers Kit

Straight Hog Ring Pliers Kit

Professional build…

Designed by NIDAYE, the Straight Hog Ring Pliers Upholstery Kit works for most hog rings. The sizes include 3/8, ¾, and 1/2 –inch. Like most hog ring pliers, spring-loaded features and cushioned non-slip grips make it easy to use. Widely used for a diverse range of activities, the product is one of the best.

But remember….

Upholstery, for example, is more comfortable to do with the plier around. Measuring approximately 7-inches in length, the product is the right size for your project. Crimping is also more comfortable with its straight steel design and cushioned grips.

Key Features:


Brand                    NIDAYE

Dimensions          8.5 X 4 X 0.5 Inches

Weight                   8.8 Ounces


DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers Kit

DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers Kit

One-hand comfort…

The product is easy to use as it supports a one-hand operation. This allows you to use your other hand for other tasks during use. Metal and hardened steel components also make it durable. The bright and colorful design of the DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers Kit gives it a distinctive look.

What’s more….

This mainly comes to play as it makes it quite conspicuous to the eyes. This way, the risk of leaving it behind after use reduces. The hog ring crimper crimps at 90-degree. They also come in handy for those distances where the hog ring is deep in the cushion.

Key Features:


Brand                    Dewalt

Dimensions        10.4 X 1.3 X 8.27 Inches

Weight                  1.85 Pounds


Hog Ring Pliers & 150 Galvanized Hog Rings

Hog Ring Pliers & 150 Galvanized Hog Rings

Polished ring protection…

Another excellent product of Ion tools, the Hog Ring Pliers make upholstery installation easy. With 150 galvanized hog rings, the rings are built to fight rust. Measuring 7-inches in length, the product has a straight steel design and a cushioned non-slip grip.

Perfect grips….

Besides the premium grips, the plier works for several tasks. This includes cages, fencing, and shock cords. It also works for most hog rings, and it is spring-loaded to grasp the rings in its jaws effectively. The galvanized hog rings offer more protection that most polished steel hog rings.

Key Features:


Brand                   Ion Tool

Dimensions         6.75 X 2.5 X 0.75 Inches

Weight                 14.1 Ounces


Hog Ring Pliers Kit Auto Upholstery

Hog Ring Pliers Kit Auto Upholstery

Ergonomic design…

The Hog Ring Pliers Upholstery Kit by Cascade Tools comes with an ergonomic and non-slip handle. This is to aid comfort and reduce hand fatigue. Plus, the handles feature coated non-slip materials and are soft-cushioned. As a result, you can use it in any environment without stress. Spring-loaded for comfort, the pliers allow you to hold the hog rings in place quickly.

More with more…

With more than 200 hog rings, the kit has enough rings to handle your project. It is also perfect for a wide number of users that include furniture and auto upholstery, animal cages, and fencing.

Key Features:


Brand                Cascade Tools

Dimensions      9.7 X 4.8 X 1.9 Inches

Weight                1.1 Pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Hog Ring Pliers


The material strength of the plier determines durable usage. For example, plier kits with galvanized rings are more durable than ordinary rings. This is because they come coated to resist damage from the weather. Although most of the pliers are straight stainless steel, we recommend that you look for other durable materials that will make it last. Also, attachments and accessories should be sturdy and made to last.

Check for defective parts before you make the purchase. Not to sound biased. However, brands also determine the plier’s durability. While we know some brands for their impressive products, others have not fared so well. To be safe, we suggest that you buy from any of the brands we have reviewed below. Why? We have tested them and have reviewed their products.


Lightweight pliers are generally preferred above heavy and bulk ones. This is because they are easy to use and reduce hand fatigue. Also, pliers with small heads are more comfortable to use. For people with little hands, we recommend that you don’t buy heavy pliers with broadheads. Also, pliers that support a one-handed function come in handy for people with arthritis and weak hands. The DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers Kit, for example, allows one-handed usage to reduce stressful usage.


Besides being easy to use, your plier must be comfortable. For example, spring-loaded pliers must be easy to load without much difficulty. Also, pliers like staplers must fire quickly without often misfiring. Whatever the design of plier that you want to buy, make sure that it does its job with ease.


There may not be a one-size fit for most piece of equipment. However, we have that for hog ring pliers. What this means is that a single plier can serve different purposes. For example, most of the products we reviewed above can function in well more than one area. This includes upholstery, netting, caging, fencing, traps, etc.

Also, they work with most hog ring sizes. Hence, to get value on your purchase, we recommend that you purchase a plier that fits most hog rings and does more.

Price-quality ratio

Although you won’t have to break the bank to purchase hog nose ring pliers, we suggest that you set a budget. Not just set one, set according to your need, and how much you can afford. More than a cheap and high-priced product, find quality at your budget line, and choose quality above quantity and name.


Impressive design and sleek appearance is another factor that should influence your purchase. We require pointing out that there is no hard and fast rule to choosing a plier based on appearance. What this means is that it depends solely on your preference as the buyer. However, when you can, buy a plier with an impressive design and a bright color. You probably won’t leave a noticeable plier behind after work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a hog ring?

Answer: Hog rings are metal rings that you bend to fasten two objects or points together. Available in U-shaped design, you need to hook it to form a circle to keep two objects attached. So what is a hog ring? They are convenient tools to fasten your upholstery, wires, and cages together.

Can I use any plier to bend my hog rings?

Answer: Yes, you can use conventional pliers for your hog rings. However, hog nose ring pliers are specially designed to bend hog rings. They feature spring-loaded jaws, non-slip design, and have a tong to hold the ring in place. By squeezing the plier, you can easily bend the ring. Hence, we recommend that you use a hog ring tool rather than any conventional plier.

What are the best brands?

Answer: Some of the best brands include Ion Tools, Cascade Tools, NIDAYE, and DEWALT. Check through our review for other trusted brands.

Why are they called hog rings?

Answer: The name came due to the resemblance to rings placed in the snouts of pigs. So it’s something like a nose ring or ear ring, except that it’s attached to the snout of pigs. Why? It’s only to prevent pigs from digging with their snouts.

How do I use hog ring pliers?

Answer: First, you need to install the rings pointing outwards into the magazine. Set the width of the jaw of the plier and adjust the thumbscrew if there is one. Release the screw to make the gap wider or tighten it to make it smaller. Then pull the handles to open the jaws.

Position the ring over your project and squeeze the handles firmly until you feel a shift in the ring. You will secure the ring with enough pressure. Release the grip and repeat the process using the hog ring crimper for as long as you want.

Final Verdict

The best hog ring pliers provide a better way to secure rings compared to their counterparts. Each with different designs and appearances, each of the products listed above is capable of handling a wide range of home projects. They provide a reliable way to hold hog steel in place during crimping securely, and we recommend them for clean and fast installation.

Feel free to select from any of the products we have reviewed above to give your DIY a professional look. To be more specific, we recommend our top pick and premium choice as the best products out of the bunch.

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Coolest & Best Hog Ring Pliers Review in 2021 3