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Best Glue For Metal - Reviews And Buying Guide for 2021

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J-B Weld 8280

J-B Weld 8280


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Loctite Liquid Glue

Loctite Liquid Glue


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Recommended Best Product
Best Glue For Metal - Reviews And Buyers Guide for 2021 1

Loctite Ultra Gel Glue


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I know it is always challenging to choose the right glue for your project. But, to make an instant strong bond, you’ll never find an alternative to the right adhesive. Selecting the best glue for metal will save you time, and you can focus on your task more accurately.

Sometimes, even I face a problem choosing the right adhesive for my DIY projects. If you choose the wrong glue by any means, honestly speaking, you might meet a tough night. You might end up having all of your essential projects incomplete. I know, it’s so much frustrating.

Now, choosing the best adhesive for metal is not easy given that all kinds of cheap products are out there. So, I am writing this comprehensive buying guide for you. Wouldn’t that be of so much help?

As I have been working for years in the metal industry, this review will help you to choose the best glue for you. So, without much delay, let’s check some of the top listed adhesives for metal.

Top 10 Best Glue for Metal Reviews


J-B Weld 8280 Original Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld 8280 Original Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld is a well-known brand when it comes to glue for metal. They call it “World’s Strongest Bond.” This is an excellent, problem-solving steel reinforced epoxy. It provides hard, long-lasting repairs to multiple surfaces.

I must admit the bond it creates is quite more durable than steel. If you are someone like us who love DIY households, I bet you are going to love this product.

It works best when you mix the components at a 1:1 ratio, and when settled, it can be sanded, filled, drilled, or molded.

However, you have to ensure dirt, oil, or grease-free clean surface. Another notable thing, this epoxy sets at 4-6 hours and takes 15-24 hours to settle. So, it works quite slowly, but when it settles, the ultimate magic begins.

I found another exciting feature of J-B Weld original is it can provide you a tensile strength of 5020 PSI. It can also tolerate temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Big or small, whatever your problem is, you can repair yourself with this robust and heavy-duty epoxy. Besides, when it is entirely healed, it becomes waterproof and can protect the surface from petroleum, acid, or chemicals.

Key Features:


Brand                   J-B Weld

Dimensions         2.5 x 2.6 x 7.5 inches

Weight                 7.2 Ounces


Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

Loctile, with their 50 years of expertise in this adhesive industry, has won our hearts. They are always good at producing quality advanced adhesive and sealing solutions.

This excellent super glue will add extra shine to your product and provide superior performance. It will help you with your DIY works by providing faster solutions with a stronghold.

You can use it on multiple surfaces, including metal, ceramic, wood, fabric, cardboard, plastic, and whatnot. There is no wonder that it provides a quick solution.

You can achieve maximum bonding strength within 15-30 seconds. With almost zero clampings, the glue dries clear. So, it is extra resistant to many elements and chemicals.

The tip is extra-long, which allows you to apply it easily on hard to reach surfaces. Besides, it has a pinpoint nozzle that allows specific applications at your ease. I know you don’t like dripping and oozing during gluing.

Moreover, it can tolerate extreme heat and cold. And the bonus part is this Loctite liquid glue is hugely waterproof and provides you instant solution.

Key Features:


Brand                   Loctite

Dimensions        1 x 4 x 7 inches

Weight                 0.32 Ounces


Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

As always, Loctite delivers as they promise. This small, simple ultra-gel control super glue will give you the maximum flexibility during your households. This product has some cool features and specifications.

First of all, I want to admit here that it is manufactured with a unique formula to make it durable. It also resists water, shock, impact, or even vibration for materials.

Like other Loctite products, you can use this glue for multi-purpose. You can use it on many surfaces, including cork, wood, rubber, plastics, leather, and whatnot.

You can apply this glue easily on vertical surfaces, and honestly speaking, it hardly drips or runs. If you are someone like us who bother about pinpoint accuracy, this glue could be your ultimate option.

It’s easy-squeeze feature helps in precise dispensing. The cap is covered with a screw for keeping the nozzle clog-free. So, you’ll see fresh glue whenever you use it. If you want to repair any cracked objects, this glue is a good option for you.

Key Features:


Brand                   Loctite Classics

Dimensions         1.2 x 6.5 x 3.8 inches

Weight                 0.38 Ounces


Permatex 84209 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy

Permatex 84209 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy

If you want me to choose the best metal glue for you, without any further doubt I will mention Permatex epoxy. You’ll get approximately 4500 PSI tensile strength from this awesome glue.

The most exciting part of this glue lies in its versatile use. Who thought a glue-like Permatex can repair aluminum. Brass. Copper, iron or even stainless steel. You can consider it as the best glue for stainless steel.

Honestly speaking, with this epoxy in house, you’ll forget about welding and brazing the metal. Yes, its two-part adhesive and filter system makes this happen.

It sets in four minutes and no clamping is needed for this. Another feature of this product is it’s resistance to water and solvents make it more useful. When fully settled it can withstand temperatures from -60°F to 300°F.

You can apply this glue to a wide range of objects. I bet, you will love its versatility and it’s easy to use. General-purpose or material-specific, Permatex is such a product that will make a way out to your problems.

Key Features:


Brand                   Permatex

Stength                4500 PSI

Weight                 2.4 Ounces


Technicqll Clear Epoxy Adhesive Glue

Technicqll Clear Epoxy Adhesive Glue

Here comes another strongest glue, Technicqll clear epoxy adhesive glue. You’ll be amazed to see the power of this product.

It provides the strongest adhesion and many DIY enthusiasts love this glue for their project. It works on multiple materials and very popular for durable bonding.

However, the surface should be degreased and clean. Moreover, you have to immobilize the bonded articles for about 8 minutes, it will ensure a strong bonding.

For better results, you need to heat the surfaces before bonding. An electric dryer is probably a good option for this purpose. There is a reason behind this. Because, they say, a higher temperature significantly shortens total repair time.

Besides, this glue is resistant to extremely high and low temperatures. I bet you’ll love these two-component, colorless epoxy for its awesome features and specifications.

Key Features:


Brand                  Technicqll

Part Number      E-358

Weight                2.4 Ounces


Gorilla Super Glue with Brush & Nozzle Applicator

Gorilla Super Glue with Brush & Nozzle Applicator

The next product on our list is Gorilla super glue. This excellent glue provides greater control and versatility with two ways to dispense. You’ll find that awesome fine bristle brush to help you in controlling the glue.

There is a precision tip nozzle that allows quick and easy dispensing of glue. Another amazing specification is it has unique rubber particles which make it stronger and impact resistant.

If you need a quick solution with your repairing work, honestly speaking this glue will make your day shiner. It dries in 10-15 seconds. Isn’t it quick enough?

Moreover, no clamping is required as well. Even a small drop of Gorilla glue can do long-lasting bonding between objects.

You can use it on multiple surfaces and vertical application is also easy with it. Truly, this is developed to provide you a quick long-lasting repair within the shortest possible time.

Key Features:


Brand                Gorilla

Dimensions     0.9 x 3.4 x 6.6 inches

Weight              0.32 Ounces


Elmer's E7502 4-Ounce Advanced ProBond Weatherproof Glue

Elmer's E7502 4-Ounce Advanced ProBond Weatherproof Glue

I bet you heard this name before. Yes, Elmer’s is a popular brand that produces absolute waterproof glue. It can work on all types of weather and professional metal bonding can easily be done with this product.

What is the most exciting feature of a glue you want? For me, I would consider first is it easy dispensing or not.

Honestly speaking, this non toxic glue is runnier and can be used on many surfaces like metal, stone, wood, ceramic, plastic and more.

Fortunately, you don’t need a wet surface for adhesion with this product. The glue is paintable. Besides, when it dries it becomes translucent.

Also, Elmer’s glue can be cleaned up with water and it’s 100% weatherproof. If you’re like me, who loves simplicity, you’ll fall in love with this glue. Because it’s simple, yet it gets the job done.

Key Features:


Brand              Elmer’s

Dimensions    2.3 x 1.2 x 6.8 inches

Weight            4.8 Ounces


J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy

I want to assume here that you already know about the J-B weld brand. Now, KwikWeld is a fast setting version of the original J-B weld two-part epoxy.

J-B weld has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in this industry. It is already proven by their innovative and high-quality products. As they always say, the J-B weld product provides the world’s strongest bond to our projects.

Fortunately, it can produce tensile strength of 3127 PSI and can handle temperature up to 230°F. Also, fully settled glue is waterproof and can resist acid, petroleum and other chemicals too.

The glue sets in 6 minutes and it will take 4-6 hours to completely settle. With a 1:1 mixing ratio, it forms a permanent bond after mixing. Not every glue from the market will give you such versatile use.

With all these cool features, KwikWeld is great for household repairs, automotive, plumbing, marine, crafts & more. You can use it to many kinds of surfaces including metal, plastic, concrete, PVC, fiberglass & more.

Key Features:


Brand              J-B Weld

Dimensions   8 x 5 x 1 inches

Weight            0.8 Ounces


Strongest Super Glue by HG Power Glue

Strongest Super Glue by HG Power Glue

The strongest glue for metal, that’s what they call it. This super powerful glue will give you the strongest solution in your tough day. A cool feature of this product is you can store it easily, even in a freezer for 1-2 days or even longer than that. So, what is the best glue for metal to metal? Honestly speaking, you can undoubtedly consider this as one of the best glues given all the cool features it has.

Honestly speaking, this ultra-cool strong glue will provide you 600% more effectiveness than other regular adhesives. Yes, you heard it right. It can make bonding in almost 93% of all materials- plastic, rubber, metal, glass, aluminum; you name it.

It doesn’t matter how complex your problem is, the HG power glue provides an instant solution to you. This product is a complete value for money package. Also, it sets quickly. You’ll love it, I bet.

Moreover, it’s weatherproof and the bond is incredibly durable. I love its heat and cold resistance features. Not only that but also it’s resistant to water, gasoline or diesel. With all of these cool and strong features, this glue can make impossible repairs possible.

Key Features:


Brand                                 HG

Compatible Material       Plastic , Metal , Stone , Ceramic , Wood

Weight                               1.44 Ounces


Devcon (62345-6PK) Plastic Steel Epoxy - 25 ml Dev-Tube

Devcon (62345-6PK) Plastic Steel Epoxy - 25 ml Dev-Tube

Devcon plastic steel proxy is the last pick in our list. You can use this glue or cold welding epoxy for using on every kind of material. It has two-part and high strength.

This epoxy contains a steel alloy which is free from rust. Devcon can set in 6 hours and settle time is up to 16-24 hours.

Besides, its non-flammable and water-resistant feature will provide you extra flexibility during your repairing work.

You need glue to fill a hole and don’t know where to find one? I bet, this Devcon glue can fill holes and also repairs cracks in your old furniture. Just let the glue dry to a dark color, you will be able to drill, thread or machine it after it is properly healed.

There is no wonder that this glue can produce a tensile strength of 2500 PSI. However, keep a secret in mind that always maintain the ratio of hardener and resin to 1:1 to get the best result from this product. With proper use, Devcon can give you some amazing results.

Key Features:


Brand                   Devcon

Dimensions         8.9 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches

Weight                  1.1 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for Metal

There is no wonder that you may replace soldering and welding by applying good metal glue. Yes, you heard that right. But, to do that you need to get the best metal glues. I know, choosing a glue depends on many things.

It is a good practice to specify your needs properly. For instance, you might not need a highly strong metal glue for repairing a plastic object.

Now, you might end up choosing a product that has no use in your project. So, to help you here are some key considerations that you should look at before making a buying decision.

Bond Time

Let me tell you something. Evaluating bond time is so much important and it should be the first thing to consider before buying a glue.

You know your time requirement better than anyone else. After all, it’s your project, right? So, first of all, analyze the entire workflow and identify the required time for your project.

You may wonder, why it is important. Adhesive glues have different settings and settle times. It could be 3 days for some adhesive, whereas another one could be settled in 1 day.

So, your entire project can be messed up if you are unable to see the gap between your available time and adhesive settle time. Always try to go for glues that settle faster. However, settle time isn’t everything, consider the bond strength as well.

Mechanical Issues

Metal glues are important to create a bond between metals. You need to check for any kind of mechanical challenges that you might face. It will help you to determine the type of adhesive you may require.

You need to check out for any kind of mechanical stress. Besides, determining vibrational forces between metals and stress levels on the bonding is important. Yes, I mean it. Because mechanical issues can affect your buying decision significantly.

Chemical Resistance

If you are working on an object that is vulnerable to chemical exposure, you should be careful when choosing the adhesive. Your epoxy should be oil, gasoline or any other kind of chemical resistant.

Otherwise, your bond won’t be durable. So, always choose a chemical-resistant glue for your project.

Element Resistance

I bet, you never want your settled metal to be spoiled by excessive water. But, honestly speaking, it could happen.

Your metal can be exposed to extreme heat or extreme water. Maybe it’s simply dirt or dust that can hinder your metal’s performance.

So, there is no better option except choosing an element resistant glue. It should especially be water and extreme heat resistant.

Required Amount of Glue

At this stage, you need to do an important task. Look at the amount of glue you required. If you have a larger project in hand, you might need a large amount of glue. This will help you in your estimation of cost.

However, never compromise work quality at the expense of the required quantity. So, you should estimate properly.

User Friendliness

A product which is not user friendly, can’t give a customer comfort and better result. Always check the process of using whatever glue you are willing to buy.

When it comes to a point that you need to mix two components, a complex procedure will end the show right away. So, go for something that has some easy process to mix.

A fussy mixing, toxic nature glue will make the situation worse. Here is the general rule of thumb. Choose a glue that is user friendly and dispensing is easy.

Usage Tips for Metal To Metal Adhesives

Many DIY enthusiasts can easily glue on their projects. You may also remember those moments when you used to glue in small household projects. But, trust me, when it comes to metal to metal bonding you have to be more careful. There is no doubt that it’s not easy going. Let’s see how to glue metal to metal properly.

Because gluing in a dense and smooth surface may require some extra expertise. The first tip, clean the surface properly. You should clean out any dirt, oil, wax or grease from the surface, otherwise, you’ll end up making a poor quality bond.

Here are other handy tips for you. find sandpaper and roughen the metal surface with it. I will be honest with you. It will increase the bonding without any doubt.

In every case, you’ll want to follow the user manual carefully. Because a wrong mixing up of components will give you a tough night. Following instructions in every step will make your metal gluing easier, it’s as simple as that. However, choosing the best glue that works for metal to metal will make your task a lot easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use to glue metal to metal?

Answer: In a general sense, you can use epoxy glue for metal. In most cases, the mixing ratio between adhesive and hardener is 1:1. Proper use of epoxy glue can create a perfect bond between metals.

Is Gorilla Glue good for metal to metal?

Answer: There is no straightforward answer. In a sense, yes, you can use Gorilla glue for metal to metal. Glues based on polyurethane which is gorilla glue and adhesives based on cyanoacrylate will both suitable for bonding metals.

Now, choosing the best super glue for metal depends on many factors. Epoxies are also good for this kind of bond. You should choose the type of glue based on your requirements.

Will JB Weld melt with heat?

Answer: J-B Weld can handle temperature up to 600 °F for approximately 10 minutes. It can also survive inside a microwave oven. This extreme heat resistance is one of many cool features of JB Weld.

Final Verdict

Back in the day, welding or soldering was the only option to bond metals. Thanks to all quality glue out there for saving our time and effort.

Now, it’s not a tough task to bond two metals. But, you have to do your part. Choosing the best glue will save your day. Otherwise, you might face a tough time ahead.

I tried my best to pick all of the exclusive glues for you. I believe this comprehensive review is a good help for you to choose the best glue for your projects.

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