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Best Felling Axe Review

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Husqvarna Wooden Multi Purpose Axe

Husqvarna Wooden Axe


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Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe

Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe


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Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe


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Have you ever told someone you wanted to purchase a felling axe, and their quizzical look gave you all the answers you needed? Don’t blame them. It is because a felling axe is not an average tool that you see hanging around. To most people, an axe is a tool used for chopping woods and large trees. The best felling axe features a thin blade at the edge and is curved to give smooth, deep, and clean cuts.

Do you want an axe that sinks deeper into the tree with every stroke, and isn’t hefty? Then read our felling axe reviews.

Top 7 best felling axe Review


Husqvarna 26" Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe

Husqvarna 26

Keep trees out of your way with the Husqvarna 26″ Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe. Not like you are a destroyer of any sort, however, the axe does enough to get chop trees.

Quality and improved design

The axe comes with hand-forged Swedish steel and a sheath that leaves no room for improvement. The tool has the perfect weight and length to keep your hand comfortable during use. The grain pattern, wing width, and grain run out on the axe are all good.

The alignment of the handle is also perfect as far as the eyes can distinguish. The handle also has several delicate ergonomic details in its shape.

Comfortable and easy to use

The handle on the axe is quite thick, a feature that reduces hand fatigue. It is also uncoated, and the logos are not engraved to thick. Therefore, the logo is easy to remove if you don’t want to have it on the axe.

Key Features:


Brand:                  Husqvarna

Style:                    26-inch wooden multi-purpose axe

Weight:                2.1 pounds


Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe, 23.5-Inch

Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe, 23.5-Inch

The Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe, 23.5-Inch, is ideal for cutting through medium and small-sized logs.

Excellent weight distribution

The Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe combined advanced blade geometry, perfect weight distribution, and a sharp edge for maximum performance. Made in Finland, the axe has a simple, yet functional and practical design.

The combination of all of these features lets you get the job done without wasting time. Optimal weight distribution multiplies cutting power by increasing your swing speed while keeping the handle lightweight.

Superior design

The axe is part of the X-series axes, a set of products with sharp edges for cleaner cuts and better contacts. This feature is thanks to proprietary grinding techniques. Unlike traditional axes, the forged and hardened steel blades feature a low-friction cutting that prevents the head from getting stuck during use. The handle also features shock-absorbing FiberComp that makes it sturdy and durable.

Key Features:


Brand:                        Fiskars

Model number:        78536935

Weight:                     3.6 pounds


Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

The Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe features a European style-head with a cutting edge that promises to take a large bite out of every swing.

Great axe for backpacking

If you enjoy adventures in the wild, then we are quite sure that you will find the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe interesting. The axe head is sharp enough for clean cuts. The fit of the handle is tight, and the orientation on the grain is perfect. It is light enough to let you get a good speed behind every swing. The head is well hung and triply secured with a wooden wedge and two-stepped wedges.

Great ergonomics

The ergonomics on the axe is excellent and further enhanced by its curved end. The body is not far from straight, and a matte black paint job on the head gives it a sleek look. Although the axe head looks heavy, it has an overall balance that is aided by the perfect handle length.

Key Features:


Brand:             Cold Steel

Material:        Forged 1055 carbon steel

Weight:           3 pounds


Council Tool Velvicut Premium

Council Tool Velvicut Premium

Make splitting a pleasure with the Council Tool Velvicut Felling Axe.

Pre-sharpen for reliable use

What the felling axe seem to lack in looks, it makes up for it in functionality. The felling axe comes sharpened as a working man’s axe. The axe head features a perfectly shaped steel that easy to sharpen. It also does a great job of splitting if the need ever arises. The handle looks rough; however, it is quite functional. It has different colors of wood in specific parts and is slimmer compared to the size of the head.

Quality build

The axe comes with a sheath made of high-quality leather. As a result, it is right gear for storing the tool safely after use. It also features a beautifully created long handle with a sharp and balanced head. The handle is made in the USA, as well as other materials used.

Key Features:


Brand:               Council Tool

Material:           5160 American steel

Weight:             0.01 ounces


Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe

Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe

The Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe feels great and cuts even better. The product has a forged finish, a bright appearance, and is easy to use.

Build for rugged use

The American felling axe is big and bulky. It also makes splitting tree logs easy as the axe is made to give no vibration. It also features a forged finish; hence, it has a rough and numerous character-building imperfections. Plus, the handled features boiled linseed oil finish and beeswax to take care of the dirt.

Protected design

The boiled linseed oil gives the handle a bright appearance and offers protection. It also supports an out-of-the-box use as the blades are sharped for use without needing to sharpen it. The handle also grips very well for comfortable use. In all, the axe feels tight and is well balanced with a razor-sharp blade.

Key Features:


Brand:                    Gränsfors Bruks

Model:                   434-1

Weight:                  4.63 pounds


Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe

Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe

The Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe is designed to take on small and larger-sized trees.

Timeless appreciation

More than used for felling trees, the axe doubles as an heirloom and is a handy way to exercise. The handle measures 31 11/16-inches from the end of the swell to the top of the protruding portion above the eye. The cutting edge is also 4.3/8-inches wide, and the length of the head is 7.7/16-inches long from poll to edge.

The head comes with an evenly sand/bead blasted finish with the weight and Hults Bruk emblem deeply stamped in. The handle is nicely curved and well-shaped. A little on the dense side, but has good grain.

Impressive and comfortable design

The axe features a robust red heartwood handle with a good hang. The cutting edge also arrived sharp; hence it does not require sharpening before use. The grind is also evenly applied to make it one of the best tree felling axe.

Key Features:


Brand:                        Hults Bruk

Weight:                      4.8 pounds

Model number:         Hults Bruk


Council Tool 3.5 lb Single Bit Axe

Council Tool 3.5 lb Single Bit Axe

Split words and harvest timbers without need to rely on electricity or gas with the Council Tool 3.5 lb Single Bit Axe.

Quality from a trusted brand

Council tools pride itself as one of the best manufacturers of axes in the market. This claim is further aided by a track record of more than 120 years in the business. To maintain quality and impressive design, the axe is made in the United States.

The handle design of the axe is excellent, durable, and promises to hold up just fine. We, however, recommend that you get some linseed oil for the handle as it makes it easier to use.

Great axe for beginners

The axe is handy and best for starter splitters or anyone new to splitting small rounds. The handle is lightweight for flexible use. The head is well centered, and the haft is appropriately aligned.

Key Features:


Brand:                Council Tool

Weight:              5 pounds

Head:                 Forged steel

Things to Consider Before Buying Felling Axe

The axe head

The axe head features either a double-sided or single cutting blade. A double-sided axe head comes with multiple cutting edges for handling different tasks at the same time. For example, you can cut the root with one head, and use the other side for cutting softwood. An axe with a single cutting edge, on the other hand, lets you work faster since it is more balanced than its two-sided counterpart.

It also provides more control for the swinger since it only has one head of consistent weight and length. A double-sided axe is more versatile as you can do more with either edge. However, it requires more safety awareness since you have two edges to look out for.

The head weight

We don’t always recommend that you buy a massive axe head unless you are looking for some exercise. This is because heavy heads require more force, and it drains the energy rather quickly. For a beginner, we suggest that you start with a lightweight axe as it lets you cut through tress without getting tired.

Other than this, the head weight also determines accuracy. Although more massive heads deliver more power than their lighter counterparts, they are less accurate.

Handle length

Longer handles let you swing with the most force. However, we have discovered that there comes to a point when swinging that you will not be able to control it as you should. In contrast, a short-handled axe is not the best as it brings you too close to the tree to risk getting hurt by chunks flying around.

What we recommend is to find a balance between accuracy and force. Put in another way, a balance between long and short-handled axe. You can look for an axe with a 28-inch to 30-inch handle length or go all the way for a 36-inch handle length.

Handle material

Plastic and wood are the more common materials used for the handle materials. The best between the two being the latter as wood is stronger than plastic. After deciding to purchase an axe with a wooden handle, you should check the growth-ring width and the wood grain direction.

The grain should be parallel to the bit as perpendicular grains are weaker and often snap easily. The growth ring should also be narrow, numerous, and tight. Unlike your average wood, this type is stronger and lasts longer.

Handle shape

An axe handle can either be straight or curved. A single-sided axe often comes with curved handles as it feels more natural. On the other hand, the double-sided axe is known for its straight handles as it lets you flip it quickly to change sides. Hence, the handle shape depends on the axe head.

The type of handle could either be varnished or not. If it is, you could sand off the vanish since it makes the axe handle slippery, or you could leave it. On the downside, vanishing an axe could make it rough and leave you with blisters. However, we recommend that you disappear the handle and wear a glove to prevent blisters from forming on your hands.

New or old

Sometimes knowing when to replace your old axe for a new one and vice-versa makes all the difference. For maximum cutting efficiency, the best axe for chopping trees must have a sharp edge that is thick enough to cut through tees without breaking.

As such, you require top-quality steel. Unfortunately, most new axes feature crappy China metal. Don’t be shy to replace a new axe for high-quality antique steel as they are more efficient and last longer. However, if the new axe head is quality enough, you can stick with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I protect myself while using an axe?

Answer: One of the best ways to stay protected is to take breaks after working for a long time. Since the arms get weak as you work, you risk the axe slipping out of your grip. Other than this, never forget to cover the axe when you’re not using it. Some manufacturer provides an axe sheath as a way to cover the axe head. Plus, do not turn away from a falling tree until you see it on the ground.

2. Can I replace the wooden handle?

Answer: The first thing to do to replace a wooden handle is to clean the eye. After this, proceed to store it overnight. We recommend storing it in a warm and dry room so that the handle will be dry enough for use. Drive the handle tightly into the head and fit it with sandpaper. Saw the flush and drive the aluminum wedge with the edge plus the flush.

3. What is the difference between cutting and a splitting axe?

Answer: A tree cutting axe is different from a splitting axe. A sharp blade and light head characterize a cutting axe. As a result, it cuts cleanly into trees and is not too heavy for the arms. The blade of a splitting axe, on the other hand, is duller. Hence, it is best used for chopping off chunks of trees that have been fell. So you fall a tree with a cutting axe, you split it into bits with a splitting axe.

4. Where is the best place to store my axe?

Answer: Store your axe away from moisture. Hence, it should always be kept away from direct sunlight; neither should it be exposed to harsh weather. We suggest storing it in a dry place. It will help if it is also stored at room temperature to prevent shrinking and rusting.

5. How can I sharpen my axe?

Answer: Depending on the grade of wear and tear, you can use a bench grinder, emery wheel, or you could use a hand file. However, always wear goggles to protect your eyes. You can also add an oil solution or a protective coat to prevent rust.

Final Verdict

The best felling axe is no doubt more sophisticated than they used to be centuries ago. However, what hasn’t changed is the demand for axe and their efficiency. This day, it is not uncommon for the top-rated axes to feature high-quality steel, durable wood, and some form of modern design. Whether you enjoy felling trees the old-fashioned way or as a beginner, we do not doubt that you will find our review of the best axe for felling trees helpful.

To make it easy for you to choose since we sorted through numerous products, we highlighted only products that excel in efficiency, design, and versatility. All the products above are well-made, offer a comfortably decent grip, and have an excellent weight-to-balance ratio, plus a sturdy blade. While we conceit ourselves on the quality of all the products above, the Husqvarna 26″ Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe caught our eye as the best of the pack.

Top 7 Best Felling Axe Complete Review | Find the Top Wood Filler 2