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Best Engine Stand Review

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7 Best Engine Stand For the Money You Can Buy in 2021 1

K&L Supply MC25 Metric Engine Stand


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BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine Hoist

BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine Hoist


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Recommended Best Product
7 Best Engine Stand For the Money You Can Buy in 2021 2

Steel Rotating Engine Stand Hoist


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An engine stand is the most essential tool if you want to repair your car. Why? At first, tell me why not? From holding your engine to block the engine in different positions this is a must item. The best engine stand not only gives you a precise engine rotation but also it makes your job easier.

Undoubtedly, this is a versatile tool that keeps your engine away from swinging back. So when you decide to buy this engine stand you need to be very careful. You need to keep some factors in your mind and check out these before buying one for you.

Although it may be difficult for you to choose the best one from a lot of options. Right? Okay, don’t be tensed. I have spent a lot of hours researching this matter. Then after analyzing the customers’ reviews, comments, the market position I have made this list.

Check out the list before making your decision.

Top 7 Best Engine Stand Review


K&L Supply MC25 Metric Engine Stand

K&L Supply MC25 Metric Engine Stand

Are you dealing with a wide range of engines? Then this engine stand should be placed in your top priority list. Why? This is a versatile engineering stand that can meet up your demands well.

The stand comes with a unique design that will force you to love it. It has a reliable construction with silver finish. The ⅛ inch thickness of the stand is capable of supporting most of the engines. Besides, the plated finish offers you a rust-free and nice appearing engine stand.

Do you know what the most exciting part of the stand is? This is one of the best rotating engine stands. Well, the design may appear simple here, but the flexibility level is quite amazing. It features a pair of rotatable arms on both sides to adjust the weight. Also, it offers you enough control points. As a result, you get the 360 degrees rotating facility with the perfect access to almost all the parts. Moreover, the engine stand makes your transmissions, pan removal, and starter clutches types of jobs much easier.

Another important feature of it is the strength that is rare in most of the stands. The base is sizeable that offers the maximum stability of the stand on most of the surfaces. Moreover, both the height and width of it are adjustable here. So you can adjust these according to your need. Isn’t that helpful for you?

You will also get a telescopic leg with upright posts. What is the use of it? Actually, these make your adjustment fast as well as effective also. Also, you will get strong ergonomic knobs here. It helps to hold virtually any engine on this stand. The tough rubber steps will also lock your stand on the floor.

Key Features:


Brand                  K and L

Dimensions        26 X 16 X 2 Inches

Weight                25 Pounds


BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine Hoist Shop Crane Accessory

BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine Hoist Shop Crane Accessory

If you want an adjustable height engine stand, then I suggest you this BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine. This is a perfect choice for those who have heavier engines as it has more lifting capacity.

Of course, larger engines require more capacity for mounting it. Am I right? Luckily, this stand has 1500 lb load capacity. So you can keep yourself tension-free when approaching for a larger project.

This engine stand is made from high-quality and rugged structural steel. That means it is durable and strong enough to provide you the best result. Furthermore, if you are doing jobs related to the garages, workshops, or agriculture, then it is ideal for you.

Don’t worry if you have various types of engine configurations, as this one has a solution for you. It has fully adjustable three-position chain mount holes. These holes are capable of accommodating these engines. In addition, it ensures your safety too.

It comes with 14” length chains, and all of these are equipped with an L-bracket assembly. You can use it easily by simply attach the chains with the engine. The crack handles will give you the flexibility of quick and easy adjustments. You will also get the threaded shaft here. It can balance the load and able to deliver great performance as well.

One more important thing about this stand is the rotating facility. It can easily change the center of gravity. Therefore you don’t need to works hard to change the direction of the stand. On the whole, it saves both your time and labor. What is your thinking about this stand?

Key Features:


Brand                    BIG RED

Dimensions         18.9 X 9.84 X 8.46 Inches

Weight                  2.5 Pounds


Steel Rotating Engine Stand Hoist

Steel Rotating Engine Stand Hoist

Do you need a portable engine stand hoist for holding the engine? Speedway Motors is presenting you exactly that kind of rotating engine stand.

If you want consistent performance, then undoubtedly, it is the right option for you. How can I say that? Well, if you look at the construction part, then you will see that it comes from the premium steel. As you know, top-quality steel can provide you with reliable and effective performance. Moreover, you don’t need to think about the durability as well.

Additionally, it has a simple but strong and sturdy design. This stand has four adjustable arms that can rotate easily. It has the 360-degree engine rotation feature that makes your job hassle-free and simple as well.

Moreover, it includes two front caster and two rear stationary wheels. Of course, it provides you some advantages too. Want to know how it happens? Actually, you can easily place the stand from one place to another. Not only it saves your time but also it provides you much comfort.

Also, it gives you the oppurtunity of easy assembling or disassembling it. Furthermore, no welding is required for this. You can use this portable stand in your large project. It can take load up to 1500 lbs. So, if you are going for a large project and looking for a portable stand, then go for it without any hesitation. It will not disappoint you.

Key Features:


Brand                    Speedway Motors

Dimensions          30.5 X 11.5 X 6.5 Inches

Weight                   64 Pounds


Rolling Engine Cradle Stand

Rolling Engine Cradle Stand

Are you in search of a rolling engine stand? Then I have a suggestion for you. Rolling Engine Cradle Stand is a handy stand that offers you both flexibility and reliability. This one fits on small and big block chevy engines.

This is a versatile design cradle stand that comes from premium steel. Therefore, it provides you the superior strength with the maximum holding facility. Furthermore, it is lightweight and has easy installing and mounting facilities. Again, the nice fit and finishing offer you the most flexible and reliable performance. The loading capacity is 750 lbs. That means it is not suitable for any larger projects.

It is a well-made product that has an easy assembly feature. It comes with eight welded bolts that ensure secure storage. Moreover, it helps you from searching for the correct size bolts. So when the attachment bolts are snugged, you will find the cradle quite stable.

This is a multi-functional cradle stand. You just need a few cuts and adjustments to go with it smoothly. But you need to mind that; this one is not compatible with 955-1957 265 and 283 SBC engines. If you ask me why then I’ll suggest you look at the side engine mounts of those engines. Then I think you’ll get your answer by yourself.

Key Features:


Brand                    Speedway Motors

Dimensions          26 X 20 X 4.5 Inches

Weight                   21 Pounds


BIG RED T26801 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand

BIG RED T26801 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand

BIG RED T26801 is a folding engine stand which can hold large engine blocks. So, if you are looking for a stand with bigger lifting capacity, this can be your superior choice. Not only it gives you the necessary support but also it provides you the best performance.

This rotating engine stand has a well-engineered design. It is made of heavy-duty steel. So, it is robust and sturdy. Also, it is capable of offering maximum durability. Moreover, the stand has a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion. Therefore, it can work more efficiently.

The engine stand’s bottom design looks like H-shaped. It has five caster wheels that provide the essential support to keep it in an upright position. After installing the engine block once the engine stand head once, it can bend backward to deliver the proper stability. Therefore it can load a wide range of capacity. Moreover, the front swivel casters make a stand reliable and flexible to use.

This one can withstand up to 1500 lbs. That means if you want a stand to hold large engine blocks, this is ideal for you. So, you can smoothly run your large projects with this rotating stand without any special equipment.

On the other hand, it comes with a no-tip design. Do you know what the benefit of it is? Basically, this no-tip design will provide you the maximum level of safety while working with it. So you can keep yourself away from any accidental occurrences. This is really the most useful feature that is absent in most of the engine stands. So, if you give priority to safety, then grab this stand for yourself.

Again, if you have a space problem, then this stand has a solution for you. It has a fully foldable frame that keeps you out of this space problem. Furthermore, the arms of the stand are adjustable that helps the users in getting perfect height.

Key Features:


Brand                   BIG RED

Dimensions        33.86 X 15.75 X 6.3 Inche

Weight                76.7 Pounds


BIG RED T23401 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand

BIG RED T23401 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand

You can call this stand the perfect one for those who have small motors to work. This rotating stand is an incredible choice for doing the job.

The stand is made of heavy-duty steel. So in terms of sturdy and durability, you can expect the highest from it. Thankfully, it will not disappoint you also. Moreover, the powder-coated finish ensures a rust-resistance facility. As a result, it performs well also.

This engine stand design is very appealing with its compact and simple structure. It comes with two fixed casters and a fully rotating swivel caster. Of course, it helps you by making your job easier. So, if you are looking for a smooth maneuverable stand, then this is it.

Furthermore, it has an extra-wide base, and it looks like H-shape. It can provide maximum stability to hold the load. Here, the frame of the stand can also add some flexibility and make the movement hassle-free. Again, the three-wheel system with a 360-degree rotating head helps to reach the tough places as well.

Key Features:


Brand                 BIG RED

Dimensions       34.25 X 7.68 X 7.28 Inches

Weight                44 Pounds


Performance Tool W41025 1/2 Ton Engine Stand

Performance Tool W41025 1/2 Ton Engine Stand

If you are looking for a trustable and reliable name for engine lifting, then undoubtedly Performance tool will come in the top prior list. This engine stand is a highly versatile one that can conveniently support your engine while you work on it.

The stand tool has a wide frame, and it ensures a high level of stability. Therefore you can find your peace of mind when working with this. Why? Well, it provides you the superior support, which you cannot find on others’ stands.

Additionally, you may want to improve your productivity. Thankfully, it is also possible by this stand. How? The engine stand has a 360-degree rotating head with six-locking positions. This one will help you to reach hard-to-reach places. Moreover, you will allow loading ½ ton capacity here.

This engine has a heavy-duty gauge construction. It uses heavy-gauge tubular steel that is connected through welds to construct it. So the engine blocks can load almost all larger engines.

Key Features:


Brand                Performance Tool

Dimensions      8.5 X 7.75 X 35 Inches

Weight              30.4 Pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Engine Stand

Many engine stands are available on the market. They come in different sizes and shapes. So, choosing the best one from the available options is not easy. To help you in this regard, I try to provide you some useful information. I suggest you consider these features before buying an engine stand. Let’s scroll it-

Legs and Balance

As you know that different engine stands have a different number of wheels. It is important to know which one is suitable for you.

Three Wheels – The three wheels stands come with the triangle-shaped design. Here, you will get two wheels in the back and one in front. These types of stands can weigh less than 1000 pounds. If you weigh more than this, then it becomes unstable and likely to tip over.

Four Wheels – These are the most common stand that is suitable for most engine jobs. It comes with a bottom L-shaped design that contains a wheel at each corner. This design makes the stand more stable.

Six Wheels – If you want a sturdy stand then go for it. It is suitable for almost all kinds of jobs. They need more space than the four-wheeled ones. The wheels are set in a proper way to deliver the maximum performance. You will find two wheels in the back, two in the front and two at a cross-bar in the middle.

Weight Capacity

You must know the weight of your engine to determine which stand is suitable for you. If you have less than 1000 pounds of engine then a three-wheel stand is perfect for you. On the other hand, the four-wheel or six-wheel stand is a great choice for more than 1000 pounds of engine weights. So before making your purchase know the exact weights of your engine. Then make your decision.

Locking and Rotating Heads

Of course, the rotating head is important for turning the motor to a position. It gives you easy access to a hard-to-reach place. Also, it ensures your comfort zone simultaneously.

It is also necessary to lock the heads in place. This will help you by not moving the heads around. So you can do your work without any interruption.


When you go for buying an engine stand, try to choose the more stable stand. This stable stand can take the load effectively. The engine stand that has more stability gives you more comfort and confidence while you work. This stable stand can take the load effectively.


The frame is the most important feature for an engine stand. It determines the durability of the stand. The heavy-duty frame will provide you extra durability.

Folding Stands

If you have a space shortage problem, then you can choose a compact design foldable engine stand. It will give you enough storage room. So check out this feature carefully before making your purchase.

So, before buying the one for you consider these factors and make your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What weight capacity does an engine stand have?

Answer: Basically, different engine stands come with different weight ranges. Therefore the weight capacity of the engine stands is also different. The most common weight capacity of an engine stand is 1000 lbs. You will also get stands that support 1500 lbs to 2000lbs.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best engine stand for your particular engine is a difficult task. It may make you puzzled and confused. Don’t worry as the entire article is designed for this purpose. You will get specific directions and details about different engine stand here. It will help you to choose the best one for you.

However, all the above-listed products are standouts here. All are best in their own ways. So if you pick one from this list you won’t regret for it later. Therefore try to read out the entire article carefully and make your own decision.

7 Best Engine Stand For the Money You Can Buy in 2021 3