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Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal Reviews

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Bosch 11335k jack hammer kit

Bosch 11335k Jack Hammer


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Recommended Best Product
VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill

Vonhaus Hammer Drill


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Recommended Best Product
F2C 2200W Jack Hammer

F2C 2200W Jack Hammer


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Removal of tiles from the walls or floors is so damn tough!

Too true!

Especially when you don’t have the right tool at your hand! So what tool is used to remove floor tile? Well, you can make your job very easy and smooth when you ensure that you have a good quality demolition hammer.

So, finding an effective demolition hammer is important. The real fact is that there are a lot of demolition hammers in the market. But which one to choose?

That is why we have come here with our top 7 best demolition hammer for tile removal reviews 2021.

So let’s dive in……..

Quick Pick: What Is The Best Tool To Remove Tile?

Small demolition hammer drill: Vonhaus rotary hammer drill

“A mini demolition hammer that performs surprisingly well”

Best cheap demolition hammer tool: F2C Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

“The finest power tool to remove tile in no time”

Best electric demolition chipping hammer: Xtremepowerus electric demolition jack hammer

“The most beloved rotary hammer tile removal by experts”

What Does a Demolition Hammer Do?​

If you are deciding yourself that you are getting a demolition hammer, it goes well if you already have even a little knowledge about the machine.

Let us take a wild guess; you can ask yourself some questions like, what is a demolition hammer? Or perhaps what does a demolition hammer do?

Let’s make this clear first……….

A powerful device, a demolition hammer, is designed to demolish the large walls of concrete. It allows you to breaks the walls into pieces.

However, the lack of proper implementation can result in heavy damage to both your property and your health.

Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal Review 2021(That Will Save You Time and Money)

Here is our review of 7 best Demolition Hammer for tile removal that you can grab your hands on.


Bosch 11335k Jack Hammer Kit

Bosch 11335k jack hammer kit

Searching for a tool that gives you tremendous brute force with great precision?

Bosch Jack Hammer 11335k model is the best one that is not only designed for the removal of your floor tiles but also works well with a sizeable dust-extraction system.

You heard that right.

Bosch firm is one of the reputable manufacturers worldwide that gives the best products to their consumers. Bosch tile chipping hammer is one of their trusted models equipped with robust technology features.

You can remove tiles from your floor with great ease; what you need?

Just plug-in it with 2700 watt generator and 12 gauge electric extension power. Bosch Hammer jack can handle heavy-duty jobs, no matter indoor foundations or outdoor asphalt work.

A vibration control system includes a shock-reducing top handle and a longer air cushion for providing you full control over its use.

What are the other accessories?

Well, other accessories in this hammer include a cleaning pad, star point chisel, and the grease tube. You can operate and carry with ease due to its carrying case with wheels.

It has service minder brushes that shut tools down while you want to service. A complete metal hosing such as metal tubes and case make it durable during heavy jobs.

Key Features:


Manufacturer              Bosch

Item Weight                2.72 Ounces

Dimensions                17 x 17 x 20 Inches


Vonhaus Rotary Hammer Drill​

VonHaus SDS-Plus 10 Amp Rotary Hammer Drill with Vibration Control, 3 Functions - Includes Drill Demolition Kit, Grease, Chisels and Drill Bits with Case – Suitable for Concrete, Wood, Steel

So, you want to ask for a powerful drilling tool?

When you arm yourself with a powerful VonHaus Rotatory Hammer drill, it makes you able to complete the most challenging DIY job with ease.

It is a perfect drill hammer that is perfect for many tough jobs, such as removing plaster, taking off tiles, demolishing brickwork, and digging old grounding.

What makes this tool unique?

With its powerful 10 A motor, you can do masonry, wood, and metal jobs with simplicity.

Its variable speed trigger and no-load speed 850 RPM, you can control this drill hammer in demanding and challenging jobs.

For making your control more perfect auxiliary handle and anti-vibration system included in it.

It is a perfect piece for various tasks with its three functions support hammer drill, hammer only, rotation-chillesing, and drill only.

But what really impresses us most……..

This tool has an excellent capacity for working with steel, concrete, and wood as well with the perfect result. It comes with steel and good quality plastic mix that makes this item durable and robust in performance for any DIY tasks.

Key Features:


Manufacturer             DOMU Brands LLC

Item Weight                9 Pounds

Dimensions                16.7 x 13.6 x 5.5 Inches


F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Your productivity with this jackhammer increases due to its no-load speed feature.

You bet it is!

And this powerful tool provides you a consistent 1900 impacts per minute. Blow mold case included in jackhammer that makes it easy to use.

It is one of the best heavy duties electric demolition jack hammer due to its sturdy construction and powerful performance. Besides, you will find it a perfect hammer for both professionals and individual use.

What else?

This tool includes a variety of functions that makes it perfect for a lot of challenging tasks. You will find it ideal for demolition tasks such as chipping, trenching, breaking holes in concrete, Tile stucco, block, removing foundation, oil chimney, concrete slab, and many more.

Its 45-pound weight and a powerful 2200 watt motor make everything possible for you to complete your job done right. For making optimized angles during work in different positions, there includes a rotating chisel lock. Its plastic material makes it secure while working from electric shocks.

Here is the coolest part:

For the initial drilling, there is a pointed chisel that makes your job easy. With its chisel to break up feature, you can grind the chunks smoothly.

Key Features:


Manufacturer            F2C

Item Weight              44.3 pounds

Dimensions              13.5 x 6.9 x 29.9 Inches


Eneacro Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

Eneacro heavy duty rotary hammer drill

Let us say this straight:

ENEACRO is one of the best demolition hammer manufacturers devoted to manufacturing each tool with profession and passion for making their lives simpler.

One of its best tools that are SDS-Plus 13 amp heavy duty rotatory hammer drill is best for everyone. No matter is a professional worker or a home user.

You will find this tool suitable for many tasks such as breaking floors, decorating houses, and dismounting walls. There includes a sound heat dissipation system that keeps it’s motor cool and normal, even at high temperatures, after many hours of work.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Its safety clutch will protect you when the machine is overloading. Its double layer anti-vibration system allows you to get full control and protects you from injury during work.

You will find it as a multifunctional tool such as a drill, hammer drill, and drill the only function.

During a long time of working, its auxiliary handle reduces your fatigue and provides you convenient and accurate strikes in narrow places. With its best-covered motor system, you can work in a dusty situation.

Oh, we forget to tell you the sweetest part…….

The tool comes with a heavy-duty motor containing a pure quality copper wire with great resistance against 200℃. Powerful 13 amp motor comes with a safety clutch that helps you to complete heavy-duty work safely.

Key Features:


Manufacturer             ENEACRO

Item Weight              18.5 Pounds

Dimensions              15.75 x 9.84 x 3.94 Inches


SKIL Rotary Hammer

SKIL Rotary Hammer

With a tremendous combination of brushless drill, this power tool provides steady performance with an advanced design. This toll is manufactured by SKIL that is a famous manufacturer of power tools.

Hammer comes with four modes of drill and brushless motor that provides a quick power to the hammer during tough tasks.

That’s not all…….

It makes you perform multiple tasks such as stucco, concrete, and bricks demolishing with its 0-1400 RPM and 0-4500 IPM.

Its multiple modes allow you to transit between drills only, hammer drill, and chisel alignments to reduce your time consumption. It contains a strong lithium battery and automatic charger that provides power to the hammer for more time.

Hammers battery charge within five minutes with its automatic charging functions. Lithium battery makes it more suitable for working for a long time, and it also keeps it protected from high temperature.

No pressure there!

Most importantly, you will find it ideal for more rigid surfaces and every kind of masonry works. Its 360-degree auxiliary handle provides anti-vibration control and reduces the chances of injury and fatigue during working.

An adjustable handle provides you the opportunity to adjust at different angles according to your work surface.

Key Features:


Material                        SKIL

Item Weight                7.23 Pounds

Dimensions                11.18 x 3.15 x 7.8 Inches


XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Jack Hammer

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Jack Hammer

Such a great electric jack hammer tool!

You can take your concrete breaking skills to a new level with a customized heavy-duty jackhammer manufactured by Xtremepower US.

This tool comes with a powerful motor of 2200 watt that makes it possible for you to break the most challenging surfaces with great ease. The jackhammer works with 1800 impact per minute speed and can complete any tough bricks and tile demolishing jobs.

See the difference?

Its blow mold case increases its performance and suitable for every operating speed. You will find this tool a complete dustproof and can comfortably complete your work.

Its vibrational control system gives strength to your grip around its handle. With its adjustable handle, you can adjust the handle at any angle for creating ease during work at little places.

Its modern advanced technology supported design provides you better weight management in both vertical and horizontal angles.

As if that’s not enough…….

Its air compressor makes it unique in the market and gives a better environment to its motor. Due to the air compressor feature, the electric motor does not heat up after long working hours.

You can use it for demolishing mortar, hard clay, bricks, rocks, and concrete. It is a perfect piece for both professional and home users.

Key Features:


Manufacturer          XtremepowerUS

Item Weight            48.5 Pounds

Dimensions            30.2 x 13.2 x 7 Inches


TR Industrial TR89105 Jack Hammer

TR Industrial TR89105 Jack Hammer

Your demolition work becomes too comfortable with TR89105 Jackhammer.


Whether you want to install wiring, piping, and wish to access the underground supply, take it at your home and complete your jobs with ease. It is equally suitable for professional workers and home users. It is a perfect tool that is suitable for any demolition.

With TR jackhammer now, you can dig up the clay, drill rigid concrete, water landscaping, and break your basement floor. Its industrial standards meet both power and safety features.

What about impact?

It comes with 1800 impact rate per minute and weighs only 31 pounds to control the machine during working at rough places.

The tool’s safety system is equipped with advanced technological features that ensure complete safety during working at little and most challenging places.

Here is the coolest part:

A sound vibrational control system is installed in that tool to keep your more control over the machine to protect you from injury and fatigue.

Its motor has a copper wiring with excellent capacity against high temperatures and can work for continuous hours without worrying about motor heating.

TR hammer is manufactured with the best quality steel that makes it durable against hard and rough surfaces. Its plastic covered handle grip keeps you protected from electric shock.

Jackhammer comes with other accessories such as working gloves, spare spades, two wrenches, and an oil container.

Key Features:


Manufacturer          Capri Tools

Item Weight          50 Pounds

Dimensions          30 x 14 x 7 Inche

Demolition Hammer vs Rotary Hammer

We have found the debate of demolition hammer vs rotary hammer a little bit complicated. In the modern world, you can use a single tool for multiple purposes.

So, it is ridiculous to get different tools for different purposes because it costs only more money.

Can I Use a Rotary Hammer to Remove Tile?

A rotary hammer is a heavy tool used to drill and chisel the hard materials like floor, walls, etc. Its wonderful function is its ability to drill bigger holes very easily and much faster.

A rotary hammer comes with the “electro-pneumatic” technology, which allows it to work faster even in hard materials.

The main duty of this type of hammer is drilling and chiseling the walls and other heavy materials. However, as a minor duty, it can break the tiles and remove them from the walls.

The bottom line?

If you want to remove small tiles from your room, you can get a rotary hammer and switch the hammering-only mode on.

Interestingly, it’s not that much heavy to lift, a very compact tool, and quite easy to operate in tight spaces. But if you want to remove large tiles from your large rooms, I would suggest renting a demolition hammer. It works faster and more powerful.

How Do I Choose A Demolition Hammer To Remove Tile?

Think you go to a market and pick an ordinary demolition hammer, which finally comes out to be useless in functioning properly.

What will happen?

When you spend money on a tool, why don’t you consider all features? Don’t you think it is necessary before reaching the buying decision?

As a wise and smart customer, you need to consider some factors that can narrow-down your confusion level on the tool you decide to buy.

Here we have enclosed some considering factors you need to study with a comprehensive mind. Let’s shoot.

1. The Power Rating

It is essential to learn the power rating of your demolition hammer. I recommend getting a demolition hammer that is compatible with 230V/50 Hz and 220V/50 Hz input voltage.

Usually, the wattage of input motors determines the efficiency of a demolition hammer. The more wattage of input motors is, the higher performance of the hammer goes.

So, try to find the tool which is compatible with more wattage of input motors.

2. Technology

As a smart customer, you should extract the technology used in the tool. For example, powerful Lithium-ion batteries make your demolition tool more powerful and help it to run for a long period.

Another gift of technology is SKIL PWR Core 20 brushless technology, which ensures your tool’s low consumption of energy.

So, don’t forget to look into these factors of technology used in your demolition tool.

3. Price

If you want to purchase a good quality product, you have to compromise with the price. To get the best demolition hammer for tile removal, you have to spend more money.

Once you buy a hammer at a low price, you find it damaged after using it some days. The whole scenario will cost you only money.

So, I suggest not taking any product with less price rather you should take a good quality product even slightly expensive.

4. Additional Accessories:

Ensure that you choose a hammer that comes with all the necessary equipment and accessories. These are including:

Nevertheless, don’t go for low-quality accessories.

5. Design:

When it comes to getting a demolition hammer for tile removal, ensure that it features a user-friendly design. Getting a demolition tool with an ergonomic design is well worth your money.

Can You Use a Jackhammer to Remove Tile?

Well, tiles have various types such as ceramic, bricks type, marvel, glass, cement, granite, Limestone, porcelain, and more. Jackhammer usually use for pulling or removing the tiles, but there has something you have to know before removing.

Here is the actual deal:

You cann’t use a jackhammer for several types of individual tiles like ceramic tile, glass tile, and granite tile.


The specific reason is; these tiles are very sensitive and if you use a jackhammer on these tiles, then definitely these will break badly.

Jackhammer is specially made for pulling the bricks, cement, and concretes. Concrete and cement are very persistent and they don’t break easily. That’s why jackhammer is easily applicable for removing strong and unbreakable tiles.

Good for you.

If you still want to remove your sensitive tiles with a jackhammer then I will recommend you to take some help from professionals. Indeed, it’s better to avoid the jackhammer using the tiles.

Final Verdict

Well, as you can see, we have included seven different brands of demolition hammer. You can choose whichever suits your needs.

All products are perfect in their respective fields. However, we have found that the best hammer drill for tile removal is the VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill considering all factors.

To our considerations, all products bring more or less the same features and specifications with extra-ordinary outcomes.

7 Best Demolition Hammers for Tile Removal to Break Down Easily 1