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Best Commercial Log Splitter Review

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SunJoe Hydraulic Log Splitter

SunJoe Hydraulic Log Splitter


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5 Best Commercial Log Splitter Review | Fast & Heavy Duty 1

Wen 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter


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Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter


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You cannot hire an elephant to carry your log and split them for your firewood. Traditional ways of putting man’s work are frivolous and time-consuming. But there is no need to worry. The Log splitter comes to rescue. Log splitter helps in splitting the log and converting them to firewood for your campfire. Best Commercial log splitter contains a powerful RAM. This makes your work easy and efficient.

It is more important to choose a commercial log splitter according to the log type. You should look over the engine efficiency, pump type, splitting efficiency, and other parameters. Also, it is crucial to look over their pros, cons, and their key features. This would help you to choose a handy material for your log splitting operations with ease. Read further to select the top rated commercial log splitter. Winter is coming.

Top 5 Best Commercial Log Splitter Review


SunJoe Hydraulic Log Splitter (Green)

SunJoe Hydraulic Log Splitter (Green)

SunJoe has come up with an efficient and powerful hydraulic professional log splitter to facilitate the work of crafting firewood. With a powerful RAM and wheels for portability, this log splitter is one kind of attraction for those loggers.

Split it up using Sunjoe because

It has excellent maneuverability and durability. It is made up of steel, and so you can split even harder logs easier. It is equipped with a powerful RAM that can split up with a driving force capability of nearly 10 Tons.

It is easy to handle because

It comes with wheels of 2.5 inches that helps in portability. It saves up energy as it hardly uses gas, oil, or chords. The RAM comes with spring compatibility, which allows in resetting it quickly.

Key Features:


Brand                     Sunjoe

Dimensions          41.12 X 8.12 X 11.8 Inches

Weight                   87 lbs


Wen 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter (Black)

Wen 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter (Black)

WEN has induced a motor to split up the log more effectively. They have rightly understood in reducing man’s work in creating firewood. It is entirely electric motor induced and hence eco-friendly based on commercial log splitter reviews.

Electrical motor performance

It is equipped with 15A Electrical Motor, and hence it has efficiency than the traditional log splitters. It also helps in maintaining the height as it is built in a way to facilitate the worker.

Eco-friendly machine because

It requires no gas or chord or oil for refilling, and it never exploits the environment. The electrical motor does it all. The 5.5 inches never flat wheel makes transportation easy and efficient.

Key Features:


Manufacturer            Wen

Dimensions               38.5 X 28.25 X 39.25 Inches

Weight                        98 Pounds


Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

This professional log splitter stands out from others as it is durable and has an automatic RAM return mechanism. It is easier to operate not only because of its motor function but also by its one-hand operation efficiency.

High splitting force:

Although its minimal weight compared to other log splitters, it can handle a driving force of nearly 5 tons. This means it has a high capability motor that can split your log with compact power and precision.

Portability is not an issue:

This splitter is known for its portability. With its high ended engaging wheels, it can even fit itself to the trucks or cars. It comes with a steel fragment. So, it is durable enough to handle high weighted logs.

Key Features:


Manufacturer             Boss Industrial, Inc.

Dimensions                38 X 10 X 18 Inches

Weight                        104 Pounds


Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter

Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter

Why am I saying this?

The splitter has a powerful 224cc single-cylinder OHV engine with a cast-iron sleeve to last for long. The 2-stage gear pump adjusts flow and pressure reliably by providing high flow / low pressure when no resistance exists. Because of its 12-second cycle time and robust auto-return valve, it works quickly and produces 300 cycles per hour. A 0.9-gallon tank and 0.6-quarter oil capacity also enable continuous log splitting.

What makes this so unique?

This incredible commercial firewood splitter can handle logs up to 24 inches long and up to 100 lbs with its splitting capacity of 25 tonnes. The 2-stage gear pump adjusts flow and pressure reliably by providing high flow / low pressure when no resistance exists. This log splitter can fit in most truck beds, plus DOT-approved wheels for up to 45 mph.

Key Features:


Brand                      Champion Power Equipment

Weight                   430 Pounds

Dimensions           71.3 X 28.3 X 19.1 Inches


YARDMAX YS3065 30 Ton Gas Log Splitter

YARDMAX YS3065 30 Ton Gas Log Splitter

Revolutionary technology

This machine can deliver a splitting force of 35 tons with its high-quality 306cc engine, which produces 10.5Hp. It contains revolutionary technologies, including a four-way splitting wedge, a pair of log cradles, and an extra-strength U-beam brace. It also boasts a footplate log spinner to make it easier to handle big logs.

It offers a decent splitting-cycle of 12.6 seconds, saving the user a lot of time. The splitter has a force rating of 5 tones to easily cut logs up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches wide. For better, longer performance, the splitter includes numerous typical design enhancements.

What makes this exceptional?

The splitter can take on durable applications and provide sturdiness under exciting scenarios, time, and time. Compact, robust, and easy to assemble and maneuver, it splits logs securely and efficiently. The hydraulic over-sized components provide the shortest cycle time in their class.

Key Features:


Brand                    Yardmax

Dimensions         26 X 36.3 X 48.5 Inches ; 516 Pounds

Weight                  515 Pounds

Types of Commercial Log Splitter

Gas Splitters

Gas splitters are some of the most potent and versatile versions you can buy compared to other types of splitters. Driven by a 4-cycle engine, they are a quieter machine compared to other models and can split big logs in width and height. They can also break dense or green woods by tossing some significant tonnage. They work quickly and efficiently with large, heavy loads.

Gas splitters are usually a choice for commercial firewood companies as they tower to just about anywhere. Production is much higher than the amount of energy you spend to keep it powered. They come in various models, such as regular hydraulic models and super-fast kinetic models.

Electric Splitters

Electric log splitters are easy to handle, smooth, and quieter to run than their petrol and diesel counterparts. They are environmentally friendly, and in terms of regular domestic usage, they are more than just up to the job.

These log splitters are never short of great functionality. For example, each model consists of a solid steel frame, reinforced splitting head, and superior filtration device. The quick-access control handle, wide wheels for fast movement, and solid legs for more excellent stability are also available.

They handle 12-inch diameter logs and 20-inch long logs. Compared with the gas-powered log splitters, electric splitters need much less maintenance. You would not have to add petrol, change the oil, remove the oil filter, or purchase new spark plugs. Only plug it in, and you are pretty good to go. So it is suitable splitter for sale.

Manual Hydraulic Splitters

There are varieties to select from when it comes to splitting wood to fire up your smoker. However, for those who want a hands-on approach, a manual log splitter is still the best choice. While manual log splitters require some muscle power, they are more efficient and user-friendly than the axis.

They rely on human resources to create the pressure that hydraulic oil needs to break the wooden log. They can be vertical or horizontal designs. What you need to do is use foot pedals or handles to shift the hydraulic power.

They do not cost a lot as the types of gas or electric log splitters. These are easy to repair, and all you need is to lubricate and remove or apply hydraulic fluid to the moving parts. They deliver 0 – 14 tons of force to break a 14-inch log. The power the consumer exerts will effectively make the splitter work.

Kinetic Splitters

Operated by a gas engine and operate in a hydraulic cylinder using oil pressure to push a ram through a log to break it up. Kinetic splitters are based on an entirely different concept-they work to power the pump by using the stored kinetic energy in a flywheel.

When the power source turned on, the stored energy in the flywheel is released, and the lever triggered. Therefore, to break a wooden log, it guided with full force at the rack and pinion. In the end, the ram quickly returns to its position. A higher number of logs split in an hour than a hydraulic one.

Safety Tips about Commercial Log Splitter

Wear the recommended protective gears when operating a log splitter. Always ensure you wear appropriate clothing and have the required protective equipment. One of the most significant risks during regular service is wood splinters flying around. So it is vital always to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes. Wearing boots is advisable to shield your feet from dropping logs and gloves to protect your hands from splinters.

1. Work alone and be attentive always.

Many incidents occur when many individuals are operating the machine. The user should be the only one within ten feet of the log splitter while it is in operation. Keep children at least twenty feet away from the machine. As you look out for others, ensure you also stand back during maintenance. Even do not attempt to operate the machine while on medication.

2. Keep the work area free off clutters.

Ensure your work environment is transparent until you start working and keep it that way as the job progresses. You will avoid tripping over any logs lying around and potentially causing a severe accident with the log splitter. Ensure that the area is bright and moisture-proof outside electrical plug connections in short-circuiting.

3. Load cut logs appropriately.

Cut logs with square ends before splitting. It prevents the ram from being hurt, wood from falling, and the log from slipping out of place if logs are not cut straight, re-trim as straight as possible, and position the most extended portion of the log within the splitter, facing the beam and the wedge.

4. Never operate the machine under the influence of alcohol.

This more or less goes without saying that you will never handle heavy equipment under the influence of alcohol. The chance of serious injury is too high, so do not attempt it.

5. Make any adjustments when the power is off.

Do not attempt to operate, adjust, or even repair the splitter while still working. If the machine is in a poor state of repair, do not use it until it is in proper working order.

Things to Consider While Buying the Commercial Log Splitter

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying log splitters. It is based upon certain factors to distinguish your desired log splitter for your job.


Any machine that helps mankind is looked for its portability. It is because it is not only the operational efficiency but also the portability mechanism that decides the machine’s overall consideration. In that way, always consider a lightweight log splitter to take it to your desired location at ease. There is not still your favored terrain. Your work will be, and so maximum portability machines will make your job easier. To be short, you need to consider the portability as your priority option while choosing the perfect log splitter.


What if your log splitter cannot tolerate high weighed logs? This is a complete waste of your hard-earned money. So, it is crucial to choose a durable machine that can tolerate the maximum weight of logs and split it precisely. That means the driving force should be higher. That will be helping the splitter to work on massive logs, and they cut them efficiently. The usage can assure the durability of the type of metal in the log splitter. Steel is more durable than other metals, and hence it is good to consider steel-based log splitters.


You have bought a medium log splitter that does not suit your log into the cutter. That is a mere embarrassment. Yes, you need to cut the log manually before injecting it into the log splitter. This will consume more labor and time that you would have done the entire job of manually cutting the firewood. So, you should consider the dimensions of the commercial log splitter while buying it. Logs are of various lengths, but you should calculate the average and choose the best log splitter that fits more than your log preferences.

Tonnage of the splitter:

Tonnage plays a role in the durability mechanism. But also, tonnage can work on log splitting accuracy. If the tonnage is more significant, you can split the log to a greater diameter. Also, it is easy to work on harder logs effectively. For instance, a 10 Ton log splitter can cut the timber wood more effectively than a 5-ton motor-powered splitter. The larger the ton, the more significant is the splitting capacity. So, if you want to improve the splitter’s capacity, you need to work on the tonnage level of your log splitter.

Electric splitters over conventional splitters:

You would prefer a LED TV rather than a traditional television box. It is because, despite its portability, the LED is smarter. Similar works for the Electric splitters. Conventional splitters can even work on massive tonnage, but compared to portability and smartness, it is way beyond the electric motor powered log splitter. The electric log splitter can work on 5-ton logs precisely and can complete the work instantly. Also, the motor-powered splitter is compact, durable, light-weighted, and portable.

Consider the Horsepower:

If you are working on small logs, you can consider a commercial electric log splitter with minimum efficiency and minimum tonnage. For a small log, there is no need for a 2HP engine. It requires a minimal amount. But if you’re thinking of cutting a more extensive log, you need to consider the HP. Because the teacher the log is, the higher the effort of the log should be. This will help you to cut the log precisely with minimal effort.

Adjustment springs:

This might seem to be unimportant, but springs help to reset your splitter for further work. This reduces the time to load back the splitter. The adjustment springs can manage the length of the log before and during the splitting process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does a log splitter operate?

Answer: The log splitter operates like a piston in a bike engine. Firstly the log should be placed in the splitter. Then the operational valve is filled with the fluid which is pushed. The pushed piston moves with a higher speed and high pressure to peep into the log. The high-pressure interference breaks the log into multiple pieces that can be used for firewood. Electric and Gas-filled log splitters work more efficiently than a manual log splitter.

2. Does my log splitter need any maintenance?

Answer: It is based upon the splitter you use. If you are using a traditional manual splitter, you need to consider only the springs that require a change once in a while. But if you are using electric or gas-filled log splitters, you need to look for maintenance frequently. Yes, gas-filled log filters need adequate support and care like gas refills, service of the hydraulics, hydraulic fluid change, etc. Electric log splitters need maintenance of their motors once in a while to operate without interruptions and improve their lifespan.

3. Does the wood need any sharpening for fitting into the splitter?

Answer: No need. You need not alter your wood to fit into the splitter machine. The edges need not have sharpening efficiency. The splitter works on splitting the wood only but not to shape the wood. Shaping the wood could only be done by some other tools like Belt sanders. So, there is no need to sharpen the wood for splitting purposes.

4. How often should you check the fluid in the Hydraulic log splitter?

Answer: You should do it as often as you can. You have to examine it before every use. Also, the engine oil should be changed per 6 months or less to maintain the motor’s efficiency. The hydraulic fluid should be altered at least per year. It is because the cleaner the hydraulic fluid, the longer the machine would run without any interruptions.

5. How do I select the right Log splitter?

Answer: It depends upon the log and operational capability that you get involved in. For smaller tasks, you can choose a medium-sized log splitter with minimal motor capability. If you are involved in larger projects, then you need to choose either electric or gas-filled log splitters. You need to consider other factors like durability, maneuverability, portability, etc. Before selecting the right log splitter, you need to self-evaluate the work that you are going to get into.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best commercial log splitter is not easy, but it is not a difficult task either. You need to look for multiple parameters before choosing the right log splitter for your work. Based on the log splitter reviews, the Sunjoe Hydraulic log splitter will be the best choice for all types of works. It is because of its durability and portability. The entire splitter is made up of steel, making it so keen to hold even hard logs and split them efficiently.

Also, comparing the other two log splitters, this one weighs lower, and hence it is easy to port. This machine is easy to handle because of the efficient hydraulic mechanism. Also, the spring attached at the sides helps to reset automatically, reducing manpower. So, the Sunjoe Hydraulic log splitter is considered the best choice for all kinds of log splitting work, from minimal to harder logs.

5 Best Commercial Log Splitter Review | Fast & Heavy Duty 2