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Best Air Compressor Oil Complete Review

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5 Best Air Compressor Oil Complete Review in 2021 1

Powermate Px Air Compressor Oil


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Recommended Best Product
5 Best Air Compressor Oil Complete Review in 2021 2

Powermate Air Compressor Oil


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Recommended Best Product
5 Best Air Compressor Oil Complete Review in 2021 3

Senco Ounce Compressor Oil


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Choosing the best air compressor oil will provide adequate lubrication. It will save you money on frequent oil changes. Air compressor oil helps reduce the quantities of dust, dirt and gasses. It also protects water that can wear down your bearings. Besides, air compressor oil helps to remove air leaks that may cause damage to the machine’s moving parts.

Our air compressor oil reviews will provide all to select the oil that’s right for your compressor. The oils we present have the lubricating properties. It helps to balance your engine’s heat while functioning to largest capacity. So let’s take a look our reviews and choose the superior quality air compressor oil.

Top 5 Best Air Compressor Oil Review


Powermate Px P018-0084SP Air Compressor Oil

Powermate Px P018-0084SP Air Compressor Oil

The fully synthetic product offers an array of lubricating benefits for your pump and accompanying parts. The Powermate Px also helps regulate temperatures significantly more than some standard brands. It is among the leading brands of synthetic air compressor oils available. It increases the durability and longevity of the machine. Likewise, there’s more relaxed flash and pour points for a smoother, safer, long-lasting application.

The Package Deal

You will enjoy maximum year-long protection to help your compressor run smoother for more extended periods. With this oil, you receive the best of both worlds. The highly-affordable air compressor oil type offers a full range of exceptional lubricating, protective, and regulating properties in one oil.

Cool Customer

The oil starts at a 10° colder test point than some other comparisons. Likewise, there’s also a 460°F flashpoint and -40°F pour point when using the oil. Some customers report a smoother start, especially in colder weather. Moreover, many users say they experience less engine noise after applying the oil.

Key Features:


Brand                Powermate PX

Dimensions      4 X 2.5 X 8.74 Inches

Weight              1.9 Pounds


Powermate 018-0060CT Air Compressor Oil

Powermate 018-0060CT Air Compressor Oil

The oil is an excellent blend of non-detergent, air compressor lubricant in a handy 1-quart container. It is highly durable and lasts throughout changing weather conditions and seasons. The brand is among the best synthetic air compressor oil products available.

The formula includes potent additives that help slow down early wear and tear. Also, it helps reduce the rapid breakdown of the oil. Additionally, the product represents a high standard of manufacturing excellence among its competitors.

Friendly features

The user-friendly indicator updates you on the level of usage and time to change the oil. The convenient 1-quart size is a blend of well-crafted additives that provide anti-rust and other protective coatings for compressor parts.

High Flyer

You get superior function, lots of protection, and less burning and overall damage. It holds up well in varying weather conditions. The long-lasting, slow-burning, and highly durable oil comes with no additional detergents.

Also, there is no foaming, or hard starts, even in colder weather. It works on a range of compressor equipment and offers excellent value for money.

Key Features:


Brand                      Powermate

Dimensions          4 X 2.5 X 8.75 Inches

Weight                  1.9 Pounds


Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil

Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil

Senco compressor oil is suitable for use in a wide range of oil splash air compressors. While simple in appearance, it is highly effective in getting the job done. It is highly lubricating and helps reduce noise while operating your compressor. The non-detergent formula also helps prolong the life-span of your compressor over time. It also ensures cleaner burning and smoother overall compressor operation.

Economics 101

The oil is economical and works well to lubricate, reduce noise, and runs much cooler and cleaner. Moreover, you get value for money, knowing the oil also helps extend your equipment’s usefulness. Many customers boast about the ease of use and how well it works generally.

Lubricator’s dream

The superior grade formula utilizes high-quality additives that produce a low pour point. It also provides higher solvency properties where sludge or build-up may occur. The result is fewer sludge residues in your compressor, and less rusting on the internal parts.

Key Features:


Brand                Senco

Dimensions      12.5 X 10.5 X 9.6 Inches

Weight                2 Pounds


Campbell Hausfeld Oil Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld Oil Compressor

The Huasfeld brand is a trusted product that is a non-detergent compressor oil with an ISO-100 approval rating. It is ideal for use in most makes and models of air compressors requiring oil lubricants. It is also a top-rated, single-fluid oil that is lighter than most other comparable brands.
Users also comment on the excellent service when purchasing the oil. It arrives intact and on time.


The oil is cheaper than most other brands in its range. However, affordability does not compromise the quality and performance of the oil. Many customers attest to the long-term use of the oil for many 3-gallon 135 psi and other brands of compressors.

What’s in a name?

The brand is renowned for its superior quality and dependable performance. It is highly durable, with a smooth, quiet operating system. When using the W-30 non-detergent crankcase oil, you’ll also experience a range of cooler temperatures when using the oil.

Key Features:


Brand                Campbell Hausfeld

Dimensions      3.3 X 1.8 X 9.1 Inches

Weight                1 Pound


DEWALT Compressor Oil

DEWALT Compressor Oil

From the many comments of actual customers, Dewalt is one of the most top rated oil air compressor lubricants on the market. You can use it with piston compressors, and substitute for other popular brands. Besides, it is an excellent quality oil for compressors that continuously run, both in hot and cold climates.

Further, Dewalt’s synthetic oil can last about one year, or almost 200 hours before the next oil change in your compressor. The attractive blue-tint color helps users detect oil levels quickly.

Happy humming

One of the best features of the oil is its ability to keep your compressor running almost to a whisper. Users report how smooth, quick, and efficient the compressor runs for many hours in all weather conditions. Moreover, they say the compressor starts quickly and seems to operate less sluggishly, especially in cold weather.

Burn, baby, burn!

There is no odor, burning, or quick breaking down of the oil when running your compressor. The oil has a lighter thickness than some other oils and responds very well to varying temperatures when operating.

Key Features:


Brand              Dewalt

Dimensions    9 X 9 X 2 Inches

Weight            1.88 Pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying Air Compressor Oil

Your air oil compressor needs lubrication to help it run smoothly for long periods. Air compressor oil also ensures the parts do not wear down quickly in high temperatures.

Constant lubrication keeps your compressor cool while experiencing fewer breakdowns and sludge build-up. When choosing air compressor oil, you need to consider the weight, level of lubrication, protection, and stability, among other factors. Here are some things to look for:


While operating at high temperatures, air compressors need an oil that can hold up over the length of operation time. The type of oil you choose must also keep its weight under pressure to avoid burning quickly or causing the compressor to break down. If the oil is unstable, you will need to make more frequent oil changes to maintain efficiency.


The thickness of the oil you choose will affect how well it responds to the compressor’s constant working. It the oil is too thin or too thick, the unit may slow down or stop altogether. The weight of the oil will also respond differently to varying temperatures.

Thin oils work best in colder temperatures of at least 20 SAE weight. However, thicker oils seem to work best in hot climates by forming a shield on the compressor’s lining to help withstand the temperature. They are ideal at weights up to 30 SAE or higher, working with temperatures between 34 and 100°F.


Most Compressors run for more than 4 hours per day, and therefore, the parts may wear down with constant use. Protecting the parts will ensure they run smoothly and help improve the compressor’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Air, dust, water, rust, and other contaminants can sometimes cause your air compressor to break down. Choosing the right type of oil will help provide ample protection for the pistons and other working parts. Some oils consist of anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties that help prolong the shelf life of the machine.


Look for air compressor air oils that work well in the temperatures where you live. Air compressor oils will work respond differently with changes in temperature. For example, thinner oils may help your compressor start up more easily and quickly in cold climates. Further, thicker oils may stand up longer in warm temperatures by helping to regulate the heat for more efficiency.

Types of Oil

The main types of compressor oils are synthetic and standard and depend on your work activity. Synthetic oils are ideally suited to compressors that work for rigorous or commercial jobs. They also contain more additives than conventional oils and can help protect against burn out.

However, standard air compressor oil more suitable for low use or at-home compressor needs.


Air compressors usually generate high volumes of heat when operating. Therefore, you need an oil that will help the compressor run smoothly and efficiently in intense heat. Choose oils that can help protect the working parts from wear and tear while prolonging the unit’s life span. The lubrication forms a protective coat that helps shield the inner parts from overheating and corrosion.


Here are some alternative oils that can work with your compressor.

  • Non-detergent motor oil may work in the short-term but may cause damage after extended use. If you are considering motor oil, know that it may not be the best option for your compressor. Experts suggest motor oil may cause carbon to build up in the parts. However, a non-detergent motor oil may work.
  • Hydraulic oil is usually lighter than some alternatives and may operate more freely, especially at lower temperatures. It may also work best in colder weather, and also to help reduce rust and other contaminants.
  • Automatic transmission fluid is another alternative you may wish to consider. It can work with some compressors to help minimize damage due to overheating.

The oil you choose is highly essential in helping to maintain the overall longevity and efficiency of the compressor. Most oils are suitable and adaptable for use with a range of compressors. Check your manual for the type of compressor pump oil that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I need air compressor oil?

Answer: Most compressors usually operate at very high temperatures and in all types of weather conditions. These factors help influence the efficiency and life-span of the equipment over time. Therefore, frequent oil changes are necessary to help maintain coolness and the smooth running of the compressor. The oil lubricates the parts to help prevent friction, wear and tear, breakdowns, and environmental contaminants like rust and air.

2. How much weight is necessary for air compressor oil?

Answer: Compressor oils carry various weights depending on the level of thickness you require. Some oils are lighter and more suitable for colder temperatures to help avoid hard starts. Meanwhile, heavier air compressor oils work better at hot weather and intense heat while operating. Most oils range between 20 and 30 SAE and will work with temperatures between 30 and 100°F

4. How do Standard and synthetic oils work?

Answer: Standard oil is ideal for smaller compressor projects and is usually more affordable than synthetic brands. However, for large commercial jobs, synthetic oils may be more cost-effective and functional.

Synthetic oils offer significantly more beneficial properties than standard oils. They also work with almost any brand of air compressor on the market. Besides, they also feature additives that protect your equipment and help the unit run smoother, quieter, and more efficiently.

5. Is it safe to use substitute oils in my air oil compressor?

Answer: When thinking about what oil to use in air compressor, we do not recommend motor oil unless it is non-detergent. However, some other oils like hydraulic, automatic vehicle transmission and some non-detergent varieties may provide short-term solutions.

However, it is always best to stick with the type of oil the manufacturer recommends for your type of compressor. Check with your manual for the type that’s right for your needs.

6. How do I reduce noise in my air compressor?

Answer: Most air compressors work more than 3 hours every day, depending on the type of project. They operate under lots of heat that can cause the moving parts to rub against each other and squeak.

Oils that are thick and high-lubricating can reduce noise and friction while the compressor is working at maximum capacity. The lubrication helps protect the inner linings from wear and tear.

Final Verdict

An air oil compressor is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you may possess. When looking to choose the best air compressor oil, some factors will influence your decision. The temperature in your location, the type of work you undertake, and the weight of the oil are worth considering.

Our top pick is the Powermate RX fully synthetic air compressor oil. It offers the best all-round blend of affordability, functionality, and high-quality lubrication for your compressor. It helps lubricate the lever, pivots, valves, and other accessories and is suitable for all types of compressors and weather conditions.

Keeping your compressor in good shape will protect it for many years and ensure you get smooth, efficient running.

5 Best Air Compressor Oil Complete Review in 2021 4