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Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench

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California Air Tools 10020C Air Compressor

California 10020C Air Compressor


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Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV Air Compressor

Campbell FP209499AV Air Compressor


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7 Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Review in 2021 1

Eagle EA-5000 Air Compressor


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Do you want to buy the best air compressor for impact wrench? Air Compressor is a convenient device for compact and handy tools like impact wrenches. The more reason why you are anxious to lay your hands on the best products that the market has to offer. Not to worry, we’ll do our best to get you through the complicated process of choosing the best products. And we will tell you what you should know before buying it.

Air compressors are the go-to equipment for generating adequate air pressure. It is needed to power an impact wrench. Creating the right and consistent pressure gives the impact wrench enough strength to take on your project.

Rather than bog your mind with the many technical descriptions of a good machine, read our review of the best air compressor for impact tools.

Top 7 Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Review


California Air Tools 10020C Ultra

California Air Tools 10020C Ultra

The California Air Tool Air Compressor is a nice little compressor that will do your garage a lot.

Nothing fancy, yet an excellent design

The air compressor is one of the limited collections of 2.0 HP compressors with 70 decibels of sound. It is so quiet that you can have a conversation right next to it. This quiet operation is thanks to its motor that operates at 1680 RPM to create less noise and wear. This unobtrusive design also increases the duty cycle of the compressor for long and continuous run times.

Consistent performance and durable

The compressor features an oil-free dual-piston pump that gives it a life cycle of more than 3000 hours before you start seeing signs of wear. You can also use the pump in different temperatures and uneven terrain. Easy start valve on it ensures easier start-up with less starting amps. By releasing a small amount of air from the pump at the start, the easy valve produces a no-load condition for the motor to spin freely.

Key Features:


Brand                     California Air Tools

Dimensions         16 X 15.1 X 35.9 Inches

Weight                   82.5 Pounds


Campbell Hausfeld Portable 3 Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld Portable 3 Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor

The portable air compressor by Campbell Hausfeld is equipped with a 10-piece accessory, among many other features for easy DIY installation.

Conveniently portable

The compressor comes in handy for handling multiple projects with its lightweight and a 3-gallon horizontal design. The size of the product qualifies it as an excellent inflator for bike tires, sports ball, and for powering air nailers, brushers, and upholstery projects. The gauges on the compressor are conveniently placed to make it easy to read. Plus, it also promises maintenance-free ownership for reliable performance.

Best for small jobs

The compressor is an excellent entry-level compressor for handling small tasks. The tank holds the charge with no leaks, and you can shut off the tool hose to swap attachments. The electric powered compressor features a 25-ft recoil hose, air chuck, blowgun, and a lot more to let you handle your project yourself. It also boasts of up to 110 maximum PSI for a more consistent flow.

Key Features:


Brand                  Campbell Hausfeld

Dimensions        15.74 X 7.87 X 19.58 Inches

Weight                21.3 Pounds


Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series

Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series

The Eagle EA-5000 Air Compressor is an excellent product with high output and supports a quiet professional-grade operation.

Best for professional contractors

Work on your project without cutting down on performance with the Eagle EA-5000 Air Compressor. The product has a low amp draw feature that increases its life expectancy by four times, unlike an average compressor. Since it is also quiet to use, you don’t always have to yell instructions to your teammates.

Easy to use

The dual air intake on the compressor allows it to take in twice the air. A slow RPM motor also reduces friction, heat, and noise. The combination of both features ensures less wear for longer life. On build, the product comes with an integrated control panel that features a push to lock quick coupler and an adjustable pressure regulator for easy use. It also has a sleek surface that adds style and offers extra protection for the gauges. Furthermore, the compressor has a maintenance-free oil-less compressor and a lever-type drain valve.

Key Features:


Brand                    Eagle

Dimensions        20.1 X 32 X 20.1 Inches

Weight                  86.3 Pounds


Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP

Durable cast iron on the Makita MAC5200 HP Air Compressor increases pump life for reduced wear and sustainable performance.

Consistent power

The Makita MAC5200 HP Air Compressor features Makita’s big-bore engineering pump and cylinder. The combination of the two accessories provides enough output to power two nailers at less noise. The industrial power the compressor delivers improves reliable performance with improved durability under harsh job conditions. The built-in storage compartment is an excellent place to store accessories and air fittings. The air hose wrap stores 3.8-inch or 50ft hose with upright or folded handle.

Styled for efficiency

Rugged wheels on the compressor let it take on challenging terrain with ease. Folding handles combined with the wheels also aid mobility. Copper finned discharge tubing reduces water in the tank by increasing heat dissipation. The cast-iron cylinder with more excellent bore and stroke increases compression for less noise and faster recovery.

Key Features:


Brand                  Makita

Dimensions        29 X 19.5 X 19 Inches

Weight                0.01 Ounces


Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor

Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor

This is the most popular and the best portable air compressor for impact wrench. It is rendered a very powerful air compressor because it has an oil lubrication pump.

Powerful Motor

It also features a twin-cylinder pump for additional power. It has a heavy-duty induction motor that has dual voltage capacity with 1.6 HP. It gives you the freedom to use it on a 120V socket or simply convert to the 240V outlet. It delivers 6.2 CFM at the rate of 40 psi and 5.3 CFM at 90 psi. Therefore, you can use it to operate different air tools, including a ratchet, wrench, cutter, plasma, and a lot more.

Strong and Durable

This air compressor has been proven to deliver outstanding performance. It is manufactured to perform as it has a heavy-duty induction motor. A single stage of this Industrial Air IL 1682066 has a crankshaft made of cast iron. It also has twin cylinders and valve plate made of cast iron. With these components, you are guaranteed of strength and durability of the compressor.

Key Features:


Brand                  Industrial Air

Dimensions      28.5 X 19.75 X 48.5 Inches

Weight                159 Pounds


PORTER-CABLE 6-Gallon Air Compressor

PORTER-CABLE 6-Gallon Air Compressor

This air compressor by Porter-Cable is capable and gets your work done efficiently. It is a good air compressor for impact wrench. It has 150 PSI max tank pressure that can store enough air in the tank to give you extended performance.


It designed in a pancake form tank to offer more stability. It also features the water drain valve with sturdy rubber feet. It also has a high-pressure construction to optimize air tool performance. It is capable of delivering 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI to provide quick time to recover.


This air compressor is oil-free and 6 gallons; hence it is highly portable and doesn’t require maintenance. The wheels are small enough for maneuverability and can be rolled for easy transportation. It is also lightweight compared to the 20-gallon air compressors. It has a compact construction that makes it easy to carry and store.

Key Features:


Brand                PORTER-CABLE

Dimensions    19 X 19 X 18 Inches

Weight              31.2 Pounds


NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

Single-Stage Portable electric air compressor is a cheap air compressor for impact wrench by NorthStar. It has dependable durability as it features a V-twin cylinder pump made of cast iron and cast iron head.


This air compressor is therefore manufactured to provide durable service. It has bearings placed on every side of its crankshaft to add maximum support with reduced wear and tear. It is a 20-gallon vertical air compressor that is designed to last for several years.

Efficient Cooling

For the compressor to maintain its durability and offer consistent performance, it should have an effective cooling system. The V-shaped cylinder placement is effective in drawing hot spots away for active cooling. There is therefore enhanced heat dissipation and minimal moisture for the pump to last longer. It has an overall better performance with 135 PSI minimum pressure. The air release valve is positioned at the base of the air compressor’s tank making it more accessible to some compressors.

Key Features:


Brand                     NorthStar

Capacity:              20.0 gallons

Power Source:    Corded Electric

Things to Consider Before Buying Air Compressor for Impact Wrench

Compressor size

This is an essential consideration that a buyer has to undertake before buying the air compressor for impact wrench. An air compressor is the power source. It is hard for any type of wrench to provide services when the air pressure is not enough. When purchasing a recommended air compressor for impact wrench, have a look at the air consumption.

The measurement of air consumption is usually in cubic feet per minute. For the wrench to operate fully, the air compressor should offer air at 90 PSI. If it is less than this, it means that the efficiency will be altered as the wrench will consume extra pressure than the compressor can provide.

Drive Size

The drive’s size is also a factor to look into when buying an air compressor for impact wrench. Bigger size drive shouldn’t always be considered to be the best as it has been mistaken by many. It is essential to spare enough time to look at the variety of bolts that you will be dealing with.

Discover the impact sockets in a specified size and know the size of the drive available in. Once this has been discovered, it will be easier to see the size of the drive suitable for the size of the socket you will be dealing with.

Horse Power (HP)

The best way to determine the compressor size for your needs is by looking at the HorsePower. It is essential to be keen on this factor because most air compressors are on the market just to sell. Some sellers or manufacturers have exaggerated the Horsepower so that they can sell them faster.

There is a lot of accuracy on industrial air compressors. To be on the safer side when doing this is to understand the electrical power required or it to run. The best 5 HP motor should be able to draw something close to 24 Amps on 220 V.

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

For air tools to keep momentum with their efficiency, they need a particular amount of air volume. A compressor produces air, and its rating is in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). This is the reason why you will see compressors with different CFM ratings. You will also experience a higher rating for CFM displacement. This calculated rating is usually based on the speed and size of the compressor pump.

Smaller compressors have a CFM rating at 90 PSI, the recommended pressure that runs most tools. It is possible to get a CFM exaggeration, which is the same case with Horsepower. In most circumstances, it should be 3 to 4 CFM per HP at 90 PSI.

Air Pressure (PSI)

The rating of air pressure is usually in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Air tools require at least 90 PSI so that they can operate properly. For the device to be maintained at 90 PSI, a compressor that has a more significant shut-off pressure is necessary. Most of the industrial compressors fall in the two-stage category. They have two shut-off pressure stages, with the first at 90 PSI and the second to 175 PSI.

Smaller commercial duty is a single stage with the shut off being between 125 and 135 PSI. It is proper air pressure, but then they kick in is at around 100 PSI. With pressure resulting from hose and coupler restrictions, it isn’t sufficient pressure for a tool.

Size of the Air Compressor Tank

Even though the compressor tank isn’t behind the production of air, it plays the role of storing the air produced. You won’t run short of air if you have a bigger tank to store the air. The pump and motor should also be big enough such that even if the container is small, the air will still be available for the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much air pressure do I need for my air compressor?

Answer: An Air compressor for impact gun is either powered by an electric or gas motor. A compressor that generates up to 90 PSI of air pressure is suitable for home use. However, if you want to use the compressor for more substantial tasks, we recommend 100-125 PSI. Contractors that require a more powerful machine or that plan to use various tools with the compressor should look for units with 125-150 PSI.

2. What size air compressor for impact wrench is needed?

Answer: The size of air compression needed for an impact wrench should be such that it can sustain a heavy workload. Since you can always halt your task for a refill, we recommend 5-gallon air tanks. If you plan to utilize the compressor for more great tools or continuous work, we recommend a bigger tank size.

3. How does an air compressor work?

Answer: The compressor operates by converting electrical energy into kinetic energy. It does this by drawing air from around the machine into the tank. It then pressurizes into an operating pressure. The converted pressure is stored in the container, and as you trigger the connected tool, the air rushed to the head. It is this pressurized air that is delivered to operate your impact wrench.

4. Do you recommend using a compressor with a generator?

Answer: Air compressor impact wrench combo is not unheard of. However, it is not always the best to use a compressor with a generator. This is because generators often cause power fluctuations to the compressor. As a result, it could considerably affect the performance of the compressor. Hence, we don’t recommend using a compressor with a generator. However, you should consult the product manual for more information about combining the machine with other power sources.

5. When should I change the air intake filter?

Answer: An air intake filter should be cleaned weekly for compressors that have this feature. Do note that it is only applicable if you use the compressor for about three days a week. You can also file for a change if you notice holes or wear in the filter.

Final Verdict

Selecting the best air compressor for impact wrench is not as stressful as many people would have. First, you need to decide what features you want and find a match from our review of the best products above. Air compressors are flexible and are easy to use.

The products also come in handy as they remove or reduce air contaminants. Plus, it reduces the risk of electrical shock and fire. All the top-rated products above are suitable for heavy-duty or industrial applications. We recommend smaller compressors for homeowners looking to use it for occasional maintenance.

Since we have sorted hundreds of products to give you the best, singling out a product may be difficult. Hence, we recommend the California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor as the product with the best overall value. Let go of the hassle of using an impact wrench and purchase an air compressor.

7 Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Review in 2021 2