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Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor Review

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Powermate PLA4708065 Air Compressor


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EMAX Compressor 5 HP Quiet Air Compressor

EMAX Compressor 5 HP Quiet Air Compressor


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Industrial Air ILA4708065 Air Compressor

Industrial Air ILA4708065 Air Compressor


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The best 80 gallon air compressor is best for long hours of use and lengthy operations. Unlike smaller compressors, these 80 gallon air compressors come in handy. But your best alternative is to choose a large and powerful air compressor. The rule to this is quite simple; the bigger and sturdier your tank, the better airflow it will deliver.

The decent thing is that there are many products on the market. Unfortunately, you can’t sit through sorting for the best compressor out of the bunch. Our 80 gallon air compressor reviews is here to help you get the best products in the market. Let us discuss each model in detail with their exciting features. We have also comprised a buying guide to make the most informed decision to buy the best air compressor.

Top 5 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressore Review


Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon

Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon

The electric-powered Powermate Vx PLA4708065 Electric Air Compressor provides 4.7-hp power for regular use. The air compressor features a cast iron and three-cylinder pumps fitted with a valve plate along with aluminum head.

Built for durable performance

The combination of these features helps to ensure faster heat dissipation by providing more overall cooling surface. There is also a heavy-duty double voltage induction motor that drives the pump to high performance.

As a result, it helps to ensure trouble-free operation. Wired formulated belt guard on the compressor assists in more effectual cooling, and the 155 PSI maximum pressure ensures optimal performance. Plus, a metal belt guard covers and protects also the moving parts for safe use.

Portable stationary air compressor

The large-capacity air compressor comes with a built-in tank pressure gauge and on/off switch. This feature improves control for convenient use. The gauge is conveniently placed for easy reading, and they are large enough. The unit is shipped with genuine synthetic oil for longer use.

Key Features:


Brand: Powermate Vx

Power Source: Electric-powered

Model no. PLA4708065

Voltage: 240 volts


5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 1PH

5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 1PH

The 5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 1PH, 2-Stage, 80-Gallon by EMAX is a two-staged patented pressure lubricated compressor. The oil-filter is also designed with low RPM for quiet operation and long life.

Patented design

Out of its many fascinating features, the patented-lubricated pump ensures oil flow to all critical components of the compressor. As a result, there is reduced wear and tear from constant use. The system delivers oil to the pump at less than 100 RPM. The pressurized pumps also feature a re-usable oil filter for easy maintenance. Built-in head unloaders ensure continuous use to give the pumps a proven life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours.

Vertical air compressor with a silencer

The industrial piston pump compressor is quiet and reliable. Solid cast iron constructions give the product lasting performance. Also, cool-Tek technology makes the compressor one of the best 5hp air compressor with a 35% lower operating temperature.

Key Features:


Brand: EMAX Compressor

Weight: 715 pounds

Model no. ES05V080I1


Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon

Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon

Industrial Air compressors are engineered to cater to the needs of a service truck, livestock operation, and other different kinds of mechanical operations.

Design and operation

This model is gas-powered and requires 240 volts for routine working. Having the capacity to generate up to 155 PSI max pressure, this compressor is now featured with integrated control panels, including tank and working pressure gauges. Furthermore, the product is designed in a single-stage construction, which yields high airflow of 14 CFM at 90 PSI.

Enhanced performance and reliability

Being an ideal product for commercial and domestic usage, the Industrial Air ILA4708065 80 Gallon Hi-Flo single stage cast iron air compressor is both CSA and UL certified. The integrated control panel gives accurate readings for the tank and pressure gauges, pressure relief valves, and airflow regulator. Moreover, the full metal belt guard makes this compressor safe and reliable for long term usage.

The thermally stable cast iron cylinder construction engaged with aluminum head makes this compressor more durable and reliable. When studying various 80 gallon air compressor reviews, we found no match in terms of performance, reliability, and construction compared to the Industrial Air compressors.

Key Features:


Brand: Industrial Air

Power Source: Gas-powered

Model no. ILA4708065


2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor

2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor

When it comes to ultimate performance, reliability, and efficiency, there is certainly no comparison to the 2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (200/3).

Combination of power and efficiency

This product is the best 5hp air compressor that now comes with a longer running time. Furthermore, you can also use this device for a massive shop or industrial installation because it is exclusively designed to be used for fleet maintenance shops, production, and manufacturing lines. The product delivers 175 psi maximum operating pressure and is equipped with a 5-horsepower air compressor.

Best for commercial usage

The industrial grate ODP motor installed in the 2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (200/3) can yield 100 percent continuous duty. For optimal performance and reliability, it is recommended that you use the All Season Select synthetic lubricant only.

Whether you want to use this product for domestic or commercial use, it can deliver optimal performance. For longevity and reliability, 2340N5-V 5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (200/3) is made through the precision engineering process. Long-lasting cast iron construction makes this product one of the best industrial-grade ODP motor.

Key Features:


Brand: Ingersoll Rand

Material: Metal 

Model no. 45464997


Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gallon Vertical Two Stage Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gallon Vertical Two Stage Air Compressor

Coming over to yet another outstanding performance compressor’s review on our list, Air Compressor, 80 Gallon is one high-performance compressor.

Best value for money

Made by using a fully surrounded metal belt guard, the compressor ensures safe operation. With an operational time frame of up to 12,000 hours, you can use the product in multiple ways. Commercial duty cast iron is combined with a two-stage pump that yields 14.0 CFM @ 90 PSI. Delivering up to 12,000 hours of an extended lifetime, the 80-gallon ASME code tank is placed in a vertical design for easy installation.

Improved features and specifications

Campbell Housfeld 80 gallon compressor for sale compressors is most used in the agriculture sector. The compressor is gas-powered and operates at a voltage of 240 Volts. 155 psi is the maximum pressure that can be achieved when operating the device at full capacity.

Air Compressor, 80 Gallon is both UL and CSA certified. Moreover, quick connect air outlets, and pressure relief valves are installed for safe and reliable operation.

Key Features:


Brand: Campbell Hausfeld

Power Source: Electric-powered

Model no. HS5180

Things to Consider Before Buying 80 Gallon Air Compressor

What purpose will it serve?

The first step to buying a residential or industrial air compressor 80 gallon is to answer the question of purpose. It is only after finding out what you intend to use the compressor that you can get the best out of your purchase. For example, if the intended purpose of the use is to complete simple and easy tasks in the home, you don’t need a powerful compressor. In contrast, you require a powerful unit if you need it for industrial applications.

Hence, the purpose of the compressor is predicated on your demands and needs. While it is true that some compressors can power more than one device at a time, it is useful to know when and where to use it. Therefore, understand why you need the compressor and what you need it for before heading out.

Check the stage

There are two types of compressors in the market. They are a single-stage compression system and 2 stage 80 gallon air compressor. The single-stage compressors deliver a faster airflow rate; however, they produce a low power level. On the other hand, the two-stage compressors offer increased pressure of airflow and power to different heavy-duty tools. This is because the compressor operates on two cycles in compressing air.

On the downside, the two-stage compressor takes time to provide power since it compresses air twice as much as the single-stage compressor. We recommend that you choose the one that suits your interest after determining the purpose of use.


You require to pay close attention to the horsepower rating of an 80 gallon air compressor for sale. Horsepower means how much power the motor delivers to the pump. Higher HP means that the compressor pump will receive a more considerable amount of power.

However, the horsepower shouldn’t be excessively high as it could be dangerous. We recommend an air compressor with 5-7 maximum horsepower. Plus, check the tank to make sure that it is suitable to handle your need.

Noise level

A quiet operation comes in handy has it lets you operate with ease without always needing a headphone. This factor is particularly crucial if you intend to use the compressor at home. Although some more substantial and heavier models give off loud noises, we only recommend those types for industrial use.

You can look for a quiet air compressor that won’t disturb your neighbors or have you yelling out instructions to your teammates. The products we have listed above are quiet and easy to use.

Build and construction

Sturdy and durable construction is another chief factor that you should consider before buying an 80-gallon air compressor. The most durable products in the market feature durable stainless-steel valves, cast-iron construction, and oil gauges.

You should also inspect the run time on the compressor pump as longer run times ensures reliable performance. On gauge, check for clear and rightly position gauges as these types are easier to read.


Knowing the voltage and power source of your industrial or residential electrical outlet is first before buying the compressor. Although small compressors will do fine with an average voltage of 100 volts, large ones like the 80-gallon compressors often require up to 240 volts. Using the right voltage takes care of risking fire hazards or damaging other plugged-in appliances.

Ease of starting

The ease at which you start your compressor is another factor to consider. Getting a compressor started in the cold can be a lot of work, especially when you are in a hurry. To take care of this, look for compressors that run well in the cold.

Advantages of 80-gallon Air Compressors

Better air capacity

80-gallon air compressors are designed to yield better air volume capacity than other compressors of a similar kind. Along with higher pressure, 80-gallon air compressors provide improved PSI speed as well.

Moreover, you need not fill the tank more often as like the smaller air compressors. It makes these compressors best suited for domestic and commercial usage, such as workshops, garages, or agricultural equipment.


Generally, 80-gallon compressors are made by using cast iron substances. It provides improved durability, but you can also achieve prolonged serviceability and better performance. Furthermore, cast iron construction is also safer at high temperatures.

Industrial grade machines are exposed to extremely high temperatures and need to be extra durable. Last but not least, there is also no risk of any kind of damage or leaks due to the steady construction of 80-gallon compressors.

Extra value for money

Gas compressors are expensive and cannot be replaced more often. 2 stage 80 gallon air compressor is widely used for which it is priced reasonably and can be used for a broader ray of applications.

You can find many key features like automatic drains, overload protection, security characteristics, and heating technologies in most of the 80-gallon air compressors. Furthermore, they produce higher power and better airflow levels. There are different types and categories of air compressors for which you can research and select the best option.

Operational efficiency

If you plan to use a compressor for the long term, purchasing any of the 80-gallon compressors will prove to be a great decision. When operating on high demand air tools, you will not face any kind of trouble or performance issues.

However, you need to select the compressor which best suits your requirements. 80-gallon compressors are equipped with low oil stop control, electric auto tank drain, and load less starting features.

Versatility and performance

80-gallon air compressors engineered to deliver optimal performance, reliability, and versatility. They can be utilized for different heavy-duty applications. Generally, some compressors can also be used for multiple power tools, saving running costs and time collectively.

Furthermore, you can use 80-gallon compressors for grinding edge, cutting, spray painting, and airbrushing purposes. With a supply of higher pressure, these compressors can also work for less demanding jobs without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of cast-iron sleeve compressors?

Answer: Cast iron compressors are made to withstand huge workload and pressure. Mostly, 100 percent duty compressors are made out of cast iron due to its solidness. You can use the compressors for multiple operations and achieve more running time as compared to other compressors.

2. What size compressor do I need?

Answer: Depending upon your workload and tools requirements, you need to determine the CFM tool before selecting a gas compressor. There are several applications for a compressor, and you can also take professional assistance to make the best purchase. Furthermore, you can also check for the minimum air pressure requirement for your tool. Some tools consume more air then others for which selecting the best PSI can be a good idea.

3. How can I install a gas compressor?

Answer: Installing a gas compressor is quite easy, but you need to follow the instructions properly. You need a level floor, and the compressor must be installed in a well-ventilated room. Moreover, the compressor should have at least 24” clearance from the walls to ensure the designed airflow. The discharge line into the air system must not be smaller than the compressor discharge pot size to get uninterrupted airflow.

4. Should I store more air at high pressure?

Answer: An air compressor will increase the volume of air stored inside the tank according to the tank capacity. It is advised that you never fill more volume of air than the capacity of the storage tank. At 175 PSI, an industrial air compressor 80 gallon air storage tank will store more cubic feet of air than complete the storage at 100 PSI. It is advised that you properly read the instructions and guidelines given along with the gas compressor for safety purposes.

5. What to do if water enters in my air compressor?

Answer: There is a small volume of water in air compressors to cool the air. Wet air should be cooled to remove water from the tank for which hot air passes through the air filter. You need not to be anxious about water entering your air compressor because it is automatically filtered out with the passage time.

Final Verdict

Information is relevant in the financial and mental pursuit of buying the best 80 gallon air compressor. The top-rated products in the market are compressors with durable construction, substantial horsepower, and considerably low noise. No doubt, one such compressor comes with enough capacity to take care of whatever task you want it for. It is essential to evaluate each of the units’ weaknesses, strengths, and features before you invest in any products. Moreso, since there are many products in the market.

Considering all of the factors we have highlighted above will influence your thoughts on whether to buy an air compressor with exceptional durability and more significant horsepower. Or it could be outstanding durability with less substantial horsepower. Still feeling a little overwhelmed, let us help the process by recommending top pick among all the products. We recommend the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor as our top-rated product.

5 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor Epic Review in 2021 2