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Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review

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Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review in 2021 1

Metabo HPT Air Compressor Combo Kit


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WEN 2287 6-Gallon Air Compressor

WEN 2287 6-Gallon Air Compressor


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BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor

BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor


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A 6-gallon air compressor is a small and portable compressor that can finish your tasks with ease and efficiency. As you know well, an air compressor is an efficient tool that is used to converts power into potential energy. When it comes to size then a 6-gallon air compressor is best for short tasks household and garage works. Many tools depend on this fully like- nailers, wrenchers, or paint sprayers. Therefore you may want to get the best 6 gallon air compressor for your job done. Moreover, if you are a contractor, heavy-duty mechanic, or a DIYer then this is a must item for you.

The 6-gallon air compressors come in different sizes, shapes, and quality. From this lot of options, you have to choose one for you. Of course, this is a tough job. You must know the basics before making your purchase. Whether you need a portable one, or a heavy-duty one is perfect for you. Then what should be the power and performance of it, all these are necessary to know.

To make your job easier and smoother we have researched a lot. By analyzing the market, customers’ demands, their reviews, ratings, we make a list. In our list, we have made our decision. Here, we have reviewed the top five products that are great in quality and performance.

Top 5 Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review

We have made these five as our top picks after depth research and analysis. Here, we are going to discuss the deeds and details of these.


Metabo HPT Air Compressor Combo Kit

Metabo HPT Air Compressor Combo Kit

If you want an air compressor for professionals or amateurs, then this one is highly recommendable. You will find it quite efficient and power dominant. Actually formerly it was named Hitachi power tools.

The machine is well-engineered with high-quality materials. It weighs very light and well-balanced too. So for that, you won’t find any problem with moving it one place to another.

This air compressor comes with a combo kit. It includes a brand nailer, pancake compressor, and an air hose. The air hose is approximately 25 ft long. Also, the safety glasses and pneumatic tool lubricant is a part of the combo set. This combination is undoubtedly the best one in your budget.

In addition, the nailer has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust port. It helps in keeping away the dust, debris, or oil from the machine. The selective auction feature allows you to select the bump fire by pressing the switch. Here, the air hose also comes with the finest industrial fittings. Of course, it ensures durability also.

You will also get an oil-free pancake compressor. It ensures that your machine stays away from oil. Therefore it requires a little maintenance. Finally, it saves your money too. For this reason, it can provide you a rugged and reliable performance as well.

Key Features:


Brand Name              Metabo

Weight                       35 Pounds

Dimensions               18.5 X 16.53 X 16.53 Inches


WEN 2287 6-Gallon Air Compressor

WEN 2287 6-Gallon Air Compressor

The list will have remained incomplete without this WEN air compressor. This is the most versatile and reliable machine that you can afford at your range. The construction of the air compressor is quite durable. It uses reinforced steel for its engineering. So you do not need to think about the lasting fact as it guarantees you about this for a long period.

To add more convenience, it comes with three rubber-footed legs. With the utter surprise, these legs ensure the utmost stability. Moreover, it also prevents the machine from tipping over while operating. This is undoubtedly a great feature to help you.

Impressively, the functional unit works in a way that remarkably boasts of the performance and result. It can provide airflow rates from 3.2 CFM to 4.2 CFM. Basically, it requires 40 PSI to 90 PSI for that. Here, the maximum pressure is almost 125 PSI.

You will also find a ¼ inch NPT quick-coupler air outlet. No wonder it makes your hose changing experience simple and easy. What makes me impressed with this compressor is the start-up feature. Actually, this is a gem, I must say. It allows the air compressor to start instantly, even at a cold temperature. As you know well that during cold weather most of the machine doesn’t work properly. But this is not only exceptional but also effective too.

One more lovely fact about the device is its easy transportation system. Well, the machine has an onboard handle and wheels. They make the carrying part easy and hassle-free.

This pancake compressor is oil-free that minimize the emission of oil. It also helps in increasing the lifespan and reduce your maintenance cost as well. In addition, you will find it easy to control and use. This is an ideal option for your job sites, indoor DIY tasks, or for garage also.


Key Features:


Brand Name              Bostitch

Weight                        29 Pounds

Dimensions               17 X 16.7 X 25.5 Inches


BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor

BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 6 gallon Pancake Compressorl

BOSTITCH 6 gallon Pancake Compressor is an excellent choice that your money can buy. It is one of the most reliable and constraint machine that you get in the market.

This air compressor has a professional look with a unique design. The machine is lightweight and portable. It weighs only 29 lbs, which is easy to carry and manage as well. Furthermore, the “pancake design” makes it more compact and stylish also.

Bostitch is an oil-free compressor that comes with 6 gallons of storage space. This oil-free operation makes this device low-maintenance and enhances its life span also. It can deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI pressure. Isn’t that quite impressive? Now, you may think about the pressure. How much pressure does it require? Right? It requires a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

Additionally, the motor is capable of providing high-efficiency results with secure switch-on mode. Basically, it allows you to turn on the compressor instantly. Therefore you get the easy start-ups facility, even in the cold weather.

The best part of the machine comes with its cutting-edge design and high-flow regulation system. Here, the regularity system particularly helps to increase the performance of the compressor. On the other hand, the design significantly reduces the noise level. That is why it comes in at about 78.5 decibels. Therefore it is recommendable to those people who prefer a noise-free working environment.

One more thing about the compressor is its two universal couplers. It offers more working freedom and boosts up the performance as well.

Key Features:


Brand Name             Bostitch

Weight                       29 Pounds

Dimensions              17 X 16.7 X 25.5 Inches


PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

Porter-Cable is one of the popular and leading small air compressors in the market right now. The design, effectiveness, and performance, all these will force you to love this. As a result, now it is one of the top air compressors on the list.

This air compressor has a well-engineered design that offers maximum stability. The body comes from premium quality steel and ensures the strength as well. Also, the upgraded shroud and console cover features help to provide you protection.

It is a compact-designed and highly portable air compressor. It is well-constructed with a built-in automatic thermal overload protection. Moreover, it weighs only 34 pounds and has an ergonomic handle. That means it is lightweight enough to carry. The using procedure is user-friendly too. As a consequence, you won’t find any difficulties while using this.

What is it best for? Basically, it is ideal for filling tires to firing nailers. Therefore you are allowed to use it in the workshop or a job site. Even you can use it around your house too.

If you want to know about the pressure and SCFM capacity, then I can say only one word. Only one word is enough to describe it, and that is amazing. The maximum pressure of it is 150 PSI. Do you know how much time it needs to reach there? It takes only 13 seconds to reach there. The 2.6 SCFM also runs at 90 PSI for offering you quick recovery time.

The air compressor is a powerful and efficient machine. This credit goes to its low-amp, 120-volt motor. It can start easily for this reason. Even it is capable of starting in clod weather too. Besides, it ensures optimum productivity with very long runtime. Very impressive, I must say.

This air compressor is oil-free and keeps you away from the oil spill. So for that, you don’t need to spend more on maintenance. Moreover, it supports a prolonged period of operation.

PORTER-CABLE C2002 comes with the most useful 13 pc accessory kits. Not only these do a variety of inflation, but also they offer different cleaning tasks. Since all of the kits are necessary, you don’t need to buy anything extra. Isn’t it budget-friendly?

Key Features:


Brand Name            PORTER-CABLE

Weight                      31.2 Pounds

Dimensions              19 X 19 X 18 Inches


California Air Tools 6010LFC

California Air Tools 6010LFC

California 6010LFC Air Compressor is mostly known for its quiet efficiency. So if you want a quiet operating air compressor, then go for it. You will be glad to see by seeing the performance and result of it.

As you know, this is an ultra-quiet tool that produces only 60 decibels. You may be puzzled, why is this much quiet? It uses cutting-edge technology for its engineering process. Do you know the benefit of this technology? Exactly, you get the point. Basically, this technology allows this compressor to run silently. As a result, you get the quietest air compressor.

Conveniently the construction materials are very robust and sturdy. It is made of steel and ensures a long-lasting and durable life. Besides these, you find it pretty light to carry around.

Moreover, This one is equipped with a mighty 1.0 HP motor. It promises you the 4000 hours of lasting performance. If you come to compare it with other models, then you will see that it offers 30% more than others.

To top it all, it also features an oil-free dual pump. This feature is really useful and effective too. How? It minimizes harmful emissions and delivers clean air. Therefore your compressor stays away from dirt and oil. In this way, it will not only enhances your compressor life but also reduces your maintenance charge.

Considering its features, you will find it quite convenient to use. It doesn’t matter at all whether you use it at home or a workshop. You will get the best result as well. But it is ideal to use in a noisy place.

Key Features:


Brand Name                California Air Tools

Weight                          54 Pounds

Dimensions                 26 X 11.5 X 21 Inches

Buying Guide - How to Choose the Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor?

You may get various kinds of products on the market. But choosing the right one from there is obviously confusing. Many types of questions may pop into your mind while you go to buy one. If you want to get the answers to your questions and want the best one, then follow this buying guide. I suggest you consider these criteria before buying a new 6-gallon air compressor. Let’s have a look-

Air Pressure (PSI)

This is the most important feature that you should consider carefully. It is one of the major functionality of the compressor. Basically the air pressure usually mentioned in PSI which means pounds per square inch. You should choose a tool that needs a minimum of 90 PSI to run it. If your air tool is heavy-duty or industrial, then you require more air pressure. The amount is then approximately 125-175 PSI.

Horsepower (HP)

You cannot skip this feature while checking the most important features of the air compressor. Various air tools claim about larger to the larger numbers of horsepower ratings. Though all are not true indeed, you should check it out consciously. Only industrial compressors have a larger rating horsepower as they need continuous airflow to power it.

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Requirement

A particular air volume is required to operate an air compressor. This required volume is measured by the CFM as well as cubic feet per minute unit. It is equally important to make you understand how efficient it is. You will see that CFM varies at different pressures. Mostly, 90 PSI is the minimum requirement for running the air tool smoothly. So there is no way to deny it.

Noise Level

The noise level defines your comfort level of work. Standard products generally produce low noise and help in your working environment as well. We know that air compressors are very infamous for their loud sound. But there are also lots of compressors that are optimized for quiet-operation. So if you want to favor yours as well as your neighbors’ ears go for a quiet-operating tool.

Easy Start Feature

The quick-start feature is needed if you want to use it all-year-around. Actually sometimes air compressors don’t work smoothly for cool weather. But you may need it even in the cold weather. On the other hand, you may live in a cold community. So by considering these choose an easy-start operating compressor for yourself.

Air Compressor’s Standard Tank Size

The air compressor tank capacity is very much important. Basically the capacity of tanks denotes whether your air tools need continuous airflow or not. Although the tank cannot make air pressure, it helps in storing it.


Of course, hard-earned money that you invest in buying a product needs to last long. If that breaks or damage easily then what is the point? So make sure that the product is well-engineered with high-quality materials. A long-lasting and durable product can guarantee you about the versatile functionality and performance. Therefore choose a well-known brand long-lasting project.

Length of the 6-gallon compressor’s Power Cord

This one is also a parameter of the air tool that you should consider also. A handy product is suitable for you if you want to carry it with you. On that purpose, an air tool equipped with a power cord is more preferable. If you want to use it in a workshop or garage then the power cord is not necessary at all.

However, you are allowed to use an extension cord. In that case, choose the length of the power cord up to 3m. Again, the pressure pipe needs to be 1-2 meters long. All these help to move the compressor constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 6-gallon air compressor for home use?

Ans: You will find a lot of available air compressors on the market for your home use. All of them are different from one another and may vary in performance and result. If you want to use that for your home then keep in mind some factors. Like- air pressure, CFC, Noise level, durability, length of the power cord, easy start. By considering these factors you can check out these brands’ compressor-

    1. Bostitch BTFP02012 Oil-Free Compressor.
    2. Metabo HPT Air Compressor.
    3. PORTER-CABLE C2002 Pancake Compressor.

What is the best 6-gallon air compressor?

Ans: You may need a 6-gallon air compressor to make your short tasks, like- roofing, framing nailer, painting easily. Here, if you want to get the best performance from it then you need to be careful before buying it. Some considerations can make your purchase worthwhile. Like- easy starting feature, standard PSI, HP, CFM, noise level factors need to be considered. In addition, the tank size, power cord length are also useful factors here. If you keep in mind these factors before buying one, then definitely you’ll find the best one. Some of the best 6-gallon air compressors are-

    1. California Air Tools 6-Gallon Air Compressor – Best Overall.
    2. Bostitch 6-Gal. Pancake Air Compressor – Best Value.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right air compressor may be hard for you. You may get confused to choose which one is best for you. To lessen your job, we have reviewed the top-5 air compressor. By considering some major factors and analyzed the market and reviews we have chosen them.

All of the five 6-gallon air-compressors that we reviewed here are excellent. Although of course, you don’t need all of them, you want to pick the best 6-gallon air compressor. However, you won’t be disappointed at all if choose one from these. All of them come from top-quality and capable to provide the best performance.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review in 2021 2